I just re-listened to all the DiC songs

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Sep 6, 2014
I wanna be a star-Diet Madonna comes to mind. It made me think of Vogue and Material Girl. Also you would think this would be Mina’s song. But no it’s one of Serena’s 20 image songs

My Only Love- Is there a Moonie who doesn’t like this song? Even vocal DiC bashers seem to enjoy this one XD. One of the few songs that works out of context from the show

Carry On- Cheesy on the nose lyrics but it works. More so in context than standalone. That badass guitar solo though.

It’s a New Day- I enjoyed the song a decent bit on the show and thought it was much better than the boring forgettable Japanese counterpart. A great song to end the first major story arc on. On its own though it’s kind of just okay. That saxophone at the end though

Rainy Day Man- I like it. Not much else to say

Call my name (and I’ll be there)- So white bread I just needed some bologna and mayo and I could make myself a sammich

Oh Starry Night- Not my jam

Only a memory away- Who knew Amy was a country fan? Actually this seems a bit redone from the show version which seemed more melancholy. Not sure why it was redone. Focus groups said the cd needed more country

She’s Got the Power- It’s not The Touch. But I like it

Power of Love- the best kind of cheese

Who Do You think you are?- This song made me think of Raye and Serena facing off at Dreamland xd. But no it played randomly during “Follow the Leader”

I want someone to love- The nicest thing I can say about this song is that it feels like a real song (from the 90s) and not something that was made for a kid show merchandise tie in. Actually its got kind of a catchy beat and vibe.

I wanna hold your hand- Yes, someone at Kid Rhino/DiC licensed a Beatles song. Shame they alter the gender to make it about a girl singing about a guy so I can’t pretend it’s Amara singing to Michelle.

Daddy’s Girl- Next to Raye and maybe Amy Lita might be the worst Scout for this. I know some try to pass it as her singing about her deceased dad but no it’s pretty clear her dad is alive in this. I guess both her parents are alive in the Optimum dub. Also three dudes wrote this song. Make of that what you will

Nothing At All- I like the melody and sincerity of the singers. The lyrics are kind of ehhhhhhh
Jul 6, 2018
I don't like My Only Love. The only songs I like are Rainy Day Man for some odd reason and Eternal Melody which was very well adapted and the actress sounded a lot like Michie. The new Viz version of that song doesn't sound right to me, despite the fact I love Christina Vee singing voice. I just had her in mind for Usagi, because a nice collaboration fan cover she did of Moon Revenge many years ago. She did the lyrics as well and it really stood out for me.