I think we might get the movie this year

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Sep 13, 2008
in my aesthetic
I made up a saying, (with inspiration from another one)

"I use to think I waited too long for Dream films...until I met a person who waited for Kingdom Hearts 3".
I'm that person
May 1, 2015
The wait is not long. 2 years for two films is ok, the problem is we got no news, designs, not even logo or cast for Helios, Nehhelenia etc...
That really sucks! I am hoping we get some info either on March 6 (Michiru's birthday), March 15 (Naoko's birthday), or June 30 (Usagi + Chibi-Usa's birthdays).
Jul 6, 2018
They MUST give us the release date this time!
After two years every other studio would not just give an exact release date, but all sort of promo art and 2-3 min.. trailer full of breath-taking animation. Knowing Toei, I can imagine all sweaty Osabu showing up again, mumbling for 10 minutes and finally say "Аnd the composеr(because nobody really cares about that anyway) of the upcoming (god know when) film is... will be announced shortly.
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Jul 11, 2013
Isn't the compser already confirmed? I bet it's the same one as from season 1-3. The music and VA are the only consistent elements lol
No. Nothing was confirmed about the composer.
Mr Osabu will have a talk about the next generation of manga, and its size will be 120% of kanzenban. :wow::wow::wow: And they will reveal the original story of season 4 :wow::wow::wow:
Jul 6, 2018
The think with Sailor Moon is that the manga is finished. I still think they are caught up in that script about what to keep and what goes where. I still haven't given up hope in the movies until they say it is no longer a thing. Until they do that, there's still a chance something could pop up.
They should have thought about it a very long time ago. There was almost a year bettwen the end of season 3 and the announcment the so called sequel will be two movies. What did they do all that time. I really thing they will cancel these... It just been too long of a break. People got tired of waiting and interest fades by the minute. Bad planning and zero marketing on their part honestly makes me thing they have silently canceled it. Keep in mind they have a history of not announcig canceled projects officially and let people hang for a decade with no official statement. So if this Usagi birthday pass without a mention of these films it will be safe to assume tjey are scrapped.
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