If we get Stars. What character or scenes you want to see?

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  • Sailors Lethe and Mnemosyne
  • Sailors Phi and Chi
  • Sailor Coronis
  • Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
  • Sailor Cocoon
  • Sailor Cosmos!
  • Sailor Mau?!

  • Usagi and Mamoru's wedding!!
  • Eternal Sailor Moon fighting against her teammates (that's going to be painful to watch, though)
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Seira Hazuki

Solaris Luna
Jan 17, 2007
I am definitely excited to see some of the characters that were cut last time such as Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne. And to finally see the iconic Reinako scene finally animated.

I also hope we get to see Sailor Kakyuu's transformation scene. And since it doesn't exist in the '90s anime, they'll have to actually get creative this time.

Furthermore, I hope Naoko Takeuchi continues to supervise the films and maybe increases some of her input for one reason: I would love to see even BRIEF flashbacks (or even a single image on screen) showing what the Sailor Guardians killed off by the Sailor Animamates looked like. I'm not going to hold my breath, but considering they've added scenes to Eternal and if Naoko Takeuchi is involved again, she would be literally right there, so it's not like they'll have to completley make up the designs... The same applies to Sailor Chaos. This would be a nice bone to throw to fans considering how long we've waited for this manga to be adapted and the Shadow Galactica arc is the only arc where we have several characters mentioned with no knowledge of how they look like.


Systema Solare
Jul 22, 2009
Well for me specifically I would like to see a colored image of Sailor Chaos on the Stars movies. Honestly I would love if she had the same color scheme as Chaos Galaxia on the 90s anime as I think that color scheme would be perfect for Sailor Chaos and definitely looks like a dark opposite of Sailor Cosmos's look with her black Sailor Fuku, her pale white skin, yellow eyes and blood red hair. Very scary looking.


Lumen Cinererum
Feb 10, 2019
The characters I want to see are Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon. The scene that I want to see is Usagi and Mamoru's wedding.


Lumen Cinererum
Dec 1, 2020
Perhaps wishful thinking on my part but I hope that at the end of the Stars movies that they would add a short 10 minute append to the end of the movie showing what the Senshi get up to after the event of Stars (Maybe 5-10 years later?) Kind of like the special act of PGSM. With the cats making an appearance, too.


Lumen Cinererum
Apr 16, 2013
If I had to choose: a more explanatory ending.
Where did Usagi's family go? Because ultimately, we see the senshi with Usagi / Mamoru.

And the scene I want to see: Usagi's farewell to her family and the mother who says she will never see her daughter again.