Impact of of the live action series?

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Dec 31, 2003
How do you think the live action series has affected Sailor Moon fandom in North America or outside Japan?

Do you see fandom as being any different now than it was two years ago?
Yes, I think has had an affect on the anime & manga fandoms as it has given us a new thing to get excited about - I missed the '97 feelings of anticipation of something new by about 4 or 5 years I think so did a lot of people who discovered Sailor Moon via Cartoon Network - since Sailor Moon began to disappear from the airwaves the SM fandom wound down a little, people began to move on to other anime or away from anime in general.

Sailor Moon was talked about in many circles but most of the time their was a sense of finality, a sense of 'over' - but when LASM appeared there was once again something new to look foward to, and to look foward to together. And there was also new products to buy, new characters to love or loathe and twists on old characters to react to. It had been a while since that happened and it had also been for some fans the first time it happened.

It also has on occasion created a Tokusatsu fan from a Sailor Moon fan and vice versa, because of the new combination of that TV genre with the Sailor Moon title. And it also created a new fandom of it's own - some people who learnt of Sailor Moon through LASM dislike the anime, manga and myu incarnations - some people who love the other Sailor Moon variations shun LASM - in a way it occasionally caused a rift in the fandom, not that they weren't rifts before - there are people who love the manga and hate the anime and vice versa, there are people who will not tolarate the North American dub one iota and there are people who do not wish to pursue the original Japanese version, but this rift (which is largely anime vs. LASM, than manga or myu vs. LASM (although those do exist too)) is felt quite a bit at the moment probably because it is the newest to cut into the fandom.

It is odd really, Sailor Moon is one of those series that can create both camaraderie and contempt in its fans.

LASM has had an affect on the fandom, even if to only bring new slants some of the aspects of that fandom - which, ironically, one could even say poetically, is what it did to the series itself.


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 11, 2003
D-town, MI
Yeah, it had an impact on the fans who knew about it. Like Otaku Witch said, they had something new to get excited about. When their feelings about Sailor Moon start to get stale, PGSM comes along and refreshes them. Well, at least that's what it did for me.
Dec 6, 2003
A lot of Sailor Moon fans around the internet find the LA series as something that has rekindled their fandom. We don't have to keep watching the anime or reading the manga till it gets old
The show brought back Sailor Moon and its changes are so slight that it freshens it up.
The amount of Sailor Moon fan art, icons, wallpapers, etc, I've seen is a healthy amount to show the show's made an impact on fans.
It's really great. :)
Sep 22, 2003
I'm not sure....I wouldn't say the impact could move mountains....

But I mean, this was a real treat. You got see actual young teenage Japanese girls (and I don't mean in the hentai sense!). You actually got to see Japan with PGSM!

I was also amazed that the Sailor Moon fandom was alive a kickin---12,000 downloads? Whoa! And even more amazing, PGSM attracted *new* fans.

And finally, it brought new way cool cosplay (minus PSM).


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 25, 2003
Brooklyn, New York
I thought that while the live action was running fandom was alive, but now that its over its died down signficantly and feels as low as it was 2 years ago at least to me.

Maybe I feel that way because where I live I don't really see anything Sailor Moon anywhere anymore nor do I see students with anything Sailor Moon related. You'd think you would see something in Japan but instead everyone has something Disney related. I think I saw more people with Sailor Moon goods while I was in college than now. I wonder how it would be like back in NYC?

Online I think people have updated their sites more and so on but that may start to die down too.
Feb 9, 2004
For me personally, two years ago, Sailor Moon was dead and buried. I mean, I had all my related things packed into neat little storage boxes but I couldn't bear to part with them.

Watching PGSM for the first time... was so horrifying. I remember my eyes being glazed over the whole time cuz I couldn't believe someone had really put this together. It was act 11, for anyone who cares to know.

Today, my Sailor Moon posters continue to hang on the wall where I put them (back up) a year and a half ago. I still love [THE HAPPY PLACE] and hang around even though PGSM is done and over. I still love waiting for the newest pics at Three Lights and well, I continue to build my PGSM fansite.

So, yeah, I'd say PGSM has impacted me. It's turned me into toku as I've become a fan of other shows (Faiz, some Blade, some Shibuya, etc). I know PGSM has made fans of people who previously didn't care for Sailor Moon. A lot of guys, actually.

Seems like... everyone was skeptical about PGSM but as they grew into it, they came to love it. I think it's rekindled something for a lot of us. I mean, ten years ago, I was 12. So, yeah, between then and now, a lot's happened but I can still say, hey! I like Sailor Moon! You can't say that about most things in life. It's been perpetuated and I agree with whoever said that the feeling now is akin to when the anime and manga ended in its loss and finality.


Lapis Lunaris
Sep 12, 2004
New York, NY
'PGSM' came at just the right time (for us anyway) to recharge batteries that had been running on empty (and by empty I mean nothing new coming out besides the love-it-or-hate-it Myu shows) for years past most normal folks' expiration dates. Then again we're at [THE HAPPY PLACE] so there's no such thing as normal folks when it comes to 'SM' fandom. Seeing the slightly off-kilter plots from Season 1 we've seen (anime) and re-read (manga) a million times before in live-action video spun our minds like crazy. I was as skeptical as the next guy with the premiere episode, but by the 4th show I was hooked and was reminded just how freaking cool, looney and fun it is to be a part of Takeuchi-san's 'Sailor Moon' universe. My fandom was alive but flat-lined and only breathing before 'PGSM' came out in '03; since then it's been whistling happy tunes and given me a new reason to re-watch the old DVD's and admire the posters on my office wall (which have been there since '96) with renewed pride.

The commercial impact of 'PGSM' can be measured in dollars and yen, but its ability to make some lonely and largely-forgotten 'SM' fans look forward to another weekend of endless discussion and 'next week's show' speculation was priceless. Sadly that only makes the current lull in anything new all the more sad! :(


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 23, 2003
Just outside of New York City
From a personal point of view, it was good to have something to get excited about when the PGSM project was first announced, and it was sensational to have the new storyline, acts, and characters to discuss and to predict, but like a few others here, I don't think the over-all effect of the live-action show has been as lasting as I had thought (or hoped) it would have been. :(
Oddly, neither my niece nor my goddaughter, who were the persons most responsible for getting me into the Sailor Moon "world" ever got very "into" the live-action program! :grey:
Well, the ending, to be painfully honest, sucked. I'm sorry, it was weak. It should have been sooooo much better. But it wasn't. Hell, the best part of the show, in my humble opinion, was the Darkury arc, you got Evil Ami, the foundation of Rei x Minako, Minako as Venus, lots of good stuff happened in that arc. It laid the groundwork for all we hold dear. Even if you think Ami and Nephy look good together, it all started in the caves... with sewing. :D


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 12, 2003
I think PGSM broke through a lot of jadedness that had built up in the fandom over the years. I was among the (what I'm sure was a very large) group of fans who did not even believe PGSM was real until the first promo pictures started to come out. We were all so sick of getting shafted as a fandom that we could be nothing other than snarky when finally something new came along. In comparing the initial reactions to the series to what they are now, there is a definite sense of revival, of newfound appreciation, and even a sort of relief that finally we were being given something--anything--again. I think many fans were pleasantly surprised by PGSM's good points, and what it brought to the already-broad canon.

PGSM was also unique in that this is the first time that many fans were able to follow a BSSM series as it was released. Most of the original Sailor Moon fans came in belatedly, or were lacking the knowledge and technology to know what was happening in Japan as the anime series was released. By the time they watched or read anything, it was already old news. With PGSM, however, it was like being apart of the Japanese fandom--eagerly awaiting every new weekly episode, hearing what the creators had to say on the website as the series progressed. I think there was a sense of being closer to the series that way, and of being part of a larger audience as opposed to being an individual fan watching a show by oneself.