Is SMC really that similar to the manga?

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Luna Crescens
Jan 7, 2014
Dark Kingdom
^ the real time attacks being missing took away the impact of the battles away in season 3. Its such a bad thing that they regurgitated the attacks every. Damn. Second.

On some of the changes from manga to Crystal I think factors like budget and censorship took play, but there were other conscious changes that worked against its favor.


Aurorae Lunares
Jul 6, 2018
Crystal could have been so much. Kill me with stones but they had the right art direction and designes that could have made lovely looking animation., they had a long ago published material to adapt both faithfully and adequatelly, making silly plotholes and rushed moments better. They had it all and let vad scheduling, inexperienced director and let the worst write Toei host to writethe whole thing. Then they completely tamed Rei, robbed Venus of her leader momentof fullfilling her duty, finally killing the one ruining her kingdom, They removed characters and plot point with full knowledge where the story is going. They removed all the humour and personality moments. The manga story especially in Dark Kingdom felt both the sam but distorted. While the rest of the seasons did better adaptation, some character moments were still lost. No they didn't need enormous budget, just better writer and director.
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