Madman Entertainment picks up Sailor Moon for AUS and NZ

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Aurorae Lunares
Jan 2, 2010
This is Sailor Moon S. The packaging is the same for the first season. Many retailers use this for their images, but it's the Limited Edition that comes up when you search the catalogue number. I've ordered through eBay and Amazon and had to return the products because they didn't match. I actually e-mailed the eBay seller and was assured that it was not the Limited Edition set. Thanks for your help!
How come you don’t want the limited edition? It’s more valuable. I have the limited edition sets of classic through s on Blu-ray from Madman. Also, perhaps this is what you’re looking for SAILOR MOON R - SEASON 2 [NON-USA FORMAT REGION B] (5 BLU-RAY) 9322225226210 | eBay


Oct 31, 2009
Wallington, NJ
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Madman has de-listed Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 from their website and their December 2020 releases list on their b2b website. I've checked the list for January 2021 releases, and it's not listed.

In terms of BDs, the only ones available on their website are the complete sets of Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon S, the movies of R and S, and Crystal Part 3. Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 and Crystal Part 1 CE are also listed, but have noted as out of stock.

As for DVDs, the ones remaining are Sailor Moon Season 1 (Part 1 SE and the Complete Collection), Sailor Moon R (Part 1 CE, Part 1 SE, Part 2, Complete Collection and the movie), Sailor Moon S (Part 1 SE, Part 2, the Complete Collection and the movie), Sailor Moon SuperS (Part 1 SE, Part 2 and the movie), and Sailor Moon Crystal (all 3 parts).

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1 is unavailable on both formats.
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Best to keep your eyes on here. Originally posted in August with Sailor Stars Part 2 being "To be advised", it has been updated 2 days ago, and now also advises Super S as "To be advised".

Note: December 2020 was never the firm date for Sailor Stars Part 2, since the list back in August also had a December 2020 title (Shinkai Collection), whilst Sailor Stars was always "To be advised".