Making of Songs?

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All right! Found it!

The song after Sailor Moon's transformation is ironically a "Bemani" song (you know, for dancing simulation games). It's called "Try Me Tonight" by Yo Yo. Yeah, it took me a while to find it, but it's there. And if you're wondering, too, the song they play when the "crank-in" comes up, it's "Will I" by Ian Van Dahl. Hope this helps. ^_^
Well, it's techno-based. Japanese songs -- through experience -- sometimes use songs that are upbeat like this through other creations. In this case, it was from a dancing simulation game called DanceManiax which has been here for a while. Also, the brevity of the song kinda implied that it was from a dancing simulation game to me, so I guess my experience paid off. Thanks for asking! ^_^


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 26, 2004
Malachite82 said:
Ah thanks very much you guys!!! All I need now is the mp3...hmm :)
You could find the mp3 on Kazaa, Direct Connect, or WinMX. Someone has the Atomic Kitten song. (Must get out or people will get my files. Its annoying for me at 10 to 20 people want my files, esp. my Hikaru no Go.)

The serious problems' person right now......


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 7, 2004

I have looked on Kazaa and WinMX and have not seen Try ME Tonight, but have found Will I, still downloading. Has anyone find Try Me Tonight yet? and any suggestions!
Since "Try Me Tonight" is part of a compilation of Dancemania songs (a bemani kinda style), I'm sure it can be found from people who are huge fans of dancing simuation games (Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, etc.). Of course, I've tried to find this song, but to no avail so far. :P