Manga Art Errors Thread

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Jul 29, 2012
From Act 8: On the first page (pre title pages), we see Venus drop both of her gloves (for some reason). When next we see her arms clearly, they are gloved. On a later page, she removes one glove (again, for...reasons...) only to be wearing both gloves again in the bottom panel. Venus's gloves: they're as inconsistent as Pluto's backstory, role, color scheme, skintone, and occupation!

I always thought that was a flashback scene. Venus removed her gloves to greet the girls.
Mar 8, 2012
Even if it were, we wouldn't know, since it's entirely possible they'd just uncritically recreate Naoko's errors. (I full expect Queen Serenity to use the old version of the Moon Stick, and for Uranus's double-elbowed arm to make its glorious animated debut in Part 2.)