Moon Animate, Make Up!

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Jul 5, 2009
Maraviollantes said:
In case it wasn't clear enough from my comment, I'm not talking about technical possibility of posting comments somewhere, but about attitude of creators of this series, which seems to be odd, at the very least.
The usual youtube flamewars I would guess. :googly: ^_^' :googly:


Found this on the facebook page.

I try to keep it on topic in here, but this is an important reminder. Today’s another day an artist has been chased off social media for not catering to the demands of the alleged fans of a cartoon show.
Moon Animate Make-Up is an exceptional project because of how many hundreds of artists have come together to make a little piece of fun that culminates in a half-hour of loads of fun. I’m very lucky it’s been received so well among fans and artists, and it motivates me to continue with these works since we’re all having a good time.
There is this other unpleasant side of fandom and I want to be clear there is no excuse to harass someone because they’re not drawing the art you want. If you’re old enough to be on the internet, you’re old enough to know how to be respectful of other people. These artists aren’t “being afraid of criticism”. They are exhausted from being abused.
Artists don’t owe you anything. You are not special. You are not entitled to anything. Do not harass them about their choices, hack their phones, call their workplace and demand they be fired, stalk their SOs, or anything else that aggravates their day because you’re in a mood the cartoons didn’t kiss and you don’t want to do the work to create your own art. And as I say this as someone who used to party in Gundam Wing fandom. I understand frustration.
Annotations will be up soon. Be good to each other. Or I’ll dub Moon Animate 3 with Tannhauser and Barton Fink. :) Or maybe a Steven Segall movie…
Edit 2:
A reply to the question what happened.
Moon Animate Make-Up Fans of another show harassed an artist who worked on it until she left social media. I want to spread the reminder that this isn't okay behavior.
Steven Universe? :question:
Jul 5, 2009
There should be at least one scene with Toonmaker Moon. :evillaugh: :googly: :evillaugh:

I want to see ganjuro :mako:.

Purple Kitti

Lapis Lunaris
Jan 23, 2017
will need to watch when i'm on better connection, *probably* later today... i think i heard about it when they were working on it but forgot about it and never saw the finished product. i'd love to see it now.
Jul 5, 2009
Project is still alive.
Moon Animate, Make-Up!

Bad news specifically for U.S. fans.

Hi everyone

A few days ago I got an email alerting me to a copyright claim by Viz Media. Moon Animate Make-Up is no longer available to view in the United States on YouTube. I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone at the company to see if the block could be lifted, but so far I’m hitting a wall.

The video has never been monetized, we all worked on it for free and for fun, and until its blocking, it had almost 2.5 million views. I’m going to keep doing what I can to get in touch with someone at Viz about it. In the mean time, thank you for understanding, if you know anyone I can get in touch with I’d appreciate it, and I hope I can get this back up for you all soon.

Thanks so much

Jun 30, 2010
And copyright over-reach strikes yet again, especially since this transformative work clearly falls under a Fair Use defense.

All of the visuals were redrawn or remade from scratch, so they couldn't say that the animation was taken from the show.

The only asset Moon Animate, Make Up used was the audio...which was not part of the original version, but the very dub that was allegedly unavailable. But now Viz is rushing in to make sure that even the audio can't be distributed.

At this rate, Viz is going to take down anyone who makes fan art, fanfic, or fan sites based on the old dub. They already took down other fan projects and fan videos.

It's not "paranoia" if it's happening.

The worst part is there is no way that this infringes, even remotely. It's not like Viz would hire an animation studio and re-animate the show to match the dub track and sell it. There is no "if you let them get away with this, someone else will get away with it in the future" here, because there is no avenue in which this prevents Toei from selling the original material or cuts into profits. The project was called "Moon Animate, Make Up!" to not infringe the Sailor Moon trademark.

This was just done to try to get people to forget about the old dub, that's all.