My turn now

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Aug 11, 2010

So I finally managed to get a small Mercury face done.

The nose is a bit off, the ear is even off-er (I know this is gramatically incorrect, but for the joke)... And why does almost everybody I draw end up cross-eyed?

I overdid her hair, didn't I? *LOL* 80s Retro Style. :mischief:

And yet I wrote an overenthusiastic, cynical (?) "OMG! I dit it!?♥" below as this is probably the best thing I've come up with in years. :keke: So or so, I do put my heart's blood in it.

As a nod, I included the trademark cheekblush. :ami:

P. S.: Any idea how I can embed this properly and not just as a silly thumbnail?
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