Need Help Finding Fan Art

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Aug 4, 2013
Hello everyone, long time lurker here and I hope this is the right place to post this. Many many many years ago (Id say it would have to be between 10-15 years now), I stumbled across a website/blog where this person drew fanart of SM. It wasnt Deviantart btw..Im not even sure that website was created yet back then.

Anyway, the artist started a series of drawings where he/she would draw what it would look like when the Sailor Animamates attacked the guardian of their home planet to get their star seed.

I believe the last time I visited the site all those years ago, the artist had Sailor Cocoon, Sailor Chu and Sailor Mermaid complete. But now I cant seem to find the site or the drawings.

Do anybody remember seeing these or have seen them? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 30, 2010
I don't remember this, and I hate to say this, but it its likely you will never find the art.

I have seen my fair share of art over the years that simply disappeared, and I'm convinced I may have the only copies of some really old art on my hard drives. This work didn't disappear because it was bad or because people didn't like it, but because the nature of the Internet is for things to disappear. I am more worried about digital rot than it lasting forever.

If you do remember the site URL, you might bring up the old site if it is archived and then do some detective work. Or you can type "Sailor Cocoon" into an image search and see if anything looks familiar.