Pick the next Director for the Stars arc/Final Season

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Jul 5, 2009
I like Ando's style (except for that one SuperS episode with Nehellenia in it which I agree with @NeoKingRose especially with the hand XD).

They look cute, chubby and very kid friendly most of the time. I find it funny Ikuko would use some frames to edit them. XD


Luna Crescens
Jan 7, 2014
Dark Kingdom
I'll make the movie start off with shots of different planets and their people, leading to the scene in the manga where Galaxia overhears of the Galaxy cauldron (and Wiseman cameo!).
Then I'd make the movie based around fight sequences. I'd have lots of blues and golds in the palette and the girls would look more mature.
You're Welcome!


Lumen Cinereum
Sep 8, 2011
If i would advise the director anything i'd say

1. Show us some decent battle between Galaxia and outers (well a recording of it from their castles). Dont keep it as just the second of their deaths. Maybe also expand (even if just a little) on castles in general if possible
2. Make Starlights deaths a little more meaningful. Make them go down in a fight.
3. Show us more action for Asteroid Senshi. I would LOVE individual attacks for each and maybe even transformations?? I know im asking for too much

Obviously "give us a meatier wedding" should be athing but since everyone is asking for this i'll keep my ideas as above