Possibly my favorite Sailor Moon BGM

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Apr 9, 2019

This might seem like an odd choice but I think out of all the amazing and memorable BGM tracks in the 90's Sailor Moon, this might be my favorite, even more than a lot of the Outers stuff... I love it, it's just so eerie, creepy and mysterious sounding, and really sets a mood. Funny, you first hear it in R and it's actually supposedly a Black Moon theme, yet I mostly associate it with S as I remember it playing a lot especially in the later part of the arc.

I think a big part of the reason I love the original 90's anime so much and prefer it over almost any other incarnation is just because of the music... It was really special and elevated the series to a whole other level in my opinion. The DiC music was ok but once I heard the original music especially in S I was blown away.
Likes: Onuzim Ima