Premium Bandai is launching a Super Sailor Moon Doll...

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Oct 11, 2003
She looks.. like a 90’s doll. I’d rather pay more and get the dolfie
That's if you can find a new one. Dolfie Dream Sailor Moon dolls were limited editions and only available for a limited period.

They cost a bomb like 5 man I think ? - there was a SM Eternal costume I think? or was it super and it was over 1 man JUST for the costume '_'

EDIT - forgot to add I'm not sure I could get it past the wife buying a 5 man dolfie...she would FLIP. DVD's / CD's etc don't get notice dso much.
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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 1, 2020
Maybe it’s just that her hairline is too high? I’m not sure but there is something that feels a little off about the whole thing.

Someone posted something on this thread about a person on Instagram making custom dolls. I know they aren’t official but I would rather fork over my money for something like these