Profits Naoko Will Possibly Get From Eternal (Speculation)

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Gurges Ater
Jul 5, 2009
That sucks. The author possibly only gets 1 percent of the profits.

Quoting the above link just in case it disappears for whatever reason.

NEWS: Demon Slayer Creator Will Receive Less Than 1% Of The Film Earnings!

Despite the massive success of the Kimetsu no Yaiba, creator Koyoharu Gotouge you will only receive a tiny portion of the proceeds generated by the film.

According to Business Journal, things are not looking good for mangaka. The producer of the film paid about 4 million yen to Shueisha for the rights to the series (about 38 thousand dollars) with what only 2 million yen (19 thousand dollars) would have been for the creator of Kimetsu no Yaiba. This equates to far less than one percent of all the earnings generated by the feature film to date.

Those who benefit the most from the success of the film are the members of the producing committee. However the mangaka also receive additional income for the film outside of its theatrical release. The creator must receive at least 1.75 percent as royalties for each copy sold, and 3.35 percent for each copy rented.


Lumen Cinererum
Jun 1, 2014
This was the case of Naoko in the 90s but then she learned her lesson and since the franchise revival in the 2010s she's the one getting the most profits. She also bought the rights for the 90's anime so when Toei got $4 million in 2017 due to international licenses she probably got x2 that figure.
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Jun 30, 2010
This is actually sad.I hope authors get better profits.
I don't. I have no problem with manga creators getting a share, but people really underestimate all the work done to create anything for TV or theatrical releases, especially in terms of animation. There are script writers who adapt the material, storyboarders who plan the action out. There are animators who create the very images we will never even know their names and the same of background artists. At least composers, directors, and voice actors do get some recognition, but the point is the film that is produced is more than a single creator's vision. It's the result of hundreds of people getting together.

This was the case of Naoko in the 90s but then she learned her lesson and since the franchise revival in the 2010s she's the one getting the most profits..
Which is sad because because TOEI approached her and was instrumental in developing even the manga. She deserves money, no question, but not the bulk of the profits from the anime. She has a manga and other works under the franchise she was heavily involved in. One can view those to have a less filtered view of what Sailor Moon is

She owns the 90’s anime, yes. She bought it.
I really hope this is not true. With the way the series has treated filler arc characters like Ail and En, that means they will never be seen outside reruns again. Then again, it's telling that I'm more partial to the filler and anime inventions -- even as flawed as they are -- than the actual non-filler developments.


Solaris Luna
May 19, 2012
Mount Grimrock Level 4
Complaining that the original creator only gets two or three times the annual earnings of an administrative or physical worker here (precisely three times my annual salary) without lifting a finger is bourgeois infighting that we have no stakes in.

What we have a stake in is the conditions and compensation of the animators and artists.
Jul 29, 2012
It is true, she bought it, I wish I could find an article to prove it. However, as an attempt to convince you that it is true I will use as an example the fact that all foreign distributors who wish to license the 90’s anime have to talk directly with Naoko, the owner, and her business, PNP, Princess Naoko Planning.
Jul 31, 2012
Outer Space
I always find these things so confusing. If Naoko has control over everything then why is Toei to blame for the way Crystal turned out?

In any case, I doubt her getting one percent would matter (even though I don't think that's the case), she's already hella rich anyways so that spare change won't matter to her anyways.
Jul 29, 2012


Sailor Moon fan #1
Staff member
Site Admin
Jan 3, 2006
Naoko has decades of experience negotiating royalties and licensing deals with various companies across Japan and internationally. There is no way she would settle for just 1% of profits from any licensing deal.

As to Demon Slayers, we don't know all details of the deal, and don't know why the author agreed to it.

Back in the day James Cameron famously sold the Terminator movie script for just one dollar, which sounds like a robbery considering how much money the movie has made consequently. But the truth is that James Cameron turned down all offers of large amounts of money from other studios, and instead agreed to one dollar + movie director position deal. Maybe the author of Demon Slayer also negotiated some favorable additional conditions which will help them in future career, instead of just grabbing a huge amount of money and disappearing into the sunset with it.

I always find these things so confusing. If Naoko has control over everything then why is Toei to blame for the way Crystal turned out?
Some fans just love to whiteknight Naoko and blame Toei for everything that goes wrong.
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Gurges Ater
Jul 5, 2009
Googling the words 'James Cameron with cars' yields some interesting page results. :googly:

James Cameron’s Avatar comes to life in Mercedes’ sleek concept car

Director James Cameron pushed the boundaries of science fiction with his wildly successful film, Avatar, and it’s now become the inspiration for a radical new concept car from Mercedes-Benz.

The Vision AVTR, which stands for “Advanced Vehicle Transformation,’ debuted this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and features a mix of sustainable materials and flexible body panels, plus an electric drive system that can travel over 400 miles per charge. It also offers passengers immersive virtual and augmented reality games and scenarios based on Avatar's space adventure.

“Not only is it beautifully designed, but it will create a closer connection with the driver and the environment around them. One that hopefully results in a better understanding of our responsibility to the world in which we live,” said Jon Landau, producer of the Avatar movie, who joined Cameron for the car's debut Monday night.

The four-door concept bears more than a slight resemblance to the Banshee flying vehicles used in the film, Avatar’s Na’Vi cat-like aliens. One of the most distinctive features is the use of 33 movable “surface elements” that not only appear to bring the concept to life but which actually have a functional purpose, helping maximize aerodynamics and extend the AVTR’s range.

As with the Avatar Banshees, the Mercedes Vision AVTR is designed to intuitively link driver and vehicle. Place your hand on the glowing central controller and it will read your pulse while allowing you to operate many of the prototype’s functions. When you lift your hand, the concept vehicle projects onto its palm a list of different functions.

The AVTR also features both virtual and augmented reality technology, which the automaker describes as "an immersive experience space" that conveys "a completely new user experience.” It also allows parents up front to monitor what their kids are doing or watching in the rear seats.

One thing you’ll likely notice about the AVTR is the absence of a steering wheel, since it is designed to be fully autonomous. Mercedes is a big proponent of hands-free driving, something that would allow it to transform the automotive cabin into a mobile living room. The drive system is capable of powering its two motors in opposite directions so the car can “crab,” or turn up to 30 degrees.

The four-door sports car is the latest in a long-running series of Vision concept vehicles from Mercedes, show cars that have frequently influenced the production models that followed. While there are plenty of fantasy features on the AVTR that make it unlikely to actually ever roll down an assembly line, there are a number of features that will be translated into production, according to the German automaker.

That includes the twin-motor all-electric drive system producing a combined 470 horsepower. It is said to have a range of 435 miles between charges. Mercedes is just starting to get into the long-range electric vehicle market and plans to have an assortment of models on the road by mid-decade, including the EQB crossover that will be its first for the U.S. market.

What’s particularly unusual about the AVTR’s drive system, however, is its use of cutting-edge graphene batteries, rather than the lithium-ion technology currently on the market. Not only could they store more energy, but graphene batteries don’t require cobalt and other exotic metals that are not only rare and expensive but also difficult to recycle. The graphene batteries, according to Mercedes, could be composted at the end of their life.

Just don't call it an Avacar.
Naoko would be so jealous. :wow: #AVACAR


Lumen Cinererum
Apr 16, 2013
It is quite true. Naoko has recovered the rights to the anime 90.
That's what the Mexican publisher (Talk Box - Tower) said at the time. That everything had to go through her.

Likewise for Sailor Moon Crystal, everything has to go through her. The validation of the scenario, etc.
This is what the writers say in an interview, that the orders are adapted from the manga. An episode = an act.
The modifications are from Naoko (the Shitenno - the relationship with the 4 senshi), it was her choice. What she had done wrong in the manga, she corrects in the anime.


Lumen Cinererum
Dec 1, 2020
If all the rights belong to Naoko could she not have just gone to another animation company than Toei to animate Crystal? Why would she go back to Toei if she supposedly had so much bad blood towards them in the 90s? I’m sure a lot of smaller studios would die for a mega franchise like Sailor Moon. Or was it a case of money speaking louder than words and she received a sum for Crystal from Toei she couldn’t refuse? Some things aren’t adding up for me..
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Jul 29, 2012
As the article stated, she owns the broadcasting rights of the 90’s anime and of the manga—that information is both on the article from Tuxedo Unmasked and also on the Wikipedia page in Japanese.

It is also a fact that international distributors have to negotiate with her to license the manga and anime in foreign markets, as many people here have stated multiple times.
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