Profits Naoko Will Possibly Get From Eternal (Speculation)

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Jul 5, 2009
I................. it makes my brain hurt when I see Sailor Moon fans watch ONE clip of Precure and assume the entire series is like that.
They could also be lying or dismissing you because you have different opinion. In fact there's a member in this forum who also likes to lie a lot. I don't even know if half the stuff this member here says is true so I just mostly skim this members post and replies as it is not worth my time. ^_^'
Nov 8, 2018
For example, the transformations that appear in the Precure movies are taken DIRECTLY from the series’ stock footage used in every episode.
Transformations seem to be the most expensive part of a magical girls series. In fact, none of the 90s SM movies had an original transformation. In relation to that, the Ami-Special must have been as expensive as the actual feature ^^ She got a damn good looking henshin AND attack! Both were used only once!
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Jun 17, 2017
If all the rights belong to Naoko could she not have just gone to another animation company than Toei to animate Crystal? Why would she go back to Toei if she supposedly had so much bad blood towards them in the 90s? I’m sure a lot of smaller studios would die for a mega franchise like Sailor Moon. Or was it a case of money speaking louder than words and she received a sum for Crystal from Toei she couldn’t refuse? Some things aren’t adding up for me..
So is Naoko putting money into these movies? Since anime films are much more expensive to make than episodes and it's not just one movie, it's two which seems like a big investment.

I do wonder why she would choose Toei again but it probably came down to money but then that's also confusing as well. Why would Toei wager a big price tag for Sailor Moon when some say they didn't have much faith in the show as it's not one of its top earners to begin with?
perhaps it depends on Kodansha that publishes the manga, in fact apparently it is the publishing houses that undertake to contact an animation studio to produce a series and invests in it, it is rare that it is the opposite.
I found this out by watching this video

I don't know how much Naoko was really involved in the project, however I don't think she put any money in it herself, I doubt she would have approved such a fluctuating quality product.
There's no reason for Toei to spend on the Eternal movies the same amount of budget they would spend on the Doremi movie, to mention an example. Naoko is getting really high fees since the 20th anniversary relaunch, Toei just isn't going to make as much money as they wished they would.
Sailor Moon is still a house name, but TOEI spends far more money on Precure, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, and One Piece.
Toei and Bandai in the 90s have certainly made a lot of money with Sailormoon, just see all the gadgets they have baked, moreover the series has been a trailblazer for other anime to be exported and purchased by broadcasters in other countries, complete with merchandise sold in stores, even for that alone it deserves better treatment.
Toei itself currently has Pretty cure as a pretty good milking product, is not interested in a revival of Sailormoon, she'd steal attention to what Precure earns.
Toei itself has asserted that she does not want to invest again even in Doremi if there is not enough public to watch it, so they have long since postponed a new series of Doremi also due to the few sales of the light novels connected to it.
To say that there are fans who have been waiting for a good ending for the series for years ...
However they could have avoided it being as bad as it was if they had hired a more competent writer. On the animation end, I think that is solely Toei’s failure.
That doesn't make sense though. (Not saying that's not the case, just that if it is, it doesn't make sense.) Giving Sailor Moon projects a lower budget because their share of the profits won't be as high as it would be on other projects results in products of inferior quality that are both going to generate less revenue *and* tarnish the studio's reputation, making subsequent projects less profitable and harder to secure in the long run. Even if Toei isn't going to make as much from a Sailor Moon movie as it would from a PreCure movie, they're certainly not going to lose their investment and the cost would be worth it to maintain their reputation as a studio that makes quality movies/TV series.
I’m a huge Precure fan that have watched most seasons from beginning to end as well as most movies. It’s true that some of the animation in the fight scenes are unparalleled, but it makes my brain hurt when I see Sailor Moon fans watch ONE clip of Precure and assume the entire series is like that. Precure, like any long running anime production, can be incredibly hit or miss. There are seasons that have messy production and it has quite a few films that are not “”””movie quality”””” (a lot of the All Stars films look terrible tbh).

I’ve suffered through quite a few of Toei’s misfires including Digimon Adventure Tri. Trust me, when I say we’re getting it GOOD with Eternal.
This makes me think that Toei is not interested in Sailormoon in the way we would like, there is little effort on Toei's part in Crystal's first 2 story arcs, the situation has improved in season 3. These upcoming movies also have the their flaws, in the style they preferred to please those who have always loved the 90s anime, but crystal / eternal is a work more faithful to the manga ...
It is also true that in recent years animated productions have been paying attention to savings, but there are quality standards below which one should not go down.

an example of very poor quality that Toei has produced is "Happinesscharge precure", if you take the episodes as they aired them for the first time on TV you will find graphic horrors that you would not expect from an animation studio with decades of experience, not to mention how famous is ...
and on Pretty cure they bet a lot...
Toei made up for it with the next precure series but doesn't seem to want to make as much effort for Sailormoon.