Queen Nehellenia manga

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Jul 22, 2009
Hi guys I have a question if you all wouldn't mind indulging me. This is actually a question regarding the Sailor Moon manga specifically Queen Nehellenia in the Dream Arc. Mainly I suppose her sort manga backstory. I know that Queen Nehellenia in that story was said to be the Queen of the Dark Center of the Moon. However I have also heard some people also say that she is a sort of a Queen of the New Moon. Is she the Queen of Both that Dark Center of the Moon and the New Moon?
Sep 10, 2012
The Void
Well, I like to refer to her as the queen of the New Moon, since she seems to be linked to the moon in that way because firstly, she is suppose to be the opposite of Queen Serenity whom I view as representing the White Moon (full). Also, since she was freed through a solar eclipse, which can only occur during the New phase of the moon and the darkness of it was at its strongest.

But as far as translations go, I here it say she came from the dark center of the moon.
Mar 8, 2012
Nehellenia introduces herself as follows:

わたしは 新月の闇の王国デッド・ムーンの美しき女王ネヘレニア​
I am Nehellenia, the beautiful queen of the kingdom of the new moon's darkness, Dead Moon.​

So literally speaking, she is the queen of Dead Moon, which is the name of the kingdom of the darkness of the new moon. Essentially it amounts to the same thing as her being the queen of the new moon.

In the flashback scene to her crashing Princess Serenity's christening, she says that she dwells in the 月の奥 tsuki no oku. "Oku" can mean interior, but it can also mean back or bottom, so she's either from inside of the moon, or from its dark side (which perhaps makes more sense?). Venus and company say she's lying and that she's not really from the moon at all, so we're left to wonder whether or not Nehellenia is telling the truth.