Recasting the Victims of the Week

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Mar 8, 2012
We all know that the last three seasons of the '90s anime over-relied on the victim-of-the-week formula, which wouldn't have been so bad except 1) it got pretty stale pretty fast, and 2) it meant we were constantly being introduced to bland, one-use-only characters while supporting characters like Naru (or more interesting VOTW like Urawa) got left in the dust.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to go back and "recast" the victims of the week from S, SuperS, and Sailor Stars with supporting characters or other previous VOTW we wish had been used instead.

Here's my recast of the Phages from Sailor Stars. I kept it pretty basic, sticking with characters who could have easily been swapped in without the episodes needing to be rewritten too much (if at all), but feel free to be more imaginative with your recasts!

Sailor Buri
Original VOTW: Alice Itsuki
Replacement VOTW: Mikan Shiratori

Sailor Guts
Original VOTW: Yuji Kayama
Replacement VOTW: Gurio Umino [Sailor Otaku]

Sailor Gekisha
Original VOTW: Saki Itabashi
Replacement VOTW: Kijin Shinokawa

Sailor Director
Original VOTW: Akane Gushiken / Sister Angela
Replacement VOTW: None

Sailor Teacher
Original VOTW: Wataru Amanogawa
Replacement VOTW: Old Chess Man [Sailor Checkmate]

Sailor Ojyou
Original VOTW: Noriko Okamachi
Replacement VOTW: Rie Gotou

Sailor Chef
Original VOTW: Tetsurou Yoshinogawa
Replacement VOTW: Mayako

Sailor Conductor
Original VOTW: Albert pon Garajan
Replacement VOTW: Takuzou Igarashi (or Yusuke Amade)

Sailor Cop
Original VOTW: Unnamed police chief
Replacement VOTW: Saori (or Toshio Wakagi as an Easter egg)

Sailor Artist
Original VOTW: Kengo Ibuki
Replacement VOTW: Yuichiro Kumada [Sailor Kannushi]

Sailor Sommelier
Original VOTW: Jun Godai
Replacement VOTW: Nana Asahina [Sailor Tabloid]

Sailor Doctor
Original VOTW: Doctor Gia
Replacement VOTW: Dr. Mizuno

Sailor Antique
Original VOTW: Jotaro Kiriyama
Replacement VOTW: Edwards (or Countess Rose)

Sailor Leaguer
Original VOTW: Sonoko Ijuuin
Replacement VOTW: None

Sailor Stewardesses
Original VOTW: Unnamed flight attendants
Replacement VOTW: None

Sailor DJ
Original VOTW: DJ Jack
Replacement VOTW: DJ Thomas Harris

Sailor Amuse
Original VOTW: Takeo Shiro
Replacement VOTW: None

Sailor Gamer
Original VOTW: Reiko Kanagawa
Replacement VOTW: Motoki Furuhata

Sailor Musician
Original VOTW: Takuya Moroboshi
Replacement VOTW: Jinta Araki [Sailor Idol]