Revisiting the Tokyopop Manga

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Mar 8, 2012
Not speaking a lick of Japanese myself, I’m sure I’ll Punish you/You will be punished/I Will punish you are all valid translations.
I mean, technically speaking, "You will be punished" isn't a valid translation because it's grammatically incorrect. Since the line expresses determination, it should be, "You shall be punished." #PreserveWillShallDistinction
Nov 22, 2016
I think the interview in Act 1 is probably real and done during her appearance at SDCC, but everything else....yeah, not cool.

Anyway, I don't know why Naoko wouldn't let the manga be published in Brazil in the nineties, unless there was already a European Portuguese translation or she was in talks with a European Portuguese publisher and thought that was the better option? The manga was supposed to come out in English via a British publisher back in 1995, but that obviously fell through, which is why we didn't get the manga until 1998, long after it had been released in many other languages.
Portugal and Brazil are diferent markets with different dialects. And as far as I know, there isn't really a manga publishing industry in Portugal.
So, if Naoko was holding it back for all this time, I guess she thought the money wasn't worth it.
Mar 8, 2012

Why would they use this picture with Bunny holding the Moon Rod for the back cover???


Anyone care to compare this to the original to check for accuracy?


I'm surprised they took the trouble to un-flip Luna's dialog since it's just a bunch of nonsense symbols.

1. It's "Raye," not "Ray."
2. Amy uses fog, not Lita.

Seems like the Moon Stick is just getting referred to generically as a "wand." Lame, but let's see if that changes.

Moon phase, not moon face.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 newspaper paywalls.

[I guess this is as good a time as any to say that I really like "Shields" as Darien's last name, whether or not Tokyopop came up with it.]

If they'd gone with "Bun-head" instead of "Miss Pig-tails" before this, using "Buns" in lieu of "Usako" may have worked, but it just feels too awkward for my taste. It's a commendable effort, but ultimately a no go for me.

We'll keep wondering because they never did come up with an alternative to "Mamo-chan." I guess they could have gone with "Dairy" to continue the food motif :lol:

I'm pretty sure they remember transforming, but okay...

Manga!Metallia always gave me such Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark vibes.

Jeez, Beryl, pessimist much?

Yumiko is now Yumi, and "Karrie" has become "Kari."

Is this the only time we see Rei out and about town wearing her priestess robes?

I mean...that's...obviously not true...

Everyone working on the '90s anime did, too.

Pretty sure this took...a lot of liberties with the original.

If you're gonna change "Supreme Thunder," at least change it to "Jupiter Thunder Crash." Don't half-@$$ the localizing.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5 Blockbuster Videos
Jun 30, 2010
I mean, technically speaking, "You will be punished" isn't a valid translation because it's grammatically incorrect. Since the line expresses determination, it should be, "You shall be punished." #PreserveWillShallDistinction
I will eat my Lead Crow and be proud of it. You're right.

I said I'd wager money, but all I have are Bison Bucks. This ought to cover it. :)

Sep 6, 2014
Isn't she believed to have killed her husband (Bob Crane)?

Nope that Patricia Olson’s husband was killed by a John Henry Carpenter.

Confusingly, a different Patricia Olsen was accused of killing her husband (or getting her son to). I thought maybe Mixx was referring to that (which would be crazy) but that happened in 2006 nearly a decade after Mixx translated Sailor Moon
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Mar 8, 2012
(Why didn't they go with "Minako a.k.a. Sailor V(enus)"?)

I'd like to believe they got Naoko to actually write these messages to her American readers, but I think we all know they just made them up and probably never even told Naoko. So, like, if she is as controlling over the franchise as rumor says...can you really blame her? If I found out other countries were literally making up direct quotes from me, I'd be ticked off and untrusting of foreign markets too.

I can only imagine what Naoko would think of those novels if she ever read them. (Heck, I wonder what J.Lo and the Backstreet Boys would think of them if they ever knew they existed.)

Do I know why Tokyopop added that "Meanwhile..." caption? No, I do not.

1. "I'm Champion"
2. Why are we still doing "you're punished!"?
3. Why didn't they go with "Moon Healing Activation" for dub consistency? Why were Tokyopop's editors so bad at their job? Why are all editors so bad at their jobs?


Overall rating: 4 copies of Blackout by Britney Spears out of 5

(Again, why not "Princess Serenity"?)

I didn't actually notice anything in this chapter that worth noting or snarking on (beyond the usual gripes with ugly typesetting, oversimplified translations, and typos), so...good job?

Overall rating: 4 DIY haircuts out of 5

This spread seems to be translated accurately enough.

This was originally a two-page spread that Tokyopop decided to condense into one page for some reason. As a result, they skipped some text. Looking at the Spanish translation (I'll have to go back eventually and compare the Spanish translation of all of Naoko's notes to Tokyopop's), here's what they left out:

Everyone asks me why they wear [sailor] uniforms. It was an idea from Osa-P who suggested I draw female superheroes in [sailor] uniforms. As simple as that.​
Too bad the manga isn't in color. But I can tell you that [Mako's] uniform is fluorescent green.​

(Side note: It's interesting how here Jupiter's image gem is sapphire, like Mercury's; her MC design lists her image gem as emerald.)
Sep 6, 2014
The Mixx novelizations did use Moon Tiara Action instead of Magic. They never got past Nephlite but I wonder if they would have used Moon Healing Escalation had they gotten further. (Mercury and Mars got their Dic attack names though)

Also pretending Takeuchi is addressing mixx readers when she’s really talking to Nakoyoshi is one thing, but pretending she also actually cares to promote Mixx or Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network is unforgivable, in the name of journalistic integrity, you’re punished Mixx (by being defunct)
Mar 8, 2012


The cringe is strong.

When I first read this, I didn't yet know that DiC had skipped some episodes, so I thought the novels were going to be original stories and I just had to read them. And then I realized they were just terrible novelizations of the show. (But I still low key want to do a fan dub of episodes 2, 5, 6, and 20 based on the novels.)

This seems to be accurate? No shoutouts to #Mixxers at least.

What is "phan art" and why is it in scare quotes?

Typos and grammatical errors in Amy's dialog are especially egregious.

Oh look, a Street Fighter reference.

It took until volume 3, but we finally got a translation for "Shitennou." "Four Warriors" is better than "Four Heavenly Kings" at least.

What weapons????

The Moon Stick is still just a generic, unnamed wand I see.

More typos! (And I guess we can look forward to a certain someone's making jokes about Naoko's mom's being a greedy, lazy capitalist now or something.)

Overall rating: 3.5 spaceships out of 5
Sep 6, 2014
I feel like Four Generals is a better translation of the idea of Shitenou than Four Warriors. Iirc that’s what ADV went with.

Weird how Mixx decided to go with Imperium Crystal. I would have preferred Silver Crystal or Imperium Silver Crystal

I know DiC/Optimum had like 12 different names for the Ginzinshou but don’t think they ever called it just the Imperium Crystal.

He’s not my the boyfriend?!?!?
Mar 8, 2012

(Does anyone know why the tankoban release merged Acts 11 and 12? I know other chapters were merged as well, bringing the count from 60 chapters down to 52, and I've never understood the logic behind that?)

The fact they kept her name as "Reika" when she was called "Rita" in the dub is just further proof of how half-@$$ed Tokyopop's attempt to align the manga with the dub was.

Am I the only person who actually thinks "V-babe" is kind of cute? Leaving it as "V-chan" would have been annoying, and just plain "V" would have sounded strange to me.

This has nothing to do with the Tokyopop translation specifically; I just wanted to comment on this detail. Literally what is the point of telling us the sword is poisonous? It has zero impact on the story. If the sword is poisonous, shouldn't it make them sick from handling it? Especially Mina, who's practically making out with it in that panel? If we saw the girls gradually getting sicker and sicker but not knowing why, and THEN Ami and Luna discover the sword is poisonous - THAT would have made sense. As it is, it's just a dumb detail for the sake of dumb details.

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"

Like the Eternal Edition translation, seems Tokyopop eventually settled on "Moon Wand" as their official name for the Moon Stick.

Still the best translation of this maneuver. Still my favorite of Mercury's powers. Still makes absolutely no sense.

Beryl's not *that* old, guys. Jeez.

Overall rating: 3 arcade tokens out of 5


"Endymion... You are my sunshine... my only sunshine... you make me happy... when skies are gray..."

So... Metalia is Medusa?

Overall rating: 3 typos out of 5 (seriously, this chapter had so. many. typos.)

They should have kept "Tuxedo Power Make Up!" in the episode.

Which one of you guys is Naoko? Come on, confess!

1. Love that picture of Usagi/Serenity
2. Love that Naoko worked on the manga while watching the anime
3. Is Naoko an autosexual?
4. Did Tokyopop ever actually try to license Naoko's other manga? If they didn't even translate Sailor V, I doubt they ever seriously contemplated doing Miss Rain...

I wonder if they ever actually printed any copies of the novels using those covers?
Mar 8, 2012

One of my favorite little illustrations from the manga. Wish they'd rock those looks in Crysternal. Oh well.


Scratch that. It's Act 10. *face palm*

I wish they'd kept the title as "Petite Etrangere" (or "Petit Etranger"). Oh well.

For whatever reason, Tokyopop decided not to translate Naoko's message here, replacing it with the chibi illustrations from the "the story so far" recap section (which they've yet to translate/include thus far). From the Spanish translation, here's Naoko's missing message:

"Hello dear readers. We meet again in volume #4! They told me that a lot of you have been concerned about my health since I mentioned needing an ambulance in volume #2. But don't worry, I'm in great shape! I eat and sleep a lot. Lately, I've spent most of my time going on rides in my beloved car. And once again, I've moved! I can't even describe the view I have now, especially at night! The apartment is simple, but Tokyo Tower is in right in front of it. I can see the Rainbow Bridge from my bedroom! And the sea breeze is very nice. In fact, it's the kind of apartment Tuxedo Mask - Mamoru - would live in. My intention is to make an outstanding shot of Sailor Moon... I'm going to make it the best I can. I'm sure this new room will inspire me. Well, I hope you'll have a good time with this, volume #4!​

She should have said "But I'm also just plain Serena" here, not "Bunny."

In the original, Usagi tells her to "get off my Mamo-chan," prompting Chibiusa to repeat "Mamo-chan..." Because Bunny's dialog here is "Get off my guy," Rini's subsequent "Darien" comes out of nowhere.

She should also be saying "I'm Serena" here, not "Bunny." Since she's subsequently going to be called "Rini," her giving her name as "Bunny" here makes no sense. Sloppy, sloppy work.

Overall rating: 3 reanimated friends out of 5