Revisiting the Tokyopop Manga

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Mar 8, 2012

Chibiusa's full name is "Usagi Small Lady Serenity." Instead of Rini's full name being "Bunny Small Lady Serenity" (even though she previously said her name was Bunny) or even "Serena Small Lady Serenity" (not that Tokyopop still remembers Bunny's real name is Serena), it's simply "Serenity" with "Small Lady" being a separate nickname. This is at least consistent with the picture diary side story that follows this chapter.

So... Did NQS never tell Rini stories about her days as Sailor Moon? Did NQS ever talk to her daughter, like, at all?

"In most." So in the Tokyopop version of the canon, I guess there are people in Crystal Tokyo who are nearing 1,000 years old and look it. Tithonus vibes.

This is why I can't really sympathize with King Endymion and NQS. Banishing someone to a remote planet isn't restorative justice, and planning to pillage a planet's natural resources isn't a good look. But we're not going to talk about how the White Moon family is clearly in the wrong here I guess.

But I bet their Instagram is lit! (Also, lbr, the BMC are probably the antifa of the 30th century.)

Shouldn't he already know what the Black Poison Crystal is?

Who laid the king's and scouts' bodies out on those platforms anyway? Did they magically appear on them, or did Rini have to drag their bodies around before she went to the past?

Gee, if only Sailor Moon had another attack she could use, one that didn't depend on the Silver Crystal (not that it was ever previously established that "Moon Princess Halation" utilized the crystal). Also, she's able to use her powers later on even though nothing's changed, so?? And can't she just break off a piece of the palace since it's just one giant slab of Silver Crystal and use that? This plot detail just holds zero water.

Overall rating: 3.5 weird hands out of 5
Mar 8, 2012

As mentioned in the last chapter, Rini's "real" name is now Serenity, not Bunny.

"Momo" is now called "Peaches." I guess this inconsistency isn't too bad since the dub called her "Melissa" then "Melanie," and her hair color in the anime did change from blue/purple to brown (or was it brown to blue/purple?). (Momo, Mako, Mamo, Mina, Motoki, Michiru... there are too many characters with names starting with 'm' in this series.)

"Squirt" is a good adaptation/translation of "chibi." The EE just has him call her "chibi" over and over, like that's an English word with any meaning. (What was Kyusuke's name in the dub? Kyle?)

Bunny's real name is apparently "Serenity" now instead of "Serena."

It's very weird that in the Japanese version, she's so sensitive about being called "chibi" but she still goes by "Chibiusa." Like, if being called "little" bothers her so much, it's super mean of everyone to make that part of her nickname. At least calling her "Rini" means all the other characters aren't* insensitive jerks.

Why are they calling Sorano "Melvin"? Did they mistake him for Umino? And thought Umino was suddenly a first grader? They should have called him "Marvin" instead.

This makes no sense. How does sending Rini to school = being too soft on her? (Or "spoiling her" in the EE?) Especially coming from BUNNY who HATES school. WHERE IS THE LOGIC HERE?????

In the Japanese version, Papa Kenji calls Lilica/Ririka/Lyrica a "beautiful girl," which, with those hearts and that facial expression... Someone get Chris Hansen on the line. At least Tokyopop tried to make him not come off as a total child predator.

Like... How stupid is this teacher? A child isn't at school? Did you try calling his parents? Why would any of his classmates be better apprised of his whereabouts? Since he didn't return home last night, surely his parents contacted the police? How do you not know that he's missing?

1. This is retroactively a plot hole. As established in the Dream arc, NQS tells Rini bedtime stories about cyborgs, the pyramids, sunken kingdoms, cursed diamonds, etc. It's hard to believe Rini's never heard of a vampire before. I mean, she's 900 years old.
2. Pretty sure their favorite food is blood, Amy, not flowers.

Tokyopop did make Raye's favorite show Buffy, so her being a vampire expert tracks. (Also: please give us a spin-off where Rei and Minako are vampire-slaying lesbians, thank you.)

Instead of fairly ditzy housewives, Minako and Usagi 100% should have been video game developers in Parallel Sailor Moon.

911 isn't the emergency number in Japan.

At least she's not still saying "you're punished." An...improvement? Kind of?

Overall rating: 3.5 coffins out of 5

I would totally read 940 of these.

I would totally watch a Sailor Slippers anime.

For some reason, Tokyopop skipped the bonus pages about Peach Hips.
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Apr 20, 2012
It's very weird that in the Japanese version, she's so sensitive about being called "chibi" but she still goes by "Chibiusa." Like, if being called "little" bothers her so much, it's super mean of everyone to make that part of her nickname. At least calling her "Rini" means all the other characters are insensitive jerks.
Chibiusa's an exception because it's a nickname Mamoru came up with. (Which Tokyopop flubbed by having Darien call her "Kid", lol)

This makes no sense. How does sending Rini to school = being too soft on her? (Or "spoiling her" in the EE?) Especially coming from BUNNY who HATES school. WHERE IS THE LOGIC HERE?????
Guess humor > logic for Naoko? :lol: I suppose a more in-character version would be Bunny hoping she's an even worse student than she is?
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Mar 8, 2012

Black Moon: The High School Years

1. I love "The Mad Dictator Phantom." Sounds creepy and strangely disco at the same time.
2. Why was he captured and sent to Nemesis? NQS couldn't heal him? If so, why not kill him? I know later they say she couldn't kill him because he was human, but so were the Four Generals. So was Beryl. So were the Ayakashi Sisters. So were/are Rubeus, Saphir, Esmeraud, and Demand. Sailor Moon and co. have had no problems killing human enemies before, but when it's convenient for the plot, they get all antsy about it? SureJan.gif

Either Sailor Moon couldn't use her powers because something can't exist in two places at once (even though Rini was always around with the Silver Crystal from the future and that never seemed to affect Moon's ability to transform or attack), or she couldn't use her powers because of her emotional state (even though she was jealous and distraught in the 20th century and still able to transform and attack). PICK ONE.

Since Wiseman is (Death) Phantom, surely that chained up corpse isn't Phantom, right? So then, who is it?????????????

This is obviously a photograph. I really hope it's a public domain one, because if not, the lack of attribution suggests they never asked for permission. (Come to think of it, a photograph of Tokyo was used back in Act 9 or 10 I think, also without attribution.)

The people of Crystal Tokyo are awful and deserved to be obliterated.

Why? Why did anyone think this was a good idea? It defies all reason.

Why didn't Pluto try to kill Rini the way she tried to kill Sailor Moon and company?

For consistency's sake here, the Garnet Rod has become the "Garnet Scepter." I'm sure it'll be called the "Garnet Rod" later, so they should have changed Rini's dialog to something like, "My mom has something like that, too," instead.
(I also want to know what miracles NQS was performing.)

I don't like that Wiseman wears jewelry.

In the Japanese text, Pluto uses the word "konton," which means, "chaos, confusion, disorder." Tokyopop and Kodansha both translated it as "Chaos" here, which is confusing/misleading since Pluto obviously isn't talking about the character Chaos here. (Still, that would have been a nice bit of foreshadowing, and honestly Pluto, as the guardian of space-time, makes more sense as Chaos's adversary than Cosmos does.)

"Phantom" / "The Mad Dictator Phantom" is now "Death Phantom" (which should be "Doom Phantom" for dub consistency).

Veneti and Aquatiki sure don't look like they're made out of wood to me :lol:

Love this picture

What was it exactly about Sapphire's strangling her and telling her she's responsible for everything that's pretty much ever gone wrong that settled Bunny's emotional state enough that she could use the crystal and transform into Sailor Moon again?

Overall rating: 4 microfiche slides out of 5
Mar 8, 2012

I just really like this picture of Usagi/Bunny.

How does Lita know Rini is Bunny and Darien's child? Even if we're meant to believe Bunny dropped that bombshell on Lita, Raye, and Amy in the past action-packed five minutes they spent fleeing from Nemesis and entering the space-time storm, it's just very jarring for readers for Lita to say this so casually. Having Mina be the one to say this dialog would have made so much more sense.

The EE has Usagi say, "How can God be so cruel?" which is a lot more neutral. "God's plans are difficult" has a strong evangelical Christian vibe to it IMO.

So, that was Phantom's corpse?

One of Sailor Moon's trademark flashbacks to a scene that could not have happened.

This is just...such a weird moment. So shallow of Ikuko, for one thing. For another... I guess severe trauma makes Bunny look extra pretty? Noted.

So the Silver Imperium Crystal of the past can't work in the future, and it can't work because Bunny's emotions are unsettled, unless a comatose NQS conveniently decides she can do whatever she wants to move the plot along.

She took one hit from an energy blast. She's been convalescing in that crystal for like, what? two? three months? at this point? She's either dead or being lazy at this point, Diana.


Because Tokyopop isn't even pretending it cares about the dub (or consistency) anymore, they're using "Black Lady" instead of "Wicked Lady" for now. (But don't worry - next volume she'll be Wicked Lady!)

Overall rating: 3.5 plot holes out of 5


What is pacing, Naoko?

So...that corpse in the Room of Darkness wasn't Phantom??

Overall rating: 4 Electra complexes out of 5 (Sorry for the lack of commentary, but there just isn't a lot to say about the TP translation of this chapter.)

I want to read this Sailor Luna comic.

I can't read Naoko's handwriting to try and do my own translation of this page, and the Spanish translation is slightly different, so... Either this Sailor V project being mentioned here was the planned OVA, meaning it was in development for about a year and a half before it was announced in August 1995, or it was something else entirely that also never materialized. :(


Aurorae Lunares
May 17, 2012

The EE has Usagi say, "How can God be so cruel?" which is a lot more neutral. "God's plans are difficult" has a strong evangelical Christian vibe to it IMO.
Either is better than Usagi's childish "God is so mean!" in the original Kodansha translation.

This is just...such a weird moment. So shallow of Ikuko, for one thing. For another... I guess severe trauma makes Bunny look extra pretty? Noted.
I'm pretty sure this was a roundabout way of saying Usagi has matured possibly echoing the sentiment that "girls are cute, women are beautiful/pretty", but that's just my take. This is the scene where Usagi resolves to put aside her childish thoughts and dedicate herself to making up for it. This is also where she acknowledges she misses Chibiusa despite the fact that she drove her crazy. A sentiment Ikuko recognises and relates to as it looks like she overheard the conversation.
Mar 8, 2012
In that case, something like, "I was just thinking... Bunny looked so grown-up just now..." would work a lot better. (And tie in better with Sammy's reaction. Like, it makes more sense that he'd be surprised to hear Bunny looked grown up than that his mom think she looks pretty.)
Mar 8, 2012

With this volume, Tokyopop has finally started to translate the "story so far" recap sections.


The "Garnet Scepter" is now the "garnet rod."

Like Pluto, I always try to kill my idols the first time I meet them.

"Black Lady" is now "Wicked Lady."

The "Key to the Fourth Dimension" is now a "Key to Time." (Maybe all these inconsistencies are a deliberate meta-choice to illustrate how the Black Poison Crystal is warping time and reality?)

A+ dialog job here, Naoko. "This light!" "This light!" "This light!"

I just... Weirdest way of translating her speech ever. (The Speedy English dub notwithstanding.)

I really wish there were an attack phrase to go along with this. "Tuxedo Princess Halation!"

I'm probably alone in this, but that "only" makes it feel like NQS only loves Rini because she has no other children to love instead.

1. I'm not sure if NQS's dialog in the second panel relates to her dialog in the first. If so, it sounds like when she became queen, Death Phantom quickly appeared, and she lacked the courage and confidence to properly defeat him (perhaps as a parallel of how Queen Serenity wasn't able to properly seal Metalia away). In other words, NQS didn't lose her Scout powers just by virtue of becoming queen, but because her emotional state was unsettled, in which case from this point onward, she probably has regained her full Scout abilities.
2. Pluto will rest in the Crystal Palace for like...five chapters before you revive her and send her back the past (or whatever happened).

I've always hated this bit because it's such BS. If Darien got to hang out with his future self (albeit in hologram form) for hours on end, Bunny should get to do the same. That she only gets to basically wave hello at NQS is nonsense.

There's no way the Heart Moon Scepter fit in Rini's backpack.

This basically confirms that Ikuko, Kenji, and Shingo don't exist in the 30th century. Either they died so long ago that Rini no longer remembers them, or Bunny really did choose to be bodily resurrected in the future and effectively ceased being part of the Tsukino family at the end of Stars.

1. When was that photo taken?
2. It's nice to see Lita and Asanuma reuniting, and Raye and Kate/Kotono reuniting as well(though Kotono is a little too emotional considering it didn't seem like she and Raye had been friends all that long). Amy, Mina, and Andrew in the last panel is kind of interesting. Like, for one thing, Amy was the one who got abducted, not Mina, so why is Andrew looking at Mina instead of Amy? Furthermore, this panel just really makes me wonder why Andrew wasn't the one to channel Amy/Bertie back in Act 17 instead of Molly? It would have made 1,000x more sense.

Overall rating: 4 poorly paced climactic showdowns out of 5
Mar 8, 2012
Before continuing...

Since the next arc introduces Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn, I thought I'd take a moment to look at their first appearance in translation, via issue #6 of Tokyopop's Smile magazine. As Frenchfries mentioned earlier in this thread, for some incomprehensible reason Tokyopop started translating the Dream arc of the manga before they'd even started on the Black Moon arc. Smile #6 contains the first part of the "New Soldiers Dream" chapter. Haruka is called "Alex Haruka" on one page and simply "Alex" on another. Hotaru is called "Jenny" once. There are many other differences between this version of the chapter and the version used in Sailor Moon SuperS #3, which I have documented in the images below. Many of these differences are just differences in capitalization or punctuation, which I eventually stopped documenting out of boredom :lol: I'm not sure if the other chapters published in Smile also have differences with how they ultimately appeared in the pocket manga; I'll check that out when I get to that arc. Anyway, enjoy this comparative look at the first part of "New Soldiers Dream" from Smile #6.

Smile panels are in pink; Tokyopop pocket manga panels are in black and white.

Mar 8, 2012
I cannot fathom why they decided to change "Outer Scouts" to "Outer Senshi." Trying to appeal to that early oughts weeb demographic?
Mar 8, 2012

Not only do they make it seem like "Mitsuishi" is Kotono's first name instead of her surname, they also miswrote Emi's name as "Mie." Twice.


I don't know why they translated "Mugen" as "Eternity" here instead of "Infinity." I also don't get why they put the title on the first page of the chapter, skipping the proper title splash page.

I don't like "Ikuko Mama" (or "Kenji Papa"). It's "Mama Ikuko" (though "Aunt Ikuko" would make way more sense).

"Mugen Gakuen" is translated as "Infinity Private College" here. (It's referred to more simply as "Infinity College" throughout the rest of the chapter.)

The first time I read this chapter, I was fascinated with the idea of genetic regression. I was also a big fan of the show Big Wolf on Campus at the time, and when they did an episode on genetic regression, I totally geeked out :lol:

I, too, do not like "Bun" as a translation of "Usa."

::love:: Cute ::love::

1. I understand the need for recap panels/pages in a manga that's being published serially, but when the manga is being compiled into volumes, they should really replace those panels/pages, or at least change the dialog.
2. Peaches is back to being Momo.
3. No, wait, she's "Momo-chan" because I guess we're doing honorifics now.

"Tenoh" and "Tenou" in the same panel. This must be some kind of record for inconsistency.

"Muffin-head" is an improvement over "cow tails."

Given how sloppy their attempt at dub compatibility has been, I'm shocked they remembered to use "Crossroads."

Not to be mean, but what exactly has Ikuko got to do that she's too busy to take Rini to the amusement park?

"Transceiver" is an interesting word choice.

Ah, "Magnus." One of the more infamous errors in this translation.

"Kaori Night." I believe her official dub name was "Kaori Knight" (at least according to the dolls), so I guess that's not too far off.

What other businesses does Tomoe own, anyway?

Overall rating: 3.5 witches out of 5
For whatever reason, Tokyopop didn't include/translate the end notes from volume 7, so here they are, translated from the Spanish:

I suppose from this we can infer that Shingo's birthday is July 17, making him a Cancer like his sister.
These photos are amazing!!