Revisiting the Tokyopop Manga

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Mar 8, 2012

I'm pretty sure the movie dubs came out before this volume was released, and even if they weren't, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out "Mini Moon" as a translation for "Chibi Moon."

1. Hotaru has the same power Darien has, so I'm not sure why Rini and Serena are so shocked by it, or at least why they don't seem to register it's the same power.
2. How does Darien know Rini's Scout name is "Chibi Moon"? This is the first time she's used that name in the text, so did they previously brainstorm aliases together or something?

Why does Hotaru not know what Kaori's job is?

Is Tomoe lying to Hotaru or did that amulet truly belong to her mother?

Given the general attempt at Americanization that Tokyopop did, I'm surprised they didn't put the title on the other cover.

I would 100% watch a dark horror / fantasy magical girl anime series about the Witches 5 called "Training School for Sorceresses."

Tokyopop opted to go with "Hoste" (as did the first Kodansha translation). The EE uses "Hostia." Will we ever get a translation that correctly uses "hostie"?

Didn't the DiC dub make Raye a chocoholic? I feel like this was an accidental instance of dub compatibility.

This panel really makes me wonder if Naoko was inspired by the DD Girls when she designed the Witches 5...

Overall rating: 3.5 birthday parties out of 5
Mar 8, 2012
Volume 7 came out in June 2000, the same time S started airing. The S movie dub came out the month before. Volume 8, with the first use of "Sailor Chibi Moon," came out in December 2000. (The SuperS movie dub came out in August.)

ETA: Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 1 was released in March 1999. I suppose, since they used "Chibi Moon" there, they were stuck with it for the Infinity arc (not that they ever had a problem with inconsistency).
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Mar 8, 2012

(Reversed) kana was accidentally left on Michiru's concert posters.

1. Tau is mistakenly referred to as a planet here.
2. Comparing this page to the Eternal Edition translation, it seems Tokyopop put almost all the dialog in the wrong speech bubble.

I get that Hotaru's dream of becoming a nurse is probably related to her health problems, but post-Infinity arc, I wish that would have changed. Running an antique shop would suit her better.

I guess they're sticking with the "Rini's real name is Serenity" thing. Not that I have a problem with that - it makes the most sense - but I wish they'd worked that out back in volume 4.

Poor Michiru. One of Tokyopop's most infamous errors.

So much for "the show must go on."

...aaaand we're back to "Venus Love-Me Chain."

Overall rating: 4 violin recitals out of 5


Another speech bubble accidentally left blank.

The "Legendary Holy Grail" has been simplified to just the "Legendary Grail."

I HATE how Diana says "Luna and Artemis" instead of "Mama and Papa" or "my parents" or something to that effect. (This isn't a Tokyopop translation error; it's in the Japanese text.)

The real reason Rini wasn't allowed in her mother's room was that all those things were stolen.

Is it just me, or does it look like Darien's pants are coming off?

Japanese junior high school student Amy Mizuno, taking the SATs apparently.

Overall rating: 4 school art projects out of 5
Mar 8, 2012

Are those malls and restaurants the other businesses Tomoe owns?


Is this cute little Rock Monster guy an original Naoko creation, or is this a character from some anime/manga I don't know?

Even though Rini's in 2nd grade now, she still has the same teacher she had in 1st grade.

Yes, Hotaru's father is that strange professor...who owns the school you attend.
(Also: I wonder if this scene of Hotaru getting bullied by these mean girls inspired the scene in Act 3 of PGSM where Rei gets bullied by her mean classmates, in lieu of the rude, entitled parents who bully her in the manga.)


Between the rainy weather, the plant(-themed) must-have item that's a ploy of the enemy, and the romantic nostalgia for unrequited love it inspires, this chapter feels like a rip-off of Casablanca Memories to me.

Really wish this would have been explained at some point. Like, are Haruka's, Michiru's, and Setsuna's parents all wealthy business owners/land developers who worked on the Delta project with Tomoe?

"What are Haruka's and Michiru's apartment numbers?" would be a good trivia question. (Also, love that they're just their birthdays with a 1 in front. (I guess Setsuna's apartment number would be 1029?)

If Rini hadn't her own weapon and attack yet, what was the point of her transforming in the past few chapters? Just to stand around and look pink? Why did she wait UNTIL NOW to be like, "I really wish I could finally participate in the action!"

Overall rating: 4 potted plants out of 5

This would have been better than Crystal
Mar 8, 2012

I mean... Your job was to just guard the Space-Time Door, Pluto.

Having Pluto give all this exposition is so strange. Uranus or Neptune should be the ones explaining what's been going on; Pluto hasn't been involved until literally just now.

Neptune, you and Uranus have been investigating the enemy for MONTHS and you're just NOW finding out what they're called? Worst. Detectives. Ever.

This "mysterious power" is never explained.

Which is it?

Tellu was completely destroyed by Pluto, so whose body was discovered?

Darien Shields: Super Hacker

Hotaru is literally asking Rini out on a date and some people are still trying to tell me their relationship is strictly platonic? SureJan.gif
(What movie do you think they were *supposed* to go see?)

1. First Kenji got to carry around the Silver Crystal, now he gets to hold the Grail. I just find that hilariously adorable for some reason.
2. All of a sudden it's the "Legendary Holy Grail," I see.
3. That's not what the Holy Grail is, Rini.

Why has Hotaru got her own phone line? She getting a lot of calls?

Petite Roll or Red Crow: Which is the more infamous botched name job?

Overall rating: 3.5 exposition dumps out of 5
Mar 8, 2012
I guess that's possible, but the way it's talked about makes it sound like the power is coming from the land itself, and not from someone who may just happen to be living in the neighborhood.
Sep 21, 2010
I guess that's possible, but the way it's talked about makes it sound like the power is coming from the land itself, and not from someone who may just happen to be living in the neighborhood.
Could be something like ley lines? Sometimes I wonder if Naoko came up with key ideas and then was placed in such a crunch she forgot to mention them again in more detail before the arc was over.

Hotaru having her own phone line doesn't seem TOO odd to me. She is from a rich family that has a patriarch that supposedly does a lot of business work, so having a clear line makes sense. That said, Hotaru seems to be completely friendless prior to this, so I doubt she was really chatting on the phone...
Jun 17, 2017

Are those malls and restaurants the other businesses Tomoe owns?
if I remember correctly the complex of facilities, including the amusement park were part of the construction project of the area, perhaps to ensure that the whole project was self-financing once it was active.

Really wish this would have been explained at some point. Like, are Haruka's, Michiru's, and Setsuna's parents all wealthy business owners/land developers who worked on the Delta project with Tomoe?
in the Italian version the three buildings are called "Meiozu", "Kaiozu" and "Tenozu", Usagi pauses to think how these names are similar to the surnames of Haruka and Michiru.

Why does Hotaru not know what Kaori's job is?
perhaps she meant to emphasize the fact that she saw her too close to her father, as she herself was afraid that the private life of the two would mix with their work.

Is Tomoe lying to Hotaru or did that amulet truly belong to her mother?
I think he's lying (it's the same amulet that Kaolinite uses)
Mar 8, 2012

Is it just me, or do Naoko's drawings of villains getting destroyed have a certain Quentin Blake quality to them?

So... Kaolinite throwing her staff into the fountain caused it to...freeze over? ??

Tuxedo Mask is a Sailor Scout, confirmed.

I really wish we could get some more insight into how Jupiter manages to live on her own (and also about Haruka's and Michiru's parents).

Who are their patrons and what do you think their tiers on Patreon are like? For 50,000 yen a month, you'll get to vote on which classical piece Michiru will play on her violin that month? :lol:

This makes it seem like the Moon Palace was on a floating rock platform.

If only that were so...

Except in the next arc where she awakens herself to prevent catastrophe.

Again, having Pluto be the one to give all this exposition really confuses the timeline. They only just met two chapters ago, but this makes it sound like she's been working with them for months. I don't know. Maybe she has. Maybe those scenes in Act 28 were actually all flashbacks. Tellu had been selling her plants for months and Setsuna was just avoiding Rini because she needed time away from that annoying pink-haired spore.

This seems to confirm that Saturn does not exist in the future.

It's so bizarre that it's Sailor Moon who's having this emotional reaction to the Outers saying they're going to straight up murder Hotaru, with Chibi Moon just kind of awkwardly looking on. Why isn't Rini the one crying and screaming at the Outers, especially at Pluto? What is characterization?

Overall rating: 4 plot holes out of 5
Mar 8, 2012

Love how cute this pic is.

And the award for world's worst doctor goes to...
(So, if Rini is dead, then I guess that subsequently makes her a zombie, just like her parents?)

Darien Shields: A man of many legally dubious ideas

But like...why though? Why not just leave her on regular life support?

What is the point of vesselization if all you're gonna do is complain?

So... Kaolinite (sorry, "Kaori Night") was vesselized, right? She's really just another Tau entity in a human body? Did she know Mistress 9 back in the old world? She must have known Pharaoh 90; why would someone not in the Master's inner circle be among the first Tau-lings to go to Earth and be vesselized? Sorry, just trying to figure out what the interpersonal relationships are here.

Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9 are a couple, yes?

Why did Mistress 9 go back to Hotaru's room?

I wonder what the Master's vesselized form would have looked like?

This is my favorite episode of American Horror Story: Coven.

I wish Kaolinite had actually done something with these voodoo dolls.

And now for a sneak peek at what's ahead next season.

Overall rating: 4 David Bowie jokes out of 5
Mar 8, 2012

So...the Death Busters' base some kind of massive chasm? I feel like I've lost all sense of logistics and spatial layout.

What exactly happened to their old home world anyway? Was that ever explained? Did I miss something? Should we be more sympathetic to the Death Busters?

I don't understand this logic? If Pharaoh 90 gets vesselized (meaning takes a human body), you won't need a human body anymore? But if you can exist on Earth without being in a human body (which must be the case since Pharaoh 90 has been fine the past four-ish years), then what even is the point of vesselizing in the first place? If there's something about Earth that makes it inhospitable to Tautians, why not try altering the atmosphere or landscape or whatever?

Twenty years later and I still don't know if the Witches 5 were homunculi or if they were regular humans who were vesselized.

I mean, you know what it was like where Pluto was. Did you forget already?

I feel like you could use the Daimones for an ink blot test.

Shirtless Professor Tomoe. Very necessary. Vesselize me, mad scientist daddy. *shoots self*


Overall rating: 3.5 elevator rides out of 5
Mar 8, 2012

"Haruka Tenou" is now "Haruka Tenoh."

The idea of the Death Busters' fountain just flying around is hilarious to me.

Naoko was such a genius at writing dialog.

We already did the "Big Bad merges with planet" story beat last arc.

If it's useless, why do you look so mad, bro?

This was a prime opportunity to do an "Oops! Their souls went into the wrong bodies!" story line and you SQUANDERED IT NAOKO.

Mistress 9 is swole.

Give Mamoru a transformation phrase, you cowards!

Nothing means anything anymore.

The Legendary Grail has become the Legendary Moon Chalice.

On the series finale of Sailor Moon...

They forgot to flip the Saturn symbol back.

Mar 8, 2012

Saturn is a literal psychopath and I'm living for it.

Is it supposed to be cute that they end up raising the girl they were 100% ready to MURDER literally a few hours ago?

Bunny was Neo Queen Serenity two pages ago, but here she's suddenly back to being Super Sailor Moon.


"Kaioh Michiru." (Apparently Setsuna's apartment number is 1209, even though that doesn't conform to the pattern/joke of Michiru's and Haruka's apartment numbers, but okay.)

Overall rating: 3.5 sick scythe drops out of 5
Mar 8, 2012

Why is it brave to go to a toy store??

Darien is a bad boyfriend.

Adding Fudo Mitsui to my obscure characters list. (Also, Momo is 100% the type of girl to blame girls in abusive relationships for being in abusive relationships.)

Seeing Haruka in the Mugen girls' uniform is so...wrong.

Mini-Haruka clone alert.

I don't know about you, but ever since I first read this story, I've always paid attention to the weather on Tanabata, and where I live, it almost always rains on July 7.

More like "the ally of patriarchy."

I mean...shouldn't she though?

I know this story isn't canon, but I like the idea that they have TV on other planets and that Sailor Moon is already intergalactically famous at this point.

I know Epsilon and Zeta were kind of being manipulative and they were planning on stealing energy, but damn, Rini has no chill. She really couldn't try and reason with them? Besides, if RINI could take out THE BOTH OF THEM with PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK, how much of a threat could they really have been?

"Yoma." *bangs head on desk*

"Rich Darien"? More like "Jewel Thief Darien." (Also Bunny, you already have the matching earrings.)

Does anyone know what character(s) he drew? This is the only panel that has characters in it that don't look to me like they're drawn in Naoko's usual style:

Overall rating: 4 unauthorized toy watches out of 5
Mar 8, 2012
The end of volume 10 features a bunch of "top ten" lists, so here's my commentary on them:

I'm surprised they translated this accurately instead of changing it to something like, "It's been really popular in America too! Thank you Mixxers!" (Also, it was reported in the September '95 issue of Nakayoshi that the manga was coming out in England, yet here Naoko says America. Either way, it wouldn't come out for another 3 years. I wonder what happened. Would love to know what publisher they were in talks with back then.)

1) Too bad Naoko practically never does interviews anymore. (Maybe she'll do one right before Eternal comes out?)
2) Are there any screen grabs of what the original Sailor Moon website looked like?

Why did you never give us a Sailor Sun then, Naoko???

The inspiration for Crysternal?

1) When Naoko's art is good, it's really good (IMO), but mostly it's...still not as bad as Crysternal
3) She says she wants to draw Sailor Moon more often... If only she still felt this way. :(
5) I bet she regrets Crysternal even more.
9) His name is actually Franck Sorbier. I'd love to see a Sailor Moon-inspired collection from him (or an official collaboration).

--- Maybe spend a little longer than 5 seconds drawing Artemis. It shows.
--- Her favorite scene is Tuxedo Mask kissing passed out Usagi in Act 4.

(Full album playlist)

They should get him to do the soundtrack for the Stars arc movies. :lol: