Revisiting the Tokyopop Manga

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Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
Here are Naoko's end-of-volume notes:

What she actually wrote, according to the French translation:

Here is the fourth arc of Sailor Moon. I've heard a lot of people ask, "What about Uranus? And Neptune? Can't we see them [again]?" These new soldiers have really become very popular (yet in the TV version of Sailor Moon SuperS they were just cast aside... I was very saddened, sniff!).​
I entrust the TV version to a team of specialists but I'm often shocked by what I see... But, my gosh, these soldiers seem to please everyone. So much the better... I've come to feel the same way. I would love to receive help with this fourth arc. Sailor Moon is a long series (and it's not over yet...) and these new soldiers aren't going anywhere. Be patient and keep reading the new volumes. Don't forget to watch Sailor Moon SuperS on TV either...​
Diana finally appeared on the show. I'm so happy and I'm impatiently waiting for her to get more screen time.​
Have you heard the ending theme song for Sailor Moon SuperS? ("We'll Go As Ourselves...") I like it myself... I wrote the lyrics and it's finally just the way I wanted it... I'm delighted. It's an image song for the soldiers. Learn it and sing it...​
Last night I went to a Korean spa with my friend, Wataru Yoshizumi, author of "Marmalade Boy." I love getting exfoliated! All my worries about love, work, and all my other little troubles were scrubbed off along with the dead skin... We chatted until the early hours of the morning and I felt completely relieved.​
I often get depressed and cry. When that happens, I go to someone I love and party all night long, or I read a lot until I fall into a deep sleep. Only then do I feel better... (I also feel good when I drive...) How simple, right?​
The summer left me tired, but now I'm ready to go twice as hard. So read volume 13 (oh! oh! the 13th one already!) and write to tell me what you think.​

Tokyopop didn't translate the second page for some reason. So, from the French...

This 12th volume is a bit different from what I've done so far. I decided to change the atmosphere...​
In the last two volumes, I had drawn a lot of little rabbits and they were hugely successful... I don't know why!​
Typically, the actress who provides the voice for Sailor Moon, Kotono Mitsuishi, doesn't give me her opinion on the manga that serves as the basis for the TV show, but here she sent me a congratulatory fax. (By the way, since we haven't had a chance to see each other recently, are you okay?)​
I was delighted! I then received by fax lots of imitations of my little rabbits! Finally!...​
In the "Sailor Moon SuperS" movie, which comes out in winter 95, Ami, Rei, Minako, and Makoto don't appear much, but I can't wait to see it all the same. In July the production went by without a hitch... This production was done without me; I just put forward some character designs... It seems to me that the story will be excellent and funny, entirely to my taste... You will see!​
The film is made up of two parts. "Ami's First Love" appears in the July issue of Runrun magazine...​
As for the third page:

This is an original illustration drawn for the third Sailor Moon art book. You see, today I'm doing my best to draw something new ...​
I received the first issue of the Hong Kong edition of Nakayoshi. With it they offered not only a mechanical pencil and a pencil case with the likeness of Sailor Moon on them (everything was done by Nakayoshi), but also colored pencils and a ruler... What luxury!! Some color pages of the magazine even reproduced Sailor Moon derivative products on different paper from the rest!​
See you in the 13th volume! Thanks for reading me. I love you. Naoko Takeuchi.​

So yeah, I'm gonna give Tokyopop a D for accuracy here. (Stop using Naoko's notes to market your crap!)


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012


The first volume of the manga I ever read was volume 1, which I checked out of my local library. About a month later I bought SuperS #2 at Borders, mistakenly believing it to be the second volume in the series, and boy did I ever feel gaslit reading it. "Wait, did Rini show up at the end of the first book?" I asked myself. "What's going on?" I think that trauma indelibly inked this volume onto my psyche.

Why can't you just be happy being part of a team? Attention-seeking little egoist...

The Silver Imperium Crystal is now the Silver Millennium Crystal (which, to be fair, is probably a more logical name for it anyway).

1. This is my favorite of Bunny's outfits in the manga
2. No @ "Mommy"

Wonder what antique Naoko copied this mirror from?

"Herb Heaven" >>>>>>>>>>>>> "The Herb Shop" (which is what the Eternal Edition calls it)

Tokyopop treats Hawk's Eye as female whereas the Eternal Edition uses neutral language that kind of skirts around the issue (no pun intended).
(Also, according to the MC, Hawk's Eye's dream was indeed to be a shop owner, but in Vegas while also being a bartender, so... /shrug)

My dentist gave out prettier rings as prizes, what are you talking about?

Love all the mirrors in this arc ::love::

First they smashed Amy's mother's diamonds with the legendary sword, and now Darien's smashing Rini's ring with pliers... Can these people please stop destroying jewelry that doesn't belong to them?

"Proof-reading? I don't know her." ~ Tokyopop

Lita literally passes out in every single one of her focus chapters except for the first one (and even then, she kind of does in the live action and Crystal adaptations). Girl needs to see a doctor.

Why is Haruka naked in this flashback? What were you two doing that required Haruka to take her clothes off, Lita? :mischief:

This feels...confusing.

Overall rating: 3 spice racks out of 5
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Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

Yes, Princess Serenity was reincarnated as the planet Earth. This is just one of about 1,000 typos in this chapter. I really hope no one from Tokyopop is still working in the publishing industry. The incompetence is staggering.

Cor blimey, guv'nor, I didn't know Helios was a Cockney street urchin, what!

There were multiple times they couldn't transform? And thinking about the Outers didn't really help them transform, did it? Calling the Power Guardians "clones" is a little weird. I don't know why Amy would think they were actually the Outers. And she "often wonders" about that? Hasn't it only been like, a week tops?

"Zenolite" is "Xenolight" and "Lemures" is now "Lemres."

"In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in. And I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid hair ribbon? That’s weird."

Mina goes "bleep" when she blows her nose. Mina is a robot.

Paging the pun police.

Dead Moon Entertainment vs Dark Agency talent showdown, go!

All the shell corporations the enemy groups in Sailor Moon set up are hilarious to me. I want to see Zirconia on a Forbes list.

I wonder if Naoko was inspired by episode 114 for this chapter.

I love Mina's look here, but why did she change her outfit?

Is the Crescent Compact a communicator now, or?

From "Silver Imperium Crystal" to "Imperial Millennium Crystal" in record-breaking speed.

Overall rating: 2.5 American Idol episodes out of 5


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Mar 8, 2012
The Exam Battle Chapter: Episode 1 | LITA'S MELANCHOLY

This was my absolute favorite chapter of the manga as a kid. I read it so many times I had it practically memorized, so every page is just dripping with nostalgia for me. That said, it does share some similarities with the Jupiter Dream chapter, so including both in the same volume feels a tad redundant, but oh well.

Rini's appearance in this volume already had me feeling gaslit, so this page just left me super confused. I know Lita says she was dreaming on the next page, but for the longest time I really did think she was married (which would at least explain how she was able to live "on her own" as a teenager).

Bad typesetting alert, bad typesetting alert. (Note the blank speech balloon.)

Lita's afraid of airplanes, not grossed out by them.

H-how do you mistake gardening club for art club???

"Cup 'o Noodles" was H I L A R I O U S to me as a kid :lol:

Is Lita also a jewel thief like Darien? How can she afford so much stuff?

Girl, same. (Except for the cooking.) (And the tea.)

The book Amy's reading is actually calledIntroduction to Sociology. (The EE called it "Illustrated Social Psychology" for some reason.)

Amy has such great lines in this chapter.

What even is this test? Lita, I think your teacher might be drunk.

Literally neither of these quotes is correct.

"S. Cape" is a cute translation/adaptation of Tohii-chan.

Haven't you already got a boyfriend, Bunny?

"Coconuts." (I think this chapter is why I always associate this attack with the Dream arc.)

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 nostalgic cups of hibiscus tea


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Mar 8, 2012

Yup, "Ami's First Love."

That's "motionless picture entertainment" to you, Ami/Amy.

I know it's trivial, but I like that they went with the more specific "baby blue" for her [favorite] color than the vague, generic "light blue" the EE opted for.

"As me" is ungrammatical and thus completely inappropriate for Amy to use. The Nibley twins made the same error in the EE because I guess translators don't need to know basic grammar anymore.
(Also: Mr. Boo.)
(Also: "Mercurious" - Does that mean someone who's curious about Mercury, mermaids, or Ethel Merman?)

Bisexual Amy confirmed.

Amy has an old man kink confirmed.

Motoki doesn't exist anymore confirmed.

Next time on Sailor Moon: We learn how to surf the information super highway, send "electronic mail," and use "chat rooms" safely. Sailor Moon Says: the internet is, like, way kewl!

You're not the only one who forgot about him. (Also, it's a shame Melvin and Amy never really interacted since I feel like they'd have been good friends.)

Black Lady in her Boho chic phase.

1. What's with that weird glitch in the first panel?
2. "Dr. M."

Adding the Juuban Junior High school nurse to my database of obscure Sailor Moon characters...

Glitchcore Amy is ICONIC.

I feel like this was a wasted opportunity to call back to the new idol Minako went all heart eyes over at the end of the first chapter of the Sailor V manga. (Or, really, any other idol from Sailor V.)

Oh, so the "Mercurious" spelling was intentional? Well, that's a relief, I guess.

Overall rating: 3.5 hives out of 5
Nov 1, 2010
New York
"As me" is ungrammatical and thus completely inappropriate for Amy to use. The Nibley twins made the same error in the EE because I guess translators don't need to know basic grammar anymore.
For my own knowledge, what would be the correct grammatical structure to use in this instance? I’m thinking that since it’s a comparative statement, using "me" as an object pronoun doesn’t seem incorrect; it also sounds fine colloquially (at least). But I could perhaps see an argument to use "I" as a subject pronoun here instead in the sense that he has "the same score as I (+ verb)" since "he" is also a subject pronoun.

Sorry, I know it’s not a super relevant comment - I just always like learning new things about grammar :)
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Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
Your second guess is correct: If we extend the sentence out, we get: "This person [always has] the same score as I have." Two grammatical subjects (Mercurious and Amy) are being compared, thus you need to use the subject pronoun "I," not the object pronoun "me."


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Mar 8, 2012
The Exam Battle Chapter Episode 3: Raye and Mina's Girls School Battle

"Ancient Japanese woman" makes it sound like Naoko thinks the Venus doll looks elderly. According to the Spanish translation, she thought the doll looked like a woman from the Heian era.

1. That's "motionless picture entertainment," Mina. Get it right!
2. I'm guessing Tokyopop made the manga in question Rayearth (or "Ray Earth") because that was one of the series they were publishing at the time. In the original Japanese, Minako's holding a copy of Apocalypse Zero (Kakugo no Susume). For the revised edition, Naoko changed it to Hunter x Hunter.

It's very uncommon and unnatural to use "bourgeois" as a noun in reference to an individual. Furthermore, I don't think Rei really qualifies as bourgeois.

They changed Raye's favorite food from fugu to sushi (instead of to vegetarian pizza to match the dub), yet somehow didn't slip in a reference to their original series Sushi Girl, though perhaps that hadn't come out yet?

We've reached the Seth Macfarlane portion of tonight's program.

Having never watched either, I can't really say whether or not Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a good American analog to Devilman, but I don't know why they omitted the reference to World Masterpiece Theater entirely. They could have just made it Masterpiece Theater, or heck, even Faerie Tale Theater.

I sometimes slip up and make this error, too, but the "don't have" construction is, like "as me," ungrammatical and thus not something Amy would or should ever say. ("Have," like "be," is itself an auxiliary verb and thus does not require one to form simple questions or negative statements. Just as you would never ask someone, "Do you be a doctor?", you should never ask, "Do you have a book?", etc. The do+have construction is almost unheard of before WWII and can probably be chalked up to the rise of teen culture and a general decline in education.)

I am Raye.

She's FIFTEEN you perverts. #ACAB #DefundThePolice

I am Mina.

Why does Mina's textbook / study book change between panels?

1. The Crescent Compact is now a "magic mirror."
2. "Moon Power" still isn't the right phrase, Naoko.
3. I guess the Crescent Compact also has a consciousness of its own, so I'm going to assume all the other items have as well.

Go home, Seth Macfarlane!

Since they didn't capture the formal way Rei and her classmate were speaking in the original Japanese, Mina's "It's the girl school lingo!" reaction is very strange here. Also, in the EE, Minako proceeds to use overly formal language in an attempt to fit in, but Tokyopop has her speak crassly instead. (I think that use of "kicking ass" might be the first instance of swearing in the Tokyopop translation, other than "damn" or "hell" if you count those.)

For tonight's performance, the role of Raye Hino will be played by Lisa Rinna.

Homophobe alert.

My new catchphrase.

I guess the Scouts can use each other's attacks after all.

Raye and Mina are a couple, end of discussion.

Overall rating: 3 lip injections out of 5
Sep 6, 2014
Having Raye say she watches Spawn (the HBO cartoon) or Batman the animated series would probably be a better “loose American equivalent” to Devilman.

Should I be grateful that they changed fugu to sushi which is probably a better change than vegetarian pizza or should I be annoyed that once again Mixx makes it clear they know nothing of the dub despite using their names?.
Jul 6, 2018
Having Raye say she watches Spawn (the HBO cartoon) or Batman the animated series would probably be a better “loose American equivalent” to Devilman.

Should I be grateful that they changed fugu to sushi which is probably a better change than vegetarian pizza or should I be annoyed that once again Mixx makes it clear they know nothing of the dub despite using their names?.
They did it because of the background.


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
Eh, Naoko uses random images for her background art all the time. I don't think having Raye say she likes vegetarian pizza in front of a fish background would have really been a problem. They could have at least had her say she likes sushi /and/ vegetarian pizza both.


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012


While I appreciate that they changed the chapter title from "New Soldier Dream" to "New Soldier Dreams," it's still a little funny that they kept the "soldier" part instead of changing it to "Scout" or *shudder* "Senshi."

In case you want to refresh your memory, I previously compared the final book version of this chapter to how it originally appeared in Smile. Despite going through at least one round of editing, however, this chapter is still loaded with typos, draining my will to live with each turn of the page.

Odds will get you 10 to 1 that Tokyopop didn't even realize Hotaru was reciting an actual poem they could have just looked up.

With the last page ending with a dash and this page starting off with one (well, two), it seems like Hotaru, not Haruka, is the one saying this.

Ah yes. A single small, plain hoop earring. Incontrovertible proof of womanhood.

How many CDs has Michiru recorded? What label is she with? How do her albums chart? Has she won any Grammys? (Or whatever the Japanese equivalents are.)

The trouble with flipping artwork is that instead of their rings being, significantly, on their left ring fingers, they're now on their insignificant right ring fingers.

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna: pioneering the three-parent household before it was trendy!

I feel like this is where Naoko completely lost the plot. Like, okay, I get that in the Sailor Moon universe minors are just allowed to live on their own inexplicably, but this is really too much. Even if we assume Setsuna is the one who owns the house, as far as the world knows, Michiru is a high school student (which the manga doubles down on next arc with her and Haruka's (re-)enrollment at Juuban High), so how is she allowed to not only just not be in school, but to be working as a violin teacher? I swear, Naoko just completely forgot how old these characters were supposed to be.

Literally when was this photo taken? Never. It was never taken.

What is even happening anymore? Why do I bother trying to make sense of anything that happens in this manga?

I'm going to ignore that "gas" line and just point out that it's FEWER, Michiru. There are FEWER mini-planets, not less. This is why you should stay in school!

Oh, so it's the Dead Moon Circus that's responsible for climate change!

Haruka and Michiru: We're committed to raising this baby with you, Setsuna.
Setsuna: I'm committed to raising her with you, too. I'm so happy to finally have a fam---
Haruka and Michiru: Later, you two! We're off to Europe and Africa for a few months!
Setsuna: Wait a min---
*door slams behind them*
Setsuna: Selfish b*tches.

Michiru's rose print dress appreciation post

1. They could have just used the actual poem, part 2. (At least they got the Einstein quote on the next page right.)
2. From the thunderstorm to the ghost of Pegasus to literally everything about Hotaru to the mansion they're all living in to this panel in particular, this whole half of this chapter is just dripping with shoujo gothic V.C. Andrews-lite energy and I'm living for it.

The Setsuna-is-just-Mamoru-in-drag energy is strong here. (Also: I know that she couldn't just put the story on hold long enough to do it, but it's such a shame that Naoko never gave Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru their own individual stories. The Inners got to battle a bunch of villainous counterparts, but the Outers never got to do that.)


Overall rating: 5 out of 5 broken Royal Copenhagen plates (a.k.a. the Tokyopop translation of this chapter sucks so far)


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

Hospital orderly, but make it bondage.

I don't know why, but I ALWAYS think Venus's final attack is "Venus Love and Glamour Shock." :lol:

How accurate / literal is this supposed to be? Are they actually from the Amazon? Are they actually descended from the mythical Amazons? What race/ethnicity are they supposed to be? Why would the Sailor Scouts/Senshi of the four main asteroids be from an Earth race? So many questions, zero answers.

"The Sailor Scouts get possessed" trope lasts a record one panel before they're all inexplicably back to being normal because Naoko is literally making it up one page at a time.

Is it just me, or does it look like Minako's sad to see the Outers? "Damn it, I thought we were rid of you guys! Why'd you have to come back and ruin everything!?"

Chibiusa/Rini is supposed to just be remembering what Michiru said to her at the end of the previous arc here, but Tokyopop makes it seem like the mirror is talking to her, which, in all fairness, it probably could since the weapons in this series are apparently sentient.

But...why not...just use the teleport...???

Where are Uranus's arms? Did they get cut off? Is that why one of them grew back with an extra elbow?

"This ain't Crossroads."
(Will this scene make it into the movies? I'm gonna guess no, but we'll see.)

Look, I'm not saying we need to see every time these characters transform, but Naoko rarely misses the chance to include at least Usagi's transformations, so it's a little jarring that we go from seeing Usagi outside, on her way to the circus, to seeing her as Super Sailor Moon.

WTF is a "Soul Hermit"? What does that mean??

This seems uncharacteristically harsh for Sailor Moon to say.

Zirconia spent years taking care of the Quartet? How long has their plan been in motion?

I know this is very random, but this chapter reminded me of that Olsen twins movie, Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, which involves an evil magic mirror.

Overall rating: 3.5 ugly jumpsuits out of 5


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
ACT 7: ILLUSION DREAM [:|:|:|:|:|:|]

I wonder if this whole scene inspired the similar(-ish) dream scene in the SuperS movie...

I swear she's wearing a Mugen Academy uniform.

This reminds me of Hotaru and Chibiusa's walking to school and holding hands in Stars 1.

So, Darien's cold and not sweet? And you're dating him because......?

We've already done the people-sleeping-inside-giant-crystals thing, Naoko. (Also: the Maenads are totally Helios's sister wives.)

Seems like this would be a great opportunity to tell us about Prince Endymion's parents, because I guess not. (Also, I'm 100% sure that the Earth Kingdom was on the planet's surface in the first arc, so the whole The-Golden-Kingdom-was-inside-the-Earth thing feels like a weird retcon.)

Literally WHY though? Why was their love forbidden? It makes no sense. Were the SenxShi pairings also forbidden? There's no logic here. Plot contrivance is contrived. And if their love was forbidden before, why are they suddenly the perfect magical super couple? Because they were reincarnated in the same country? Princess Serenity couldn't have just gotten a green card?

*screams* (I'm surprised they didn't call the Golden Crystal the "Elysium Majestic Crystal" or something.)

We've already done the prayer tower thing, Naoko. (Also, how exactly did future adult Chibiusa do this oracular appearance thing? Did she wake up one morning and go, "Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to give a semi-cryptic message to Helios in the pass, better fire up the time-traversing hologram phone!"? Does she do this kind of thing a lot? Make it make sense.)

But...that's...literally not her name, though, Helios. Are you drunk?

Why? Why would that be absurd? Bunny is actually 100% right and cognizant for once; listen to her!

This panel is not going to transition to color well.

Previously on Act 7:

We now return to Act 7, already in progress:

Gee, doesn't seem like Rini's crystal is needed to unseal the Golden Crystal... (Spoiler: it's not. Not at all.)

I! Want! My! Sailor Moon! And! Tuxedo Mask! Joint! Transformation! Sequence! Eternal Movies! And if you don't give it to me, I'll punish you in the name of fan entitlement!

I have such a vivid memory of reading this scene in the playground during recess in fifth grade and being fascinated by Zirconia's face cloak, lol.

Overall rating: 3.5 pieces of French toast out of 5


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Mar 8, 2012
For some reason, Tokyopop decided not to include Naoko's author's notes from the end of this volume, so here's a CliffsNotes version from the Spanish translation:

- Naoko points out that the poem Hotaru recites in Act 39 has changed. In the book version, she recites part of Yeats's "The Second Coming." ("The darkness drops again; but now I know / That twenty centuries of stony sleep / Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle") In the original version that ran in Nakayoshi, however, she recites his poem "Symbols":

A storm beaten old watch-tower,​
A blind hermit rings the hour.​
All-destroying sword-blade still​
Carried by the wandering fool.​
Gold-sewn silk on the sword-blade,​
Beauty and fool together laid.​

Naoko explains that there weren't enough pages available in that month's issue of Nakayoshi, so she reduced the number of pages (she had already written the chapter) and put in a different poem (randomly chosen) from the one she had intended to use. (Weirdly enough, another manga author had also quoted "The Second Coming" in a story that appeared in that same issue of Nakayoshi.) The idea for the poem came about during a meeting with the editorial staff when they were preparing for that month's issue and Naoko asked Osabu to recite a poem for her. He apparently translated a Paul Verlaine poem for her (presumably "Autumn Song").

- Osabu objected to the chapter (as it appeared in the September 1995 issue of Nakayoshi) because Usagi didn't appear in it and it didn't resolve Venus's story.

- Naoko thanks her staff (Tomo, Kana-P, Agnes, their manager Yurika, etc)

- She talks about going to her favorite record and book shops in Roppongi. Says one of her dreams is to find a volume of Sailor Moon in that bookstore (or one of its branches). The day that happens, she will definitely no longer be a manga artist. ("After all, I'm not made for this job. I tell myself that every day at work.")

- Naoko says she has very dry skin and none of the creams her dermatologist recommended worked, so she started using Dior's "Dune" beauty cream and now she finally has soft skin. This apparently inspired her to buy the David Lynch film "Dune," and she's also been collecting old science-fiction movies.

[I'll translate the next page in full:]

My surprises for 1996:

First surprise: When this volume is released, will "Sailor Stars" have started airing on TV? Thank you so much for encouraging me to continue the series in manga and animated forms. (We'll continue the manga with a fifth arc...)

Second surprise: I wrote the theme song for the new season. Surprise! It's not like the "Moonlight Densetsu" you know and sing at karaoke (I loved the techno version!). It's a little strange... Regarding this theme, I agreed that a very popular actress, Miss T. T., would train for a part in DALI at the beginning, the group that sang [Moonlight Densetsu]. The new theme is called "Sailor Star Song." Memorize it so you can sing it, too...

Third surprise: For the opening theme, they gave me the music and asked me [to write] the lyrics. I did, but on TV, they cut them off! The total length of the song exceeded the time allowed for the opening theme! Everyone, buy the CD with the full version of the song. Oh, I hope they release it. Columbia, try and put together this CD for all the fans who want the whole song!!

Fourth surprise: Finally, Alisa Mizuki sings the ending theme. I'm so happy! I went to her first concerts... She's a lot like Rei. Remember to sing the ending theme at karaoke!

[Last page:]

In '96, Sailor Moon will become Eternal Sailor Moon. (In the comics, this will happen in volume 16. We've already reached #16!) At this moment, I'm writing while listening to Eternal's "Power of a Woman." In January, I often listened to my remix of "Sailor Star Song." I also love the song "Fuan na no" by ACO. I also like the CD "Pagoda no Ame," in which you can hear the sound of rain.

In '95, Sailor Moon reached the entire world. That's caused me a lot of concern... But everything will go better in '96! Keep going, everyone! To all of you who are depressed: everything will go much better! Cheer up!

As for me, I'm much better because every day I relax, driving my car. I go to clubs at night and eat ramen while sitting in the park... Thank you so much for all your letters and gifts. Keep telling me your stories. I wait for your next letters. See you soon in volume 15...
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Aurorae Lunares
Sep 21, 2010
At the very least, having the two of them use the same phrase would be dope.

As for Chibi, she's just following in her father's footsteps. Because meddling with the past worked out so well for the royal family the first time!


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

(For some reason, they forgot to list Rini's Picture Diary in the table of contents.)


2020 summed up in two panels.

When/why did Artemis leave the circus tent and go to the secret base?

Can't wait to see Uranus's mantis arm and Sailor Planet Power Meditation in the second Eternal movie.

"Venus Love and Beauty Shock" is just a chain of hearts, not roses, here.

Bunny's been reading some law books lately, trying to get her Elle Woods on.

What was the point of giving the Inners their own weapons if Mercury's was the only one we'd see again?

One second later:

What. Was. The. Point???

"Menards." (I also really hate how Sailor Moon went from having a unique hairstyle to having what is apparently the most common hairstyle in the universe.)

If they're actually trapped inside Sailor Moon's attack, is the implication that "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" simply traps enemies in the Moon Kaleidoscope? And then subjects them to mental home movies of Sailor Moon's past life? Shouldn't we see Fish Eye and a bunch of Lemures floating by in that case?

Is the implication here that all Sailor Crystal holders have the ability to rapidly age as needed, not just Hotaru? And how much older are the Inners than Princess Serenity?

Who are these women and why do they look like knock-off versions of the Inners? Why are their gifts so modern-looking? Gift-wrapping hasn't changed in millions of years? Really?

Poor Nehellenia Nephrenia. She just wanted to party and wish the princess a happy birthday, and she's met with the Inners acting like ICE and calling her an evil, illegal immigrant. SMH.

It makes no sense for Pluto to have any memories, repressed or otherwise, of this event.

Is "Nephrenia" skinny-dipping here? Did she just like to take naked strolls along the beaches of the moon? #Nudehellenia

I ship it.