Revisiting the Tokyopop Manga

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Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

Oh my god, Mars; don't be rude!

The Silver Crystal looks like a Ring Pop.

[Citation needed]

What even is this pose?

And that's the moral of the story.

Nightmare fuel.

The DiC dub's impact! Toon Makers' impact!

We're not going to comment on how the Holy Grail looks different now? Okay...

"Marina Castle"

The EE more accurately translates Diana's line as, "She's the one whose powers most closely match the queen's." Since it's Diana who's speaking, it would be reasonable to that she's talking about Neo Queen Serenity, but according to the fan mail corner in Nakayoshi, the queen in question is the original Queen Serenity.

Overall rating: 3.5 mediations out of 5


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

At the risk of sounding :cthulhu:, why is Setsuna the only one whose breasts are shadowed/outlined?

So much for the whole ~we need Princess Lady Serenity to break the seal on the Golden Crystal~

Nehellenia's giant disembodied head is going to look so weird in Eternal: Part II.

At this point, I'm just shocked Naoko didn't make Kaolinite or Mistress 9 inexplicably horny for Mamoru, or Professor Tomoe for Usagi.

I wonder what book she's reading...

Can the people in this universe stop kissing unconscious and/or dead bodies? Please???

What was the point of "Princess Lady Serenity" other than to show us what Chibiusa will look like as an adult?

I told you they were his sister wives.

That's literally not what happened, nor was it what was supposed to happen.

It's such a shame that Mamoru never really got a chance to use his crystal or his magic scepter. I wanted new attack phrases and a transformation sequence for him. Let him power-up! #MagicalBoyMamo-chan

I do not understand this Quartet - Amazon connection. It's not like the Inners were sleeping in the Australian Outback awaiting Sailor Moon's awakening.

Why though? You're already awake. Rini's already met you. You're just going to show up to accompany her to the past in the next arc anyway, even though she hasn't done any further training/growth. Why not just stick around? (I have a million other questions about the Quartet, but I'm too tired to even care at this point.)

So... There was an actual Pegasus... who was Helios's "cherished ride"... and whom...he...merged with?...for some reason? I... That's like if Haruka merged with her favorite racecar.

Not in the manga, you won't.

No. He knew your dad in his PAST LIFE. He is MILLIONS OF YEARS OLDER THAN YOU. His soul is literally linked to your dad's. They are very nearly the same person. I'm not here for Helios being some kind of incest loophole for Rini to live out her daddy issues with. It's gross. Get therapy.

Overall rating: 4 horse girls out of 5


Aurorae Lunares
Sep 21, 2010
If his soul is linked to her Dad's/they're practically the same person and he kissed HER, then that leads me to think there was weirdness in that father/daughter relationship on both sides, lol.


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

Funny... That's not usually what donuts look like in anime/manga... :googly:

First they mistakenly call Momo "Mamo" only for it to turn out they're calling her "Mary" now, and then they call Kyuusuke "Kioseki." :googly::googly:

Does Ami always go around with dental tools, or :?

I wish we could have gotten more ~time traveling fish out of water~ comedy out of Rini, seeing her react to the "primitive" 20th century.

I feel like Amy is straddling the line between being scary and giving Rini a "come hither" look, and it's so uncomfortable.

:siren: Trivia alert :siren:

I'm only calling sugar "the devil's powder" from now on.

This guy cannot be a legitimate, licensed dentist.

Loving the design, but that is an oddly specific thing to live off of. (I also wish we could get a movie or a musical or something that combined/connected all the genius loci stories.)

So we're calling Rini "Bunny" again now, or :?

I mean, that just seems like a normal dentist appointment to me...


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

*Counts fillings and wonders if I'm a victim of 'Regin'...*

Ew. Rini should NOT be calling Kenji "Daddy." :sick:

I mean...that's one way to translate her speech...I guess...

I don't get why they changed Resin's name to "Regin" (I mean, I do: it's because they're incompetent), but changing "genius loci" to "ghost" makes it seem like she's the spirit of a dead person who just needs to crossover...

This makes me think of the "King of Flan" episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog... #FlantasyFlan

I get that it's because these stories appeared in RunRun, but it's still strange to see Mina transform into Sailor V in them.

I'm just going to choose to be impressed that they managed to f*ck this up so royally.

Why the random Mars hate, you guys?! (Also: Tokyopop forgot to translate Raye's dialog.)

Guess we know Kenji's fetish now...:cthulhu::quagmire:

Remind me to never visit Dr. Amy Mizuno, lest she try leeches as a way of curing my ailments...

Overall rating: 2.5 root canals out of 5 (I absolutely love this side story, but the Tokyopop translation is almost nonstop typos :sick:)


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012


I've always hated how the chapters in Sailor Stars are just called "Stars 1," "Stars 2," etc. (Way to phone it in, Naoko!) I'd like to suggest "Stars 1: Transition - Shooting Stars" as an alternate title.

I guess this could be their house from earlier, but for some reason it just doesn't feel like it is.

Is it weird that what I find most distracting about this panel is that Galaxia is wearing flats?

Let's just put a pin in this page for now.

Due to the placement of the speech balloons, it looks like Hotaru, not Rini, is the one calling Ikuko "mommy." (And I'd like to once again reiterate that Rini shouldn't be calling Ikuko "Mama" or "Mommy" or whatever either.)

Kyuusuke is apparently "Kevin" now. (And am I way off here, or does anyone else think Bunny is being low-key homophobic here, questioning why her future daughter is holding hands with another girl?)

This is cute and all, but I still think Haruka should be wearing the boys' uniform. (But at least they're not flying their helicopters to school.)

1. "Raising children" --- Unless Hotaru has some secret siblings we don't know about, you raised one (1) child, Haruka.
2. At least the manga is kind of lampshading the absurdity of Haruka and Michiru being back in high school and trying to live "normally."
3. It kind of sounds like Michiru wants to date around. Look out, Haruka!
4. With what credentials did Setsuna get a job as a school nurse?

Is that a giant scab? A chunk of skin peeling off? A wart? ???

Can anyone identify where that background text came from? Google proved unhelpful :(


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

I know some people complain about Tokyopop's translating "Kou" as "Lights" and making it their last names, but is it really any more ridiculous that Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten would pretend to be triplets or three strangers who happened to have the same last name than it is that they'd pretend to be an idol group composed of three members all with the same first name?

The Three Lights are this super popular new group and they've never performed live yet? Does not compute.

Maybe you do, Amy. Maybe you do.

Is Setsuna replying to what Mina just said? Can Setsuna hear what's being said miles away? Is she telepathic? Do school nurses do much computer work? So many questions...

I can't wait for the Sailor Moon x Legally Blonde crossover! (Also, surely Bunny should already know how long Darien's going to be away for? Why are they *just* talking about that now?)

I get that Bunny is kind of traumatized at the moment, but if she's enough of a Three Lights fan to have their poster hanging above her bed, surely she should recognize Seiya. This is another "What's a Sailor V?"-esque plot hole. (Also, "osmanthus" has been localized to lilac for some reason.)

Where have we seen this page before?

Maybe the Outers are still in their house. I think it's cute that Rini went to visit them before leaving, but it's weird she didn't say goodbye to Darien before he left, or that she didn't leave first. Actually, I don't know what the point of showing her going to school was if she was just going to peace out like ten pages later anyway.

Looks like Mina couldn't be bothered to see Rini off.

1. "Saiya"
2. I love that Raye's into techno music.
3. How is it that Bunny can't see their faces? Does she need glasses? Does she always carry around binoculars?

Why is Iron Mouse wearing glasses here?

Wish I knew what Jupiter was doing here. What is she blasting? Is this a new attack?

Why couldn't everyone get new attacks this arc, not just Uranus, Neptune, and Moon?

Overall rating: 3 TSA agents out of 5


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

(Alternate title: Stars 2: Melody - Little Stars)

Is that what Darien and Bunny do in bed? She puts on angel wings and he rests his head in her lap? Weird kink, but I'll try not to judge.

Darien looks like Haruka and Seiya smushed together here. Is it the earring? It's the earring. When did Darien get an earring? Why did Darien get an earring? Is this a cry for help?

Guess it's a good thing Chibi Chibi found Kakyuu before someone else did...

And the award for the stupidest thing in the Tokyopop translation goes to...

Setsuna looks...really weird.

Ikuko has this exact same censer? Is Ikuko from Kinmoku? Plot twist!

I just love Tokyopop's attention to detail...

It's super weird that they didn't flip the top row of panels. Idgi. Did they flip the manga panel by panel instead of by page and just forgot to do a couple?

How quickly we forget Tellu, eh Lita?

I'm guessing Naoko hired new assistants to work on this arc because her background characters usually don't look anything like these...

There's something so unintentionally hilarious to me about Aluminum Siren just dressed casually, hanging out at a rock concert.

Were they trying to go all Yu-Gi-Oh / Cardcaptor Sakura and make trading cards a part of the story or something? I've never really understood the whole postcard thing in this arc. It's just...weird.

From the airport? Because she recognizes Seiya as a fellow Sailor Scout? Did she know the Starlights in her past life?

So...why did Siren wait until now to attack?

Where did Mercury come from? And what would be a good name for this combo attack? Coconut Water Cyclone? :lol:

I know that that's probably water, but I honestly can't rule out the possibility that Siren is strangling them with her hair...

It occurs to me that it's the middle of the school day, isn't it? What are they gonna do? Tell their algebra teacher they're sorry they're late to class, but they were busy fighting an evil space humanoid on the roof?

Unpopular opinion probably, but I hope Crysternal just gives us a combo transformation sequence for the Starlights instead of giving the three of them separate transformations. It'll save time and money and frankly they're just not interesting enough to merit any more than the barest essential of screen time, don't @ me.

So shines a good deed in a weary world.

Overall rating: 3 concert tickets out of 5


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
ACT 3. STARS 3 (Part 1)

(Alternate title: Stars 3: Allegiances - Falling Stars)

This is like the third extrasolar enemy to invade Earth in the past year. Not to be critical or anything, but the Outers should maybe find new jobs.

Why is Minako having such an OTT reaction to this?

Aw, Asanuma's back! And he's playing tennis now? Good for him.

Correction: Osamu's back. :| (Also, all those hearts make it seem like "Osamu" and Bunny are flirting.)

...the ultra-rare Darien Shields: Airport Baggage Check holographic card!!!! Trade you my Gardening Gloves Tellu gold card and Pegasus Eating Sugar Cubes Series A card for it!

Are these cards like the Chocolate Frog cards in Harry Potter where the images can move around or something?

Are we supposed to be impressed by that Sailor Galaxia rookie card, Taiki? Please. There are like three of those in every pack. Yawn.

Sailor Phi is serving major Kaolinite vibes here. (I wish Naoko had been more consistent with Phi's outfit; sometimes there's that band free-floating around her midriff, sometimes it's just her top and skirt that have prominent waistbands/hems. Also: I wish Phi and Chi had received literally A N Y character development. Are they sisters? Are they real Sailor Soldiers? How did they meet Galaxia? What are their motivations? We know NOTHING about them.)

"Sailor Animates"

Pretty sure that should be "no match," not "no enemy."

Is that ink blot supposed to be an earring?

Translator: "Hmm, I wonder what English word Naoko was trying to approximate with 'レッド'? Let's see... The first 'Animate' was called 'Iron Mouse' and the second was called 'Aluminum Siren...' Hmm... Aha! I've got it! This one must be named Red Crow! I'm a genius!" (Also, pretty sure "Red Crow" is supposed to be introducing herself here, but instead Tokyopop makes it sound like Phi is showing her off to Galaxia like some kind of The Price is Right showcase.)

If the Crysternal adaptation of this arc cuts this scene, so help me...:twisted::twisted::twisted:

Let's unpack this:
1) Taiki's favorite food is crab? I hate her even more now.
2) "October 6, 2000" The manga timeline continues to be a mess (It says 1996 in the Japanese version, btw)
3) "She" Either the Three Lights are just butch female idols like I've speculated before, or Mina wrote these bios up after finding out the Three Lights were the Starlights and presumably therefore female.
4) If Yaten's favorite thing is her camera, why do we never see her with a camera?
5) Also, if Yaten knows a lot about forests and wildlife, shouldn't she have joined the gardening club, not Taiki?

You've run into them several times on the roof. That doesn't sound very "super top secret" to me.

"HOT Three Lights look-a-like" is an oxymoron.

ICONIC. The moment Raye and Mina invented feminism. We stan.

The card after Death is Temperance, Maker. What a noob.

"Take me!" OMG, girl, raise your standards! Keep your skirt on!


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
ACT 3. STARS 3 (Part 2)

Welp, guess Grandpa's dead now.

I actually really like "Red Crow" with this coloring (white/blonde hair, white outfit).

"Kronos." :sick: Also, "Red Crow" calling herself "Sailor Kronos" here is super confusing because...

...1) It makes it sound like Phobos and Deimos are addressing her as "Sailor Kronos" here, and 2) it sounds like Red Crow is calling their mother star "Sailor Kronos." THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A PROOFREADER, TOKYOPOP.

So, they're just gonna cut class to go fight? That's not gonna look good on their permanent records, especially with college just around the corner.

Shouldn't the Three Lights be in school? Where did Pluto come from?

Are all those women royalty, too, or are they just wearing tiaras because they're tacky?

I've lost track of what this girl's real name is supposed to be.

What exactly is Pluto supposed to do with them?

What scepter is NQS holding here??


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
ACT 3. STARS 3 (Part 3)

1. That should be "castles," plural. 2. Isn't it a little late to be putting up shields, Haruka?

I guess if Diana could watch the Space-Time Door, Luna and Artemis can take care of a small child for a while.

Does Ikuko know who the Three Lights are, or does she just think they're Bunny's classmates?

Regardless of whether or not the Scouts knew this in their past lives and just haven't recovered that knowledge yet, Luna and Artemis were certainly aware there were other Sailor Scouts out there, so why did they never mention them before? Why never reach out to Sailor Mau at least?

Lita and Raye? Bunny's already forgotten them apparently.

I never really understood the Libya thing. She says she was only there a short while, so it's not like she's trying to pass herself off as Libyan in order to explain her not looking Japanese or anything (if that was the intention), so what gives?

I don't care how popular and famous the Three Lights are; by this point, everyone at Juuban High would be over the hype and treating them normally.

Kitty Bell is a TERF. #Canceled

The Three Lights have space B.O.

I wish we got to see all of the Scouts' castles. We see Venus's castle in the Sailor V origin story chapter, and that came out in 1993. I don't get why it took Naoko so long to get around back to that plot idea. (It's also such a power move that Queen Serenity gave Pluto a castle and then immediately stationed her at the Space-Time Door.)

I guess Luna and Artemis are good baby-sitters after all.

What kind of a self-burn...?

Overall rating: 3 murders of crows out of 5


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012

So Sailor Moon, Bunny, and Princess Serenity are the main characters? Artemis, Luna, and Diana are Sailor Scouts? The Outers and Darien are the "people close to Bunny"? Okay then.

ACT 4: STARS 4 (Part 1)

This makes it sound like she's never met them before.

"Sailor Tein." I just...
(And unless "Tein" is a Mautian word, I don't know how Luna deduced that she was from Mau.)

Just one of several panels where Naoko forgot to color in "Sailor Tein's" gloves.

It sure is convenient that they lose the power of speech so that Naoko didn't have to come up with an explanation for this.

I're not...

How does Kakyu know Bunny's future title?

If you say so.

Define "always." Like, have you wanted to meet her since around six months ago when that de facto coronation happened? Since Bunny first awakened as Sailor Moon? Since the original Silver Millennium days?

Kakyu is a cat mom.

No, I won't elaborate.

Are there planets without Sailor Scouts?

I'm 99% certain they stole those lamps from Hotaru's room.

I want that bench.

Saturn is filing a claim for trademark infringement as we speak.


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
ACT 4: STARS 4 (Part 2)

Bunny is supposed to be remembering the time Sapphire blamed her for being the source of so much misery, but because Tokyopop was translated his dialog like it's Bunny's, here she's just thinking about Sapphire strangling her for no reason.

I ship it. What don't I ship?

How is it special? There are obviously other planetary systems out there with Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Chew, the Scout of Mastication.

Can't wait to see Crysternal awkwardly try to replicate this panel!

If Crysternal shows us Kakyu's lover and it's just some Mamoru knock-off, I will riot! Kakyu is a lesbian and I won't accept anything to the contrary!

I mean... You'd still have befriended Ami and Mako, possibly even Rei, and you'd still have all your non-Senshi friends. Guess they don't count.

At least Chibi Chibi uses proper grammar.

Galaxia clearly stole that dress from Siren's closet.

Overall rating: 3 Art Deco benches out of 5


Luna Nova
Jan 8, 2021
In Germany it was based on the french translation. it was mirrored ( i didnt know until i saw DB, but i was trying to figure out why the clock was funky? xD) , while the publisher who published dragonball already had original direction Mangas. The font was kinda funny. I had a small ( tiny) bookshop in my village where I got my.monthly installment of the manga.
The german books had a picture on the backside when side by side

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