[Rewrite] Sailor Moon X - Fan Season

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Solaris Luna
Feb 1, 2011
37.629562, -116.849556
This is a rewrite I'm doing of a very, very old (I'm talking late 90's) Sailor Moon fan season, Sailor Moon X. Sailor Moon X and its related fan season, Sailor Moon E, were actually pretty popular back in the early days of the internet. While I loved Sailor Moon X as a kid, the writing... has not aged well, to put it lightly.

Since the project is over 20 years old and was abandoned around the year 2000, I don't think anyone will care if I rewrite it. It's something that holds a lot of sentimental, nostalgic value to me, and I'm not doing this out of malice but instead out of fondness.

You can read the original Sailor Moon X series here. It was meant to take place after the Makaiju arc. I plan on rewriting episodes 1-14 (or rather 1-15.) For some reason, my personal files of the fanfic (which I've had forever) have an extra episode missing from the site, and I know for sure I didn't write it.

I'm writing this as a script, it's the easiest and fastest way for me to get something out. If you see any continuity/canon errors in my rewrite, please let me know and I'll fix it. I haven't watched the anime in a while, and Sailor Moon R is the season I'm least familiar with.

[Rewrite] Sailor Moon X Episode 1: Dark Force Rising

Spoiler: show

[SCENE: A bright, sunny day. Some scenery shots of happy people in the park, kids playing, couples strolling. Usagi and Mamoru walk together, holding hands, smiling and looking slightly bashful. They reach a large pond in the park, and stand in the center of a large bridge arching over it, looking over the sparkling water.]

Usagi: It's so peaceful... After fighting the Dark Kingdom and then the Makaiju, I'd almost forgotten what this felt like. Everything's been changing so fast!

Mamoru: It has, but it's nice to be able to slow down now and enjoy life.

Usagi: Yeah... and I'm glad I'm able to enjoy it with you...

[Usagi looks at Mamoru starry-eyed. She stands on her toes and Mamoru bends over, and they share a tender kiss as the wind gently blows]


[SCENE: A dark, underground chamber. Lanterns eerily light the space from the walls. In the center is a raised pool of black water. Six ill-defined silhouettes kneel around the pool, seemingly deep in meditation, waiting for something. Steam begins to rise from the water, and it takes on a vaguely humanoid form with glowing eyes. The steams glows a dim red, and above his eyes are two horns. One of the figures sitting around the pool rises and steps closer. Illuminated by the steam, he appears to be wearing something akin to a ninja's outfit, but in red. His entire body is covered, none of his face is visible.]

Akai-oni (red ninja/Oni Master): Lord Hades, it is an honor to be summoned by you once more. For centuries, we of the Oni Clan have awaited a sign from you.

Hades: My faithful servants, after eons of slumber, the time is ripe for my resurrection. I require energy for my new body, and I have never seen such a surge of it among the humans before. Oni Master! With the power I have granted you, I entrust you will collect this energy.

Akai-oni: I would be honored, my lord.

Hades: Keep in mind, though... only pure, positive energy will suffice. Choose your targets wisely.

Akai-oni: Understood.

[Akai-oni leaves the chamber.]

Hades: The rest of you, prepare the energy chamber. There is no time to waste!

[SCENE: Rei's room at the temple. Everyone except Usagi sits around the table, waiting for her to show up. Minako is reading a Sailor V manga, and Ami is studying.]

Rei: Ugh, Usagi is late again! She's so irresponsible... how long could a date possibly take?! We really need to discuss what we're going to do now that the Makaiju's defeated.

Minako (offhandedly): We could become private detectives and stop the Yakuza...

Makoto: That sounds scary... I'd rather face the Dark Kingdom again. Hey wait, isn't that a plotline from the Sailor V manga?

[Minako looks sheepish and gives a goofy smile]

Ami: I don't think we need to worry about fighting right now, things seem pretty calm. I wouldn't worry too much, Rei.

Rei: Still, it's always good to be vigilant.

Ami: That's true, but it won't be hard to be vigilant and focus on our studies at the same time.

Minako: I don't want to study! We just got done fighting the Makaiju, I need a break!

[SCENE: Usagi and Mamoru are at the edge of the park, Usagi has a balloon, some flowers, and a snack. There's an ice cream cart nearby on the sidewalk.]

Usagi: Mamo-chan, you're so sweet!

[Usagi looks very pleased and squishes the flower bouquet to her chest like it was a teddy bear.]

Mamoru: (slightly flustered) A-ah, I'm glad you like them.

[Usagi sees the ice cream cart and gasps. She puts on a sweet, pouty puppy-dog face and looks up at Mamoru.]

Usagi: Maaaaaamo-chan~?

Mamoru: Ha ha, okay, okay. I'll get you an ice cream.

Usagi: Yaaaay! Thank you, Mamo-chan!

[Hidden in the branches of a large tree nearby is Akai-oni, watching Usagi and Mamoru]

Akai-oni: What a sweet couple... and what a generous lover he is! A perfect target.

[SCENE: In Rei's room, Minako and Makoto are sitting on the floor, playing a Sailor V video game. Ami is lying on the floor studying, and Rei has been sitting at the table reading and drinking tea. She looks annoyed.]

Rei: She's not coming at all, is she? I swear, we need to put that girl on a leash and drag her here.

Ami: Normally you'd be right, but... can't we go easy on her this time? We're not fighting anyone, and it's been hard for Usagi to spend time with Mamoru up until now.

Rei: (sighs) Yeah, you're right... I'm just frustrated. She said she'd be here, and we've been waiting all afternoon.

[Minako has won the Sailor V game, and Makoto has an utterly defeated expression. Minako turns around to face Rei.]

Minako: Let's just forget about the meeting for today, we all deserve a break. Anyone want to go window shopping?

Makoto: As long as it's not a rematch...

Rei: Well, why not, it's not we're doing anything important here.

[They get up to leave and Minako has to half-drag Ami out.]

Ami: W-wait! I only have two more questions to answer, and I'll be four chapters ahead!

[SCENE: Usagi and Mamoru are walking down the sidewalk, Usagi still holding the flowers and balloon, but the snack and ice cream are gone. Motoki is walking towards them and waves hello.]

Motoki: Hey, Usagi! Mamoru! How are you guys doing?

Usagi: Just great! We were out on a date!

[Mamoru looks really flustered, but Motoki doesn't skip a beat.]

Motoki: Really? That's great! You're a lucky guy, Mamoru! (winks)

Mamoru: (sheepish) Y-yeah...

Motoki: I'm headed back to the arcade, do you two want to come along?

Usagi: Yeah, that sounds fun!

Mamoru: Ah! I just remembered. Usagi, don't you have to meet Rei and the others today?

[Usagi looks absolutely mortified]

Usagi: I... uh... forgot all about that!

[Usagi starts to panic and grabs Mamoru's hand, yanking him along the way]

Usagi: Rei's gonna be soooooo mad at me!! She's gonna yell at me and scold me and... (ranting fades into the distance as she high-tails it)

Motoki: A-ah... okay, see you later then...

[Just after Usagi, Mamoru, and Motoki leave, Rei and the other turn a corner and end up on the same sidewalk.]

Makoto: Where should we go first?

Minako: Oh! How about we get some ice cream, and then go to the arcade!

Rei: Sounds good to me.

Makoto: As long as I don't have to play against Minako again...

[SCENE: Usagi and Mamoru are at the temple, and Yuichiro is sweeping the walkways. Hiding behind a tree is Akai-oni.]

Akai-oni (from hiding place): I need to get them alone... it's important not to attract attention if I can help it.

Usagi: (panting from running) Where's Rei?!

Yuichiro: Oh, she's not here right now. Everyone left a while ago... Rei looked really annoyed.

Usagi: I'm... I'm dead...

Yuichiro: (chuckles nervously) Well, you can wait here for Rei if you'd like.

Usagi: (looking defeated) O-okay...

Yuichiro: Well, uh, let me know if you need anything.

[Yuichiro awkwardly walks off to sweep elsewhere]

Akai-oni (from hiding place): Finally, now's my chance!


[SCENE: Rei and the girls arrive at the arcade. Motoki is there and comes over to greet them.]

Motoki: Hi everyone! That must've been a fast meeting!

Minako: How'd you know about our meeting today?

Motoki: Ah! I ran into Usagi and Mamoru today, they said they had to run to a meeting with you guys.

Rei: What?! NOW she decides to go to the meeting? I swear... Come on, she's probably waiting at the temple.

Ami: I did say we should keep studying...

[SCENE: Usagi and Mamoru are waiting at the temple]

Usagi: I do feel bad for missing the meeting... I just really wanted a break...

Mamoru: I'm sure if you explain it to Rei she'll understand. Just try to not to make it a habit.

[Mamoru feels uneasy, like someone is watching them. He looks around but sees no one.]

Usagi: Mamo-chan...?

Mamoru: Someone's here.

Usagi. What-?

[Suddenly, Akai-oni jumps from the roof of the shrine, landing in front of Mamoru. He does a sweeping kick under Mamoru's ankle that causes him to fall.]

Usagi: Mamoru!!

[Usagi runs to Mamoru, but Akai-oni throws a small bomb at her, throwing her back into the nearby trees. Mamoru quickly jumps to his feet and runs at Akai-oni, but Akai-oni dodges him and uses Mamoru's own weight to push him to the ground.]

Mamoru: Who are you?!

[Akai-oni doesn't answer, but pulls out a long knife, but with a glowing, translucent blade. He walks towards Mamoru, preparing to strike. Watching from horror in the trees, Usagi gets to her feet and shouts "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!"]

[Transformation Sequence]

[Akai-oni is about the sink the blade into Mamoru, but looks up as he suddenly hears Sailor Moon's voice.]

Sailor Moon: Stop right there! Ruining a young couple's afternoon stroll! Attacking an innocent, handsome stranger! And in a temple, no less? I'm Sailor Moon, and in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

Akai-oni: A pretty speech, but no one gets in my way and lives!

[Akai-oni spins around, throwing multiple mini-bombs as Sailor Moon attempts to dodge them, yelling in fright. Smoke fills the air, temporarily blinding both Akai-oni and Sailor Moon. As it starts to clear, Akai-oni notices Mamoru is gone.]

Akai-oni: Eh? Where'd he go?

[A rose shoots through the air, landing at his feet. He looks surprised. From the roof of the shrine stands Tuxedo Mask.]

Tuxedo Mask: Those who tarnish sacred places and sacred love are not worthy of either.

Akai-oni: Pfft. My target got away, thanks to you two. Have fun playing with my familiar, Moriyami!

[Akai-oni vanishes in a puff of smoke, and is replaced by a red, feminine demon with leaves for hair and branches for horns. Sticking out of her skin are spike-like branches.]

Sailor Moon: What... what is that?!

[The monster lets out a guttural cry and charges at Sailor Moon, shooting out spike-branches from its arm towards her. She dodges them clumsily, until the monster's spikes catch on her skirt and pin her to a tree. The monster charges at her, and grips her throat, pinning it to the tree. Tuxedo Mask hits the monster from behind with his cane, and it's temporarily distracted, turning around and facing him, preparing to attack.]

Sailor Mars: Fire Soul!

[The fire hits the demon, causing it to scream in agony. Sailor Mars and the other senshi have finally arrived, and Sailor Mercury immediately goes to free Sailor Moon.]

Sailor Mercury: Are you okay?!

Sailor Moon: Yeah!

[The monster, realizing Sailor Moon is free now, is about to charge back toward her, but Sailor Jupiter attacks.]

Sailor Jupiter: Supreme Thunder!

Sailor Venus: Now, Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon: Right! Moon Princess Halation!

[The monster is dusted, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. After a moment, Sailor Mars realizes how much damage was done to the temple.]

Sailor Mars: Ahhh! The temple's half destroyed! This'll take forever to fix...

[Sailor Moon has a concerned look on her face, and seems to be staring into the distance.]

[SCENE: Nighttime, at Usagi's house. Her room is dark, and she's in bed, looking at the moon through the window.]

Usagi: Hey, Luna...

Luna: Hmm?

Usagi: Do you think we'll... ever truly be at peace?

Luna: It's hard to say, Usagi. But fighting is part of being a Sailor Senshi. Someone has to protect everyone, and that someone is you.

Usagi: Yeah... I DO want to protect them. I WILL protect them. Everyone I love...

Luna: We'll try to learn more about this new enemy tomorrow. For now, you should get some rest.

Usagi: (smiling softly) Goodnight, Luna. And thanks.

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Onuzim Ima

Aurorae Lunares
Aug 11, 2010
@noildoof I liked how you remembered :ami:'s Stammering Habit. :wink:

I also immediately heard :luna:'s lines in a snobby, British Nanny Voice. (Oosagi! Pay moar Attensheon!) :keke: Can't wait for the next chapter.

UPDATE: I can already somewhat see the Animation before my eyes.
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Solaris Luna
Feb 1, 2011
37.629562, -116.849556
Haha, thanks! Glad you're enjoying it so far. The first few episodes shouldn't be too challenging to rewrite, though I'm going to have to heavily alter the Disneyland episode. :P I can imagine a Disneyland parody being in Sailor Moon, but there's no way Toei would've ever put anything directly owned by The Mouse in there.

The later episodes are going to be more challenging though... I have a somewhat different ending in mind than the original, mostly to make Sailor X less Sue-ish and put some spotlight back on Sailor Moon.
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Solaris Luna
Feb 1, 2011
37.629562, -116.849556
New episode! This is a more major rewrite than the last one. I have no idea if Japan has anything akin to soup kitchens like we do in the US, so I changed it to a cooking class. Instead of all the enemies essentially being ninjas, I've added a monster-of-the-day class called Familiars.

[Rewrite] Sailor Moon X Episode 2: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Spoiler: show

2. Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

[SCENE: In the dark, underground chamber, the six ill-defined figures once
again kneel around dark pool, deep in meditation. Steam rises from the
black water, morphing into the dim reddish glowing form of Hades. Akai-oni
steps forward from the shadows.]

Hades: Your mission did not go so well, did it, Oni Master?

Akai-oni: Forgive me, Lord Hades. There was an unexpected interruption... a
girl calling herself "Sailor Moon" interfered. I left Moriyami to take care
of her, but Moriyami was apparently defeated... she did not return when
called upon.

Hades: (gains a look of sudden realization) Sailor Moon, you say? I heard
of a Sailor Moon, but it was so long ago... And now the guardian of the
Moon Kingdom has returned.

Akai-oni: It would appear so. If I may, Lord Hades, I have a plan. This
time, we will be ready for Sailor Moon's arrival.

Hades: I leave it up to you, Oni Master. Do not disappoint me.


[SCENE: The girls, cats, and Mamoru are meeting at Rei's place to discuss
the events from the previous day.]

Luna: Hmm, so he didn't say who he was or who he was working for?

Usagi: No, he just came out of nowhere!

Mamoru: He tried to stab me, but it wasn't an ordinary knife.

Artemis: Whoever he is, he's definitely trouble.

Minako: We should try to stay close together, at least until we figure out
what's going on.

Ami: Right. From what you said, Usagi, it sounds like he was trying to get
you and Mamoru alone before attacking.

Usagi: Sounds good to me!

[Usagi snuggles up against an awkward-looking Mamoru.]

Rei: Be serious, Usagi! This isn't just so you can cuddle Mamoru all day!

[Usagi teasingly sticks her tongue out at Rei. Rei does the same back.]

Makoto: Ah! I almost forgot, I have a cooking class to attend today!

Usagi: Why do you need to go to cooking class? You're already a great cook!

Makoto: Thanks, but there's still things I need to learn. This class
teaches techniques I haven't used yet.

Ami: But shouldn't we stay together as much as possible? You'd be going
there alone...

Makoto: Why don't you all come with me? The class is free, and I'm sure the
instructor won't mind. He's really patient.

Rei: Why not? It could be fun to learn a new skill.

[SCENE: The bus arrives at the center the class is being held at, and
everyone gets off and goes inside. An older, friendly, slightly chubby man
in a chef's outfit greets them inside.]

Saito: Makoto! Good to see you back. Oh, and I see you've brought some

Makoto: Good afternoon, Saito-sensei! This is Usagi, Mamoru, Ami, Rei, and
Minako. Is it okay if they join today's class?

Saito: Of course, of course! There aren't too many people here today.
Please, follow me.

[As they leave to enter the next room, eyes glow from the airvent in the
background. Zooming in it's Akai-oni, watching.]

Akai-oni: Such a patient, considerate man... he'll do nicely as a target.

[SCENE: Everyone is in a large, open kitchen with a few tables in the
center of the room. There are a few other people besides Saito and the main
group, but it's not very crowded overall. People in aprons are listening to
Saito explain what to do, and he walks around the room to give advice and
see if anyone needs help.]

Saito: Good work, Makoto! You've picked this up very fast.

Makoto: Thanks, sensei!

Ami: (reading through a cookbook) When you think about it, cooking is a lot
like chemistry! You mix different substances together to make something

[Usagi is carrying a big bag of flour across the room to her table, but it
leaks from the corner, leaving a trail behind her that Mamoru attempts to
clean up. Usagi slips on a small puddle of water, and falls onto Rei, who
gets covered with flour as the bag bursts.]

Rei: Usagi!! You need to be more careful and watch where you're going!

Usagi: Ahhhh! I'm so sorry Rei, I didn't mean to!

Makoto: (looking flustered, trying to defuse the situation) Usagi, why
don't you and Mamoru go downstairs to get more flour?

Rei: Why does Mamoru need to go?

Makoto: (leaning down and whispering) To make sure she doesn't have another

Saito: Oh, not to worry, accidents happen! The storage room is right down
the hall, down the stairs. The flour should be on the middle shelf in the

Mamoru: Thank you, we'll be right back.

[SCENE: Usagi and Mamoru walk down the hall and open the door leading to
the staircase. As soon as they shut the door behind them, Akai-oni comes
into frame and locks the door.]

Akai-oni: The fewer witnesses, the better.

[SCENE: Back in the kitchen, Rei has managed to clean herself up. Makoto is
almost done with her recipe, with Ami close behind. Minako isn't doing so
well, with a patient Saito encouraging her. Akai-oni watches from the

Akai-oni: Still more witnesses than I would've liked... but at least I have
backup prepared this time.

[The room suddenly fills with smoke from Akai-oni's smoke bomb, and people
start coughing.]

Man #1: Is it a fire?!

Saito: Everyone evacuate!

Woman #1: Where's the exit?!

Woman #2: I can't see!!

[As the smoke clears, Akai-oni has cornered Saito and pulled out his long

Akai-oni: Your energy is mine!

[He stabs Saito with the dagger, and the blade begins to glow as it sucks
out his energy. People scream and run out of the room.]

Makoto: Guys, we have to do something!

Ami: Where's Usagi and Mamoru?

Makoto: I don't know, but there's no time to wait!

[The girls run out of the room into an empty hallway.]

[Transformation Sequences]

[Back in the kitchen, Akai-oni stands above Saito.]

Akai-oni: It should be any moment now...

Sailor Jupiter: Stop right there! Cooking is an expression of passion!

Sailor Mercury: And that passion can only be passed on through the most
caring of teachers!

Sailor Mars: Those who attack the sacred bond between a teacher and his

Sailor Venus: Will face our ultimate punishment!


Akai-oni: There's more of you?! Tch! This isn't how I'd planned things...

[Akai-oni pulls the dagger from Saito. Saito is still alive and no wound is
left, but he looks a bit paler.]

Akai-oni: Agemono! Yakimono! Take care of things for me, will you?

[Akai-oni vanishes in a cloud of smoke, and standing in his place are two
Familiars, one male and one female. They both have pots on their heads as
hats, and the female one has a bra made of two potlids. They wear "skirts"
made out of large lettuce leaves. They both have yellowish skin, and stand
on stilt-like calves made of chopsticks.]

Agemono (the female one): Good afternoon class!

Yakimono (the male one): Are you ready to learn the newest deep-frying

[Agemono and Yakimono open their mouth wide and shoot boiling hot oil at
the senshi which they narrowly avoid. The oil bubbles and partially melts
the floor and walls where it lands.]

Sailor Mars: We could really use Sailor Moon right about now! FIRE SOUL!

[Agemono and Yakimono dodge the attack.]

Yakimono: Ooooh! An open flame technique, how exciting!

[Sailor Jupiter attempts to surprise attack Agemono from behind, but
Agemono flips her and kicks her into a wall so hard it cracks.]

[SCENE: Usagi and Mamoru are locked in the basement, and are trying to get

Usagi: I can believe I locked the door behind us!

Mamoru: Don't worry, I'm sure someone will come looking.

[They hear Mars yell "Fire Soul"]

Usagi: They're in trouble!

[Transformation Sequence]

[They hear Jupiter hit the wall]

Sailor Moon: We have to help them!

Tuxedo Mask: Stand back!

[He rams the door, busting it open.]

[SCENE: Back in the kitchen, the senshi are still fighting Agemono and

Agemono: It's almost time for the big flambe!

[Agemono opens her mouth wide and inhales deeply, as though about to spew a
stream of fire or oil from it. She suddenly deflates upon hearing a voice.]

Sailor Moon: Stop right there! How dare you attack a group of student chefs
following their passion! Such a thing can never be forgiven! I'm Sailor
Moon, and in the name of the moon, you're punishes!

Agemono: How lovely, another dinner guest!

[Agemono opens her mouth wide and spews a stream of fire towards Sailor
Moon, which she narrowly and clumsily dodges.]

Sailor Mercury: Maybe this will cool them down! SHABON SPRAY!

[The room fills with fog, and the Familiars can't see a thing.]

Yakimono: Where did our guests go?

Agemono: We were having such a good time entertaining them!

Sailor Venus: CRESCENT BEAM!

[From out of the fog a beam of light strikes Agemono, she screams and is

Yakimono: Agemono!!

Sailor Jupiter: SUPREME THUNDER!

[As the fog begins to clear, lightning hits Yakimono, and he shouts in

Tuxedo Mask: Now, Sailor Moon!


[Agemono and Yakimono shriek as they turn to moondust. Sailor Moon deflates
in relief, before Sailor Jupiter suddenly remembers Saito and runs toward

Sailor Jupiter: Saito-sensei! Saito-sensei, can you hear me?!

[Saito groans but doesn't wake up.]

Sailor Jupiter: We need to call an ambulance!

[SCENE: Back in their civilian forms, the girls and Mamoru watch as a
stretcher loads Saito into an ambulance. A firetruck is also nearby.]

Medic: He should be okay, but it's best to get him checked out. That was a
pretty serious kitchen fire, it's a miracle no one else was hurt.

Makoto: Thank you. Could I visit him later, if he has to stay in the

Medic: I'll let him know you asked, it shouldn't be a problem if he says
it's okay.

[The ambulance drives off, and the girls start walking to the bus stop.]

Makoto: This is getting serious...

Rei: Now we know he's after energy, though.

Usagi: But for what reason...?

[The camera zooms out and fades to black.]

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Solaris Luna
Feb 1, 2011
37.629562, -116.849556
Third episode! Another major rewrite. I thought it would be too big of a coincidence for Usagi, Rei, and Minako's schools to ALL show up at the same location, on the same day, for a fieldtrip. So it became just Usagi's school, and Rei and Minako aren't in this episode. I actually had to do research for this one: Tokyo Tower really does have 5 restaurants and a food court, as well as an aquarium (and some of the tanks actually are way too small). ^_^'

[Rewrite] Sailor Moon X Episode 3: Tokyo Tower of Terror

Spoiler: show

3. Tokyo Tower of Terror

[SCENE: In the dark underground chamber, six silhouetted figures kneel
around the dark pool of water in meditation. Vapor rises from the water,
taking on the reddish form of Hades. Akai-oni steps forward, meekly and

Hades: I thought I made it clear to you: Do not disappoint me. What use do
I have of an Oni Master who repeatedly fails me? The only reason I haven't
disposed of you is that you managed to retrieve some energy this time.

Akai-Oni: Lord Hades, you are most merciful! Sailor Moon didn't even appear
this time. If it hadn't been for the other Sailor Senshi-

Hades: (in angry surprise) More Sailor Senshi?!

Akai-oni: Yes, my Lord. They called themselves Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars,
Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus.

Hades: These Sailor Senshi are proving to be very troublesome...

Akai-oni: Indeed, my Lord. However, I have a new plan in mind to dispose of
them and collect some energy at the same time.

Hades: I see... very well, then. You may proceed.


[SCENE: A sunny, lightly cloudy day at Juban Public Middle School. Miss
Haruna is herding her students onto a bus for a field trip. Usagi, Ami, and
Makoto are in the back of the line to get on the bus.]

Makoto: Mmm, I don't know what I'm going to do when we get to Tokyo
Tower... I've already been there. But I guess it's better than having to do

Ami: You have? What's it like?

[Before Makoto can answer, a burst of laughter comes from Usagi, who is
reading a Sailor V manga while standing behind Makoto and Ami. Makoto and
Ami exchange awkward, mildly embarrassed looks.]

Usagi: This chapter is so funny!!

[Ami boards the bus, and sees that the driver is a large, dirty, wall-eyed
man missing most of his teeth. He gives her a blank stare, and she
awkwardly waves hello, looking nervous and slightly scared. The driver
doesn't move, except to give a slow, unnerving thumbs-up. Makoto boards
next, and having seen what Ami went through, makes a dash past the driver
for her seat. Usagi, still reading the manga and laughing, boards last. The
driver grabs the manga and takes a bite from the corner like it was a
sandwich, then returns it to Usagi like nothing happened. A shocked Usagi
takes her seat next to Naru.]

Usagi: (looking defeated) Rei's gonna kill me... she'll never let me borrow
her manga again...

[Montage of the bus passing various points in the city, until it finally
reaches its destination at Tokyo Tower. The students get off the bus, and
Usagi, Makoto, and Ami look up at the tower.]

Makoto: It's actually more impressive than I remember!

Ami: Maybe this trip will be more interesting to you after all!

Usagi: Ah, I just hope there's a good restaurant inside... maybe with a
romantic view!

[Miss Haruna speaks to her class.]

Miss Haruna: Now everyone, remember to keep track of the time! We'll all
meet back here in front of the main entrance in three hours. And if you see
something that interests you, make note of it - You'll be writing a paper
on your experience here today.

[The class disperses, the students going inside to see the different
attractions. Makoto picks up a brochure from a kiosk.]

Makoto: Oh, there's also more to do here than I remember! Or maybe some of
this is new?

Ami: (Looking over Makoto's shoulder) They have an aquarium?

Usagi: (Also looking over Makoto's shoulder, starting to drool) Five
restaurants and a food court...

Ami: (flustered) A-ah, it's not lunch time yet...

Makoto: Let's see the aquarium first, okay?

Usagi: Oh, okay.

[The group walks to the aquarium on the first floor, and Usagi immediately
runs off to gape at different unusual fish in wonder. Ami and Makoto stay
together. Makoto catches Ami looking sullenly at a large fish in a tank
that looks too small for it.]

Makoto: Is something wrong, Ami?

Ami: This will sound silly, but... sometimes I feel like the fish in that

Makoto: What do you mean?

Ami: There were things I wanted to do with my life before I became a Sailor
Senshi... I wanted to study to be a doctor. But I had to fight the Dark
Kingdom, and then the Makaiju... I thought after we defeated the Makaiju,
that things could finally get back to normal and I could be free to live my
life. But with this new enemy, I wonder if we'll ever truly be at peace.

Makoto: You feel trapped.

Ami: It sounds so selfish, doesn't it...

Makoto: Not at all. I think we all wish we could be in charge of our own
lives. But we have a duty as Sailor Senshi to uphold.

[Usagi giggles in the distance as she looks at some odd fish in a tank.]

Ami: How does Usagi do it? How can she be so carefree?

Makoto: (gives a small laugh) Ah, because she's Usagi! She has a way of
cheering everyone up. But I know on the inside she's worried like the rest
of us.

[Usagi runs back over to Makoto and Ami with a big smile on her face.]

Usagi: Ami, Mako! Did you see the eels over there?

Ami: (gives a genuine smile and a giggle) No, not yet, why don't you show

[SCENE: On one of the observation decks, a few people are lying on the
ground, unconscious. Akai-oni is holding his dagger, glowing a strong

Akai-oni: That should be enough to attract them.


[SCENE: Usagi, Ami, and Makoto are running toward the elevator to the
observation deck. Umino and Naru have gotten on the elevator, but it closes
before the group can reach it.]

Usagi: Aww, we almost got there in time!

Ami: (gesturing to a small sign that says "This observation deck closed for
repairs) Oh, they must not have seen the sign...

Makoto: We'd better get them, just to make sure they don't get in trouble.

[The groups gets on the elevator once it comes back down.]

[SCENE: Umino and Naru have arrived at the observation deck and walk
around. They look around nervously.]

Naru: Where is everyone...?

Umino: Maybe they cleared it just for our class!

[Naru sees the unconscious people and shrieks.]

Naru: U-umino!

[A deep laugh fills the room.]

Umino: Whoever's there, come out!

[Akai-oni jumps out of the shadows and slashes Umino and Naru with his
blade, and Naru screams.]

[SCENE: Usagi, Ami, and Makoto are on the elevator when they hear Naru

Usagi: Naru's in trouble!

Ami: Everyone transform!

[Transformation Sequences]

[Akai-oni stand over the unconscious forms of Naru and Umino, and the
elevator opens near him. As it opens, the silhouettes of Sailor Moon,
Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter are seen posing.]

Sailor Moon: The sights, the attractions, and the delicious food! Hurting
innocent tourists is unforgiveable! I'm Sailor Moon!

Sailor Mercury: Sailor Mercury!

Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Jupiter!

Sailor Moon: And in the name of the moon...

All Three: We'll punish you!

Akai-oni: Ah, Sailor Senshi, you've finally arrived! Well, I have enough
energy for now, so I'll leave my Familiar Wavelength to deal with you!

[Akai-oni disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a Familiar in his
stead. Wavelength has a bluish female body, with short white hair and
satellite dishes for ears. She has radio antennae sticking out of her head,
and she wears a small silvery low-cut minidress.]

Wavelength: Good evening listeners, this is your host Wavelength speaking!
Looks like our weather forecast includes an unexpected thunder shower!

[Wavelength shoots electricity from her fingertips, and the senshi barely
dodge it. The electricity explodes into the wall, leaving behind intense

Sailor Jupiter: Electricity, huh? Two can play at that game! SUPREME

[Wavelength dodges the attack, and Jupiter's attack instead blows out the
windows behind her.]

Sailor Mercury: Careful! We can't do too much damage here, we're up too

Wavelength: How about some of the latest hits? This one will really blow
you away!

[Powerful sonic pulses emit from Wavelength's satellite dishes, knocking
the senshi back into an unbroken window, which starts to crack behind

Sailor Moon: It's breaking!!

Sailor Mercury: SHABON SPRAY!

[The deck fills with fog, and Wavelength starts to shiver.]

Wavelength: N-normally the w-weather doesn't affect our broadcasts...

[Sailor Jupiter sneaks up on Wavelength and body-slams her. Wavelength gets
up, and as the fog starts to clear sees Sailor Mercury not too far away.
She charges at Sailor Mercury, who dodges at the last minute - and
Wavelength tumbles right out the broken window behind her, gripping the
ledge just before tumbling to her death. She dangles there, barely holding

Wavelength: (desperately) Master Oni, please help me!

Sailor Mercury: Now, Sailor Moon!


[Wavelength is moondusted, and the senshi go to make sure the unconscious
people are okay.]

Sailor Jupiter: It's just like with Saito-sensei.

Sailor Mercury: We need to get help!

[SCENE: In the lobby, stretchers are carrying out Umino and Naru. The class
has reconvened, led by a worried-looking Miss Haruna.]

Usagi: Are Naru and Umino going to be okay?

Miss Haruna: The doctors said everyone would be fine, the electrical
explosion just... took a lot out of them. I'm just glad it wasn't more
serious. (facing the class) Okay, everyone! Back to the bus. We're going to
have to end this trip early.

[SCENE: Usagi, Makoto, and Ami are sitting in the back of the bus.]

Makoto: It seems like they were clearly after us this time.

Ami: Right. And Wavelength mentioned someone called "Master Oni."

Usagi: Do you think he's the red ninja-looking guy?

Makoto: Maybe... We should definitely consult Luna and Artemis on this one.

Ami: I'm getting worried about where all this is going.

Usagi: It'll be okay, Ami! We're in this together.

Ami: (smiling) That's true, isn't it?

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Onuzim Ima

Aurorae Lunares
Aug 11, 2010
@noildoof Tee hee… :rei:'s gonna kill :usagi: for sure. :happy: Maybe she should lock her precious Manga away in a secret place and seal it with a bucketload of Ofudas to make sure nobody else can touch them ever again?
Likes: noildoof


Solaris Luna
Feb 1, 2011
37.629562, -116.849556
@noildoof Tee hee… :rei:'s gonna kill :usagi: for sure. :happy: Maybe she should lock her precious Manga away in a secret place and seal it with a bucketload of Ofudas to make sure nobody else can touch them ever again?
Oh, definitely! :lol: That scene is actually almost exactly the same as in the original fanfic, I kept it in because it was so dang funny.

In the original version the driver had a bucket of American-style fried chicken in his lap, but that's not something people in Japan really eat on a regular, casual basis (it's also specifically something associated with Christmas, through KFC's unusual marketing history in Japan). Maybe the driver was just extra hungry in the rewrite. :P:cookie:
Jun 30, 2010
Actually, I'm glad you linked to the original fanfic because I miss old dub fanfic. If I were to ever return to my old fanfic series, I could never port it over to the Japanese version because my work was set in the Americanized world of the dub and depended upon the characterizations and humor contained within. Simply replacing Serena with Usagi wouldn't work.

It's strange because I thought this Sailor X story was the one I was a fan of back in the day, but upon skimming it, I'm not sure it's the same. The Sailor X story I read had the call phrase "X Orbit Power!" or "X Orbit Power, Make Up!" I think that one was set after the entire series as well, since the Outers were in it. (I remember one scene where Hotaru tried to drive but couldn't because her feet couldn't reach the gas or the break or something, while in another, the civilian form of Sailor X was stricken with food poisoning or something by the enemy that cramped her stomach and she had to transform). Or maybe this is that story and I should read it?

I think I answered my own question.


Solaris Luna
Feb 1, 2011
37.629562, -116.849556
Actually, I'm glad you linked to the original fanfic because I miss old dub fanfic. If I were to ever return to my old fanfic series, I could never port it over to the Japanese version because my work was set in the Americanized world of the dub and depended upon the characterizations and humor contained within. Simply replacing Serena with Usagi wouldn't work.

It's strange because I thought this Sailor X story was the one I was a fan of back in the day, but upon skimming it, I'm not sure it's the same. The Sailor X story I read had the call phrase "X Orbit Power!" or "X Orbit Power, Make Up!" I think that one was set after the entire series as well, since the Outers were in it. (I remember one scene where Hotaru tried to drive but couldn't because her feet couldn't reach the gas or the break or something, while in another, the civilian form of Sailor X was stricken with food poisoning or something by the enemy that cramped her stomach and she had to transform). Or maybe this is that story and I should read it?

I think I answered my own question.
You're definitely thinking of something different, this story takes place right after the Makaiju arc, so there's no Outers in it. Sailor X's transformation in this one is "X Nova Power." I'm curious about the fanfic you're talking about, though. Do you have a link?
Jun 30, 2010
You're definitely thinking of something different, this story takes place right after the Makaiju arc, so there's no Outers in it. Sailor X's transformation in this one is "X Nova Power." I'm curious about the fanfic you're talking about, though. Do you have a link?
No, I don't have a link, which is why I was hopeful this was the long lost fanfic. It was one of those fanfics stored on one of those fan fiction sites that were all the rage before fanfiction.net was even a thought (The site had a midi of Final Fantasy VII's battle theme playing, and the only other fanfic I can remember from that site was an X-Men vs. Sailor Moon crossover that took place during the Rainbow Crystals arc, but then because people started complaining that the person was using the dub as they base, the author changed the story to start making it more like the Japanese version).

I should read this one, though. (looks in mirror) Self, don't be lazy.