Sailor Earth

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Sep 6, 2014
One day Usagi Tsukino was walking home from school when a monster attacked!

“I am a monster!” The monster said.

“Usagi, transform into Sailor Moon!” Said Luna, the talking space cat with a crescent moon mark on its forehead.

“Moon Prism/Crystal/Cosmic/Crisis/Eternal Power Make up!” Exclaimed Usagi who transformed into Sailor Moon.

“I am the pretty soldier/scout/warrior/feminist role model in a Sailor Suit. Sailor Moon and in the name of the moon I’ll punish you!”

“Punish me? I’ll punish you!” The monster fired back and fired energy blast at Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon ran back and forth wailing.

“Tuxedo Mask save me!” She screamed

“Sorry Sailor Moon I ran out of roses and my florist is closed on Mondays,” explained Tuxedo who was standing on a lamppost the whole time.

“Sailor Senshi save me!” Sailor Moon shrieked still trying to avoid the onslaught of energy blast.

But the Sailors were out playing strip poker at Haruka’s penthouse.

Just then Naru Osaka was walking home from her speech therapy class.

“Usagi is in danger I must save her,” Naru said to herself. She then held out a large stick with the planet earth on top.

“Earth Planet Crystal Power Make-up!”

Naru transformed into Sailor Earth with a costume similar to others but had green skirt and boots and a blue chest bow and back bow.

“I am the pretty Sailor who fights for love and justice. In the name of the earth just say no drugs and pollutions.” Sailor Earth posed

“Wow Naru was Sailor Earth the most powerful Sailor of all time?” Luna stated in shock.

“I’ll suck your energy!” The monster growled at her.

“Oh no getting my energy sucked off! My one weakness!” Cried Naru.

Suddenly Sailor Moon remembered she could do things.

Sailor Moon jumped up in the air and kicked the monster.

“Getting kicked in the face by a teenager in red boots! My one weakness!” The monster screamed before poofing into dust.

“Good news Sailor Moon I found a florist out of town that delivers!” said Tuxedo Mask.

The end.
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