Sailor "Moe"on?

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Sep 17, 2014
Would you guys like to have a moe adaptation of Sailor Moon? Do you think it should have been done instead of Crystal? Since magical girl genre is usually close with moe, I want to know your opinions about it.


Gurges Ater
Jul 5, 2009
Jul 31, 2012
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If Minako is the Solider of Love and Beauty does that make her the most beautiful or protector of all beautiful things?

For some reason I think Rei is more beautiful than Minako. Rei has that exotic beauty and passive elegant nature. Minako is kinda like the cute girl next door....wait, that's Ami. Minako is like the the pretty girl that wins the prom or like the Homecoming Queen.

I think in the anime Rei is always getting nods to her beauty more than the others (maybe even in the manga) Usagi had hearts for her but only fangirled for Venus and Rei has been on the cover of a magazine. It's almost like she gets treated like an idol or something. I'd say Rei is the beautiful one and Minako is the pretty one..or I can just say they all of them are beautiful and end it Rei a and Minako have always been my favorites...I think Haruka and Michiru all give them a run for their money though. Haruka when she is feminine is so pretty and her transformation and close up is like Wow!

Off topic again but have we ever seen Mako with her hair fully down? I want to say we have in an episode but I can't remember exactly if it was someone else or not.

As for the moe moon...Nah...We Don't need that at all and Season 3 is already a watered down age look from S1-S2. They look cute now and any more money and we might as well just make Chibi Moon the Star of the show.


Systema Solare
Jan 21, 2017
Star Angel Haruki said:
Off topic again but have we ever seen Mako with her hair fully down? I want to say we have in an episode but I can't remember exactly if it was someone else or not.
the episode when Mako's hair is down is the Nurse Minako episode in R.I remember this clearly but i don't remember other episodes
but i think she looks better with her trademark ponytail
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Lumen Cinererum
Apr 1, 2017
I'm not sure what quantifies a 'moe' look since I thought it was more about behavioral tropes of pitiableness, which '90s anime Hotaru already had out the wazoo (I have occasionally wondered if the linguistic meaning of the name "Tomoe" has anything to do with "moe", since everybody else was doing meaningful/pun names like "Rabbit of Moon" or Minako "of love"... for that matter, "Mina" is the word for "Everybody" and "-ko" is a female suffix, so is her name "Everygirl" basically? I'm not an expect on these things so I might be drawing the wrong connections).

That said, I feel like Sailor Moon has a strange relationship with age (even before getting into SuperS' themes). In the '90s anime I would say all the Inner Senshi look about 17 to 20 in most scenes, not 14.

Mamoru, Motoki, the Shitennou, and other comparable guys tend to also look 20-something, but be a bit taller than the 14 year olds like they were supposed to have the height gap difference that would imply, but the 14 year olds already look like grownups so it makes the guys (especially with their limb length) seem like enormous bodybuilder types.

Zoisite's height is inconsistent, but I definitely prefer the shots where he's way shorter than Kunzite, which would put him more comparable with the inners' height... which is to say, more like the approximate height of an average adult woman.

Sailor Pluto is obviously older, at least 25, but her limbs are crazy long and she looks kinda weird when I look at her too long, like she's been stretched out beyond human proportional ranges. Haruka and Michiru are slightly in that direction (and definitely don't look like teenagers), but not so severe (especially not Michiru).

Hotaru actually looked like a teenager usually. Except when she was a baby.

Chibi-usa starts off tiny and does actually look like a little kid. Then she gets way bigger as Sailor Chibi-Moon (I think it's a deliberate change, at least in the manga?) and looks Hotaru's size (but they aren't really seen together like that much and she's somehow shorter than Sailor Saturn in the few shots where it comes up, IIRC). But there's that weird shot in the second credits for SuperS where they have Chibi-usa back to back with Sailor Chibi Moon at the same height, and had to compromise (mostly by making Sailor Chibi Moon very short in that shot).

Chibi-Chibi looks like a super deformed UFO catcher come to life. Are we sure she doesn't have AA batteries hidden in her back? It might explain some things.

Rei's grandpa likewise is a characature beyond the point of seeming like the same species. I've seen this look a few other times, the tiny old people. But Mamoru could pick him up and hold him like a small child!

Umino is a weird case. In the manga he often looks like an unshaded, single-pass scribbly outline. In the anime he hews closer to human proportions, but is just a little bit off. His limbs always seem stubby, his face shape is different to accommodate his glasses (so is Princess Dia's in episode 22; her face changes shape a little when her glasses fall off), his ears re big circles and his hands are kinda abstracted and stubby. Everything about Umino is kinda stubbly, except his arm and leg length, which expands to be just slightly short of Naru and Usagi's (but there were enough goofy SD-esque shots in season 1 that they occasionally become very stubby themselves all of a sudden in certain shots, as opposed to the majority of shots where they are much more mature looking).

Basically, it seems to me like the logic they were using (for girls, anyway; guys defalt to being tall bishonen or weird charicatures) goes like this:

- The head size never changes much.

Toddlers (Chibi Chibi)- Tiny tiny limbs, smaller than babies. Absolutely enormous eyes that could fit both their tiny fists in a single eye.

Children (Chibi-usa in R)- Small limbs, but much more reasonable.

Older children (Stars Hotaru, Chibi-usa in SuperS)- Kinda long limbs, looking like teenagers. Eyes start to get slightly smaller.

Very young teenagers (S Hotaru)- Slightly longer limbs still, looking like mature teenagers for sure. Not too different yet, but then...

14 year olds (The Inner Senshi in season 1 and 2) - Long limbs and full breasts, look like adults. Eye size is still fairly big but reasonable.

16 year olds (Haruka and Michiru)- Longer limbs still, could not be mistaken for teenagers by anybody. Maybe lipstick. Eyes get smaller.

18 - 40 (Sailor Pluto, the Inners in the last scene of R)- Even longer limbs and definite lipstick (unless your name is Haruna Sakurada), you are too stretched out to pass for a regular human. Eyes get smaller still and are kind of thin even if they never were before.

40+ - You start getting wrinkles and look kinda ugly. (That snooty lonely rich lady with the soup in SuperS who yells at a cashier at the beginning.)

Old person (Rei's grandpa, probably some rando or something) - suddenly you are very stubby again. Perhaps your limbs became brittle and snapped off, or retreated like reverse bamboo shoots.

The problem for me as a fanartist is, wanting to draw these characters in their early 20s, I am strongly inclined to draw them similar to how they looked at 14 instead of making their limbs insanely long or giving them lipstick (I don't really like lips anyway).

In contrast, I think something like the Love Hina manga (not the anime; the anime was ugly) gets a more believable age range, with regard to characters age 12 to 20 looking their ages. But I think they were still going for generally a more sexy sort of look than cutesy, so mostly I would just say Sailor Moon makes everybody kinda stretched out.
Feb 3, 2017
Planet Nemesis
Death Metal Papillon said:
Would you guys like to have a moe adaptation of Sailor Moon? Do you think it should have been done instead of Crystal? Since magical girl genre is usually close with moe, I want to know your opinions about it.
Moe meaning animated in the Precure/K-On style? Or that they would be younger characters? It would be great if they could have a completely different series with a completely different plot after Stars is dubbed and Crystal is finished. A "Sailor Moe" at a younger age with a completely different story would be a great idea.
Sep 17, 2014
Clow said:
Rika-Chicchi said:
I think the character designs of Crystal S3 are already quite moe. :P
Yeah, me too.
I don't agree with you guys there, but yeah S3 makes them look younger indeed.
I'm not talking about specific young characters like Chibiusa, but everyone. What I mean is something extreme;
redblade7 said:
Moe meaning animated in the Precure/K-On style?
Those plus
MariaTenebre said:
I would hate that I prefer the Senshi to look like sexy young ladies.
I agree with you there, Sailor Moon would not be the same without those looks imo. That's one of the reasons I wondered about this. Would everyone be okay with Lucky Star-ish character designs? (Nobody's age or character traits will change)


Lumen Cinererum
Apr 1, 2017
It could be cute, buuuut there's always tradeoffs and I'm sure some people would be mad. It's kind of the opposite extreme from what they did in the 90s with making 14-year-olds look 20; with a Lucky Star-type style, 14-year-olds would look like children instead.

It also makes me think of that one scene in the SuperS movie with the candy house (or the intro scenes where they're actually supposed to be kids).

What would it mean for the bishonen-type male characters, though, like Mamoru or Nephrite? Would they also be shrunken down, or what exactly? If the age gap looked any more severe, people would probably freak out about it. ^_^'

And what about androgynous characters like Zoisite and Fish Eye, or the issue with the Starlights' transformations if they were to change sexes like in the '90s anime? (Seiya was pretty manly in his civilian form, and Sailor Star Maker never looked terribly feminine with that hairdo.)


Aurorae Lunares
Dec 20, 2011
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Oh I'd watch that in a heartbeat if they were voiced by the 90s Japanese cast.

And @Mitsukara: yeah, "Tomoe" (土萠) is made up of characters that read as "earth/soil" and "bud/sprout" which ties into the concept of Saturn's sickle, raising crops, etc. Apparently the slang term "moe" does indeed come from this kanji as it refers to a "budding" young adolescent girl (that sounds creepy but you get what I mean), but at the same time, I don't think Tomoe Hotaru is a very "moe" character based on the traditional concepts behind "moe" designs. The Wiki page for "moe" cites Rei Ayanami from Evangelion as being one of the first characters to really break the stereotypes of what "moe" might mean, and she came after Hotaru. I really just think it's a coincidence. Hotaru doesn't have bright-colored hair and is generally a gloomy girl. But I suppose "moe" can mean lots of things nowadays.
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