Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

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Apr 18, 2016
Massachusetts, USA
The eye style is different from Season 3 as I see it. While it's similar, it's not the same.
• The top eye shine has changed. It has moved more to the center. Due to this, it can't cross over to the side of the pupil, so I think it covers less of the pupil. In addition, it may have become more circular, but I'm not sure.
• I think there's less of the lighter color in the bottom of the iris. If there isn't, then I think it's a darker color. The main color of the iris might be darker, too.
• For Usagi, Ami, and Makoto, the top of the iris doesn't border the eyelid/eyelash (there's the white part of the eye in between). I think there isn't any white space in between for Minako because she's turning her head.
Some pics that I used to compare to season 3: ... a6e1c2.jpg ... r2016a.jpg
(I know the last one isn't the best example due to it not using the exact colors from the season)
If I got anything wrong, or you see something differently than I do, feel free to correct me. :)


Lumen Cinererum
Jun 1, 2014
Joaco95 said:
:eeklez: What the heck is that.
Awful. The washed out colours, the plastic bubbly hair, the lack of shiny details in gemstones and brooches, the rounded faces.
Absolutely disgusting. My niece 3 yo could do much better.
This is not even decent for Precure.


Staff member
Site Admin
May 7, 2009
^ Thx. :) And the Venus one is also there - it's just that it isn't shown separately like the others on that page you linked (I also wonder why lol ).


Aurorae Lunares
Jan 7, 2014
Dark Kingdom
Onuzim Ima said:
OMG In every incarnation whatsoever, they'll still make Ami look like she's about to wet herself (or already did so... *eeeew*) :mischief:
She's the soldier with water powers, meaning that she's technically always wet

...scratch that.