SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL - Valentine's Day Tribute 2021

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Feb 12, 2021
This is the Crystal version.. and shows up why, for me, Season 01 Crystal Aesthetics works better than SM Classic, even if Classic has better art and animation.

As before.. it's a simple and classic editing of various scenes, with (mostly) only hard cuts used and a very slow pace; a gentle and delicate editing which I think it's perfectly suited for the romantic mood the tribute was aiming to achieve.

I edited the footage trying to be as respectful as possible of the original work, as an heartfelt tribute to something I liked and its creators.

My intent wasn't to create a fancy music videoclip but, instead, trying to build up and convey a sort of "emotional flow" through the editing. (by the way.. this is my very first editing )

Hoping someone will enjoy, Chris.

Only free open-source software used: KDENLIVE for all the video editing - BLENDER intro gfx