Sailor Moon getting Precure treatment, would it work?

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Luna Nova
Jan 7, 2010
Like, Toei making out of franchise something long lasting, not one endless story like Detective Conan, but each year new set of characters, with their own setting, direction, plot, and enemies, but with recognizable tropes of what makes Sailor Moon Sailor Moon.

Basically, unlike Crystal that it doesn't try to be closer to source material than 90s anime, but that it makes enjoyable anime only inspired by ideas, and themes of Sailor Moon.


Staff member
Site Admin
Jan 3, 2006
After marketing and promoting the same characters for some 30 years, it's kind of too late for any experiments with completely new cast. The current approach of releasing regular remakes and reprints, while keeping the same characters and the same story, apparently works fine enough, and there isn't any reason why it wouldn't work for a few more decades. Toei and Naoko would never allow any drastic and risky changes to their well established strategy.


Lumen Cinereum
Apr 1, 2020
Keep using the same team? No.

As much as I LOVE the 90s anime, StarS' ending sucks(the entire season was overall fine), but it should have ended. The manga has a great ending and nothing else should happen after that.

Make a new generation? Probably, but it's too late to talk about it because there are way too many similar series.

Toei probably would keep go with SM if it was their original series so they could keep the full profit. Which is why Precure was created.