Sailor Moon KiSS Dolls (no, not the band)

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Jun 30, 2010
This is reaching back into the old, old days of the fandom, but once upon a time, people made Sailor Moon dress-up KiSS Dolls, which were basically dress-up dolls for Sailor Moon characters. While there seem to be some variants, the style of KiSS Dolls I was introduced to were pixel art renditions of the characters. I wonder if anyone else remembers these? I wouldn't want them do simply die with this hard drive, so here goes a blast from the past.

First up is Sailor Moon, but dressed as Princess Serenity for some reason. Or, alternately, it is Princess Serenity with Sailor Moon's various barrettes and tiara.

Next is Super Sailor Moon and Eternal Sailor Moon in the same GIF for some reason.

There were even original characters designed for this thing. Here's one lady, presumably of water:

Does anyone else remember these or have more to share?
Aug 11, 2010
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Jun 17, 2017
There is a discrete amount of kiss files on this site, due to some content not all of them are suitable for people under 18.
File kiss

I remember that at the end of the 90's in Italy there was a magazine dedicated to manga and anime called "benkyo", it included a cd rom and I, not having internet, found everything inside them fantastic.
there were desktop themes, fanart, icons, midi files, kiss files, games all related to anime and videogames plus anime reviews.
I think I still have some CDs in my house. Some of the images you put in are of file kisses that I took a look at the times, the first one has a Sailormoon / Serenity that you could change clothes, poses and hairstyles to.
Some kiss files had midi files inside them, I remember then that they often paid homage to Sailormoon by inserting themed clothes also for characters from other series.