Sailor Moon Musical - Nogizaka 46 ver (06/2018 / 09/2018)

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Lapis Lunaris
Sep 26, 2018
I went to see todays performance of the musical by team moon. As it was expected there were mainly nogizaka fans there, meaning mainly men.

The play itself was very well done there were a view changes to the story but nothing too dramatic. Sailor Moons singing was really not the best, but the other senshis were quiet good.
I especially enjoyed mars and jupiters singing.

As for the acting I think all of them did a great job I liked the dynamic of the stage changes and also the transformation of the senshis were really well done.

In the end after the musical ended there were a short life of nogizaka, that's when they sang la soldier and moonlight densetsu and some more songs. During that short life the nogizaka fans were allowed to use lightsticks which they did while cheering for their favourite member ^^'

All in all it was a great musical and I enjoyed the appearance of naru and umino very much I hope to see them in more future musicals.
Mar 8, 2012
Just finished watching the musical. It wasn't perfect, of course, but it was a ton of fun, absolutely the spectacle I was hoping for, and Sayuri might just be my favorite Usagi of all time! (And Mikako >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yuga.)

The songs were very EDM and a bit lowkey --- it was kind of more of a play with some songs/recurring motifs now and then than what I'd consider a full-fledged musical --- but they felt very sonically cohesive. The choreography was KILLER and all the video/projection effects were amazing. My only complaints really are with some of the costumes, the pacing, and how the Dark Kingdom and Silver Millennium stuff was handled; I think "La Reconquista" did a lot better in those regards.

SPOILERS!!! (Tried to use the spoiler tag, but it doesn't seem to be working???)

- Phobos and Deimos appear as puppets
- Miss Haruna also appears (though she's a very...budget Miss Haruna, played of course by one of the chorus members)
- There's a bit of a DIC dub influence with "Mercury Shine Aqua Illusion" and "Jupiter Supreme Thunder"
- They basically merged the "Masquerade" chapter and Jupiter's intro chapter together
- There's no Princess Serenity dress. Instead, we got Sayuri playing Princess Serenity...while still dressed as Sailor Moon. Awkward.
- They tease Chibiusa's arrival at the end, so... NogiMyu R next year, perhaps?
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Sep 11, 2014
Just skimmed through Team Star's performance since I didnt have the time to sit through the entire musical- looks amazing! Singing could be better in some places, but over all awesome. And hearing newmyu do some classic songs almost made me cry, i was so happy!!
Oct 11, 2003
I used a downloader program to grab it off
Hmm thanks that was a quck easy find. Just got it running through VPN.

Of all the things on a Russian network ? o.O


Just scanned through it - yes the staging / production values are good but sorry the vocals are I hope that production values continue but we revert to actresses who can actually hold themsleves vocally without needing a idol production company to make them sound good.


Nogizaka46 Ver. "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Musical)" Musical (Nogizaka46) Blu-ray

Blu-ray is up on CD Japan - 3 discs in total.

What's surprising is it's NOT King Records releasing it....
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Mar 8, 2012
Did you watch the Team MOON performance or the Team STAR? I feel like overall the Team STAR cast was definitely better at singing, but Team MOON's Sailor Mercury was better than Star's, and Team MOON's Sailor Moon wasn't as terrible as I thought she would be. In any case, I felt like both teams were at least on par with the New Myu casts.