Sailor Moon R movie on Crunchyroll

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Aurorae Lunares
Oct 31, 2009
Wallington, NJ

Sailor Moon R: The Movie - Watch on Crunchyroll

Both English sub & dub are up for view in the US & Canada only.

Guess the new deal with Crunchyroll & Viz is FINALLY starting to take effect now after it was announced 3 months ago so everything they currently have will slowly start appearing on the site (and by slow I mean slow since their previous deal with FUNi led to issues with getting a lot of their old shows up before that deal went south).

EDIT: The English dub looks to use the same digital master that's available everywhere else since it has the same English credits that was also used for it's theatrical run here. As for the sub, it's the same as the discs with Japanese credits plus it uses the current Viz logo instead of the previous one that the dub stream uses.


English staff credits for those who can't rely on ANN's Encyclopedia page (since these credits are not on the discs).
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Sep 6, 2014
This is somewhat surprising.

I mean I would have expect Viz to have uploaded the R movie after they uploaded the S dub but after the SuperS series dub came on Hulu I figured Viz was never going to upload their movies.