Screengrabs Of Stunt Doubles.

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Lapis Lunaris
Feb 20, 2004
There's a picture that's supposed to be Miyuu with the Moon stick, but it doesnt look like her at all. I always thought it was a stunt double. When I find the link I'll post it.

That just doesnt seem to look like her in my opinon.

I hope I did that right. I hope I didn't break a rule since I'm not sure.
Sep 10, 2003
Phoenix AZ
Well, there's a reason why it doesn't look like her. She is moving in action, and its a screen "grab", so it turns out all blurry. Myuu, or however her name is really spelt, is also very flexible. So, I think that one is actually of her.

But usually, it isn't hard to spot the stunt doubles, just about most scenes that can be remotly dangerous to do, its a stunt double. Sad, I would want to do my own stunts ^_^
I would think that the producers need stunt doubles for the purpose of keeping the main characters in place. I mean, would you want the show postponed for a week because Mako-chan hurt her jaw off a fighting scene or another character tripping? That would be horrible!

Props to the cameramen, though. They keep the G-Rockets people unseen with the blurred part.

I'll try to find some pictures, but most likely I'll have to use handy dandy VirtualDub, which I'll do later. ^_^


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 28, 2004
Monkey D. Luffy said:
Myuu, or however her name is really spelt, is also very flexible. So, I think that one is actually of her.
I'm actually pretty sure that that isn't her in that picture, simply judging by the way she fights when it's her for sure. Her punches and kicks are certainly lacking, and actually, all of the sailors are lacking a certain grace when they fight. I doubt that anything that looks remotely cool is really them. Except for Jupiter's fight with Kunzite. Because that was awesome. Anyway, even though Miyuu may be able to lift her leg that high, there's no way that she could kick with that kind of power if she can't even make her normal kicks look realistic.

Personally, I think it's probably Takana Yatsuhiro of the G-Rockets. (website:

As for that Venus stunt double... I can't figure out which of those girls she is. Ooh! Let's try to identify all the stunt doubles!