Setsuna Meiou 90s anime question

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Systema Solare
Jul 22, 2009
Hi guys I have a question about Setsuna in the 90s anime not necessarily the manga. Setsuna was different in a major respect from the 90s anime in that she didn't die in Sailor Moon R in the Black Moon Clan arc but rather in the 90s anime in S. Which was a shame as her manga death was way cooler as the force to snap Chibiusa out of her Black Lady brainwashing. However the interesting part is atleast in S in that season was that she was never sent back in time to be reincarnated in between R and S. Rather her Setsuna Meiou identity was a pseudonym she took as opposed to being reincarnated in the past in a hypothetical Meiou family. Tuxedo Unmasked did an article on why Setsuna's story in the series dosen't make any sense. Now while I do have some disagreements with his interpretations none the less it can be sketchy and weird and even plot holey at times. However this question concerns Setsuna's career in the 90s anime only I guess specifically what we see in the S season as that is the only season I think she was every shown working or even in school of any type. In the manga I believe atleast originally Setsuna was said to be a Freshman College Student studying at K.O. University studying Elementart Physics. Now I won't go into the manga stuff about Setsuna working at the Tokyo Bay Astronomy or her being a Nurse at Chibiusa and Hotaru's school in Sailor Stars. My question rather is was Setsuna still a University student in the 90s anime. I remember her at one point I think working in a lab and one of the Death Buster's creations busting out and causing chaos however I checked K.O. University on wikimoon the school where Setsuna was said to attend and it says she attended said school only in the manga not I guess in the 90s anime. So my question is if that isn't the school she attended in the 90s anime then what school did she attend or did she attend any at all and was rather a working adult I guess?

K.O. University - WikiMoon