Shokujo's Six Sisters

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Lumen Cinereum
Jul 22, 2009
Hi guys ever since reading the Chibiusa's Picture Diaries Story about Tanabata I have been fascinated about the Holiday. I have looked it up and of course it is called Qixi in China and Shokujo is called Zhinu and Kengyu is called Niulang. Shokujo/Zhinu's Father Tentei in Japan is the Jade Emperor in China and her Mother is the Queen Mother of the West. I know in the Qixi myth it is stated that Shokujo/Zhinu is one of Seven Sisters however I have looked everywhere and can't find the other Sisters name. I was thinking of doing more in my Sailor Moon fanfic with the spirits of Tanabata and I was wondering does anyone know the names of Shokujo/Zhinu's Six Other Sisters and are they also Star Goddesses representing a Star in the sky too?