Special Act Opinions

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Lapis Lunaris
Oct 11, 2003
D-town, MI
My aunt is here and she needs to use the computer and then we have to go, so I can't give my full opinions. I was expecting to hate this from what I read here but I actually liked it! It was really cute. A kiss would have been nice, though. If my aunt's Internet starts working again I'll post later.


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 22, 2004
Argh! I need a transcript! I really need a transcript! I couldn't understand what they were talking about!

Overall, I think this is the one episode I like most! Lolx... Maybe because the shittenous rocks like dancing volcanos in here!!! I totally love them!!! and shibby too! He is so super cute in here as well!! I don't think I can sleep already...

I think Miyuu as Queen Serenity is quite watchable... hehe... she's ok. I'm okay with it. I really like her dubbed voice too, sounded really... delicate...

Mio absolutely looked prettier compared to the old episodes BUT she looked weird in the queen of hearts outfit.. why the heck would she have a dog? I don't understand how she revived, how she got powers and all her hecks...

All the senshis looked more and more attractive! Rei totally made me go whoop! It's a waste that she didn't appear more, and how COULD they left Rei out of the final henshin? Ain't that a little un-united?

They really got me when the real shittenou appeared and blasted the fake ones. I really never thought that Mio had the clowns faked into the shittenous. The way they walked when they caught up to Mamoru and Usagi towards the end was quite funny, especially Zoicite... I was into laughing hiccups when I saw him walk... haha.. I had to replay and replay and replay again.

Shittenou rocks my world! Kunzite was super macho, Zoicite was super cool, Nephrite looked more decent here and Jadeite was cute too! I don't think I can ever sleep now... I am so in a highy mood.... *hiccups*

Oh ya, their wedding was quite funny as well! :P

Guess who got the bouquet? Lolx...

Minako and Rei were funny when both were standing side by side behind Usagi, waiting for the bouquet but pretending to look tough and not desperate to each other... haha..

Naru and the other girls were super highy and their shrieks made me hard to stand.. *sweats* It's a shame that the shittenous didn't stand with them, still happy that they did attend the wedding ceremony but uncool that they couldn't just slip into human choths for once and join in the fun... I WANT ANOTHER SPECIAL ACT JUST FOCUSING ON THEM AND THEIR LIVES DANG IT!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 27, 2003
Too lazy at the moment to read through everyone's posts. ^^;; Anyway, I just finished watching it. I thought it was pretty lame. I did like some of the cheesiness of the series, but this was just too much.

The only thing I really liked was what happened after Usagi tossed her bouquet. ^-^ So cute!
SailorMoon said:
- no Nef/Ami
*puts gun against head* :cry:
My sentiments exactly. Not that I ever expected that they would, because my faith in PGSM started dropping after Act 36 and plummeted after Act 44.

My DVD didn't come today, but, after reading Shingetsu's transcript, I don't really give a damn. I think the best thing I read was Nae's wonderful interjections scattered throughout. Maybe seeing it will make it better, but I doubt it. I'm not really looking forward to this at all.


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 6, 2004
Once I saw Rei got hurt I started friggin rejoicing because I can't stand Rei/ Sailor Mars in PGSM at all. Then came Mamo and the shitennou. They were lamer than ever. I expected pretty bad acting as usual from Shibue and I was in for a shock. I didn't think his acting could get any worse, this act proved me wrong. They also completely changed the Shitennou's personalities (and I'm not even talking about those stupid pierrot versions). Way to go senshi! Fighting for 40 seconds! WTF WAS THAT!?!? Mio didn't really seem like a threat at all. The only real part I liked about this special act was Makoto's spotlight (and the lack of rei/sailor mars). This was just plain BAD. What I didn't understand is how Usagi and Mamo passed everyone while they were on the motorcycle. Did they circle the block millions of times after they left or what? Do they not have a honeymoon to go on?? How is it possible that Makoto and Motoki (who are WALKING) are ahead of Usagi and Mamo (who are on a friggin MOTORCYCLE)? Whatever.

This episode is rated D for Disgusting.


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 28, 2004
Ami at the wedding looked like a princess. The "daddy's little princess" type who's playing dress up. They managed to make her look younger than she did in the show. @_@

I was so disappointed. I didn't expect Ami/Neph all that much, though it was depressing they didn't even acknowledge each other's presence. But even the Shitennou didn't get any character development (besides Jadeite being hyper while not under Beryl's control). Makoto was the only one other than Usagi and Mamoru to get any development.

And Usagi and Mamoru's relationship seemed to have gone backwards from where they were at the end of the series. Mamoru didn't seem the least bit interested and acted like the wedding was something he was obligated to do since they'd been dating so long. (It's like his relationship with Hina, in fact.) Or how I imagine the anime version turning out (since the past was the only reason they fell in love, and the future being the only reason they stayed together.)

I'm gonna try to forget the special act and pretend Act 49 was the last of it.
Dec 8, 2003
I loved this act! It was wonderful! I love the Usagi and Mamoru scenes. They are so sweet and romantic. The Special episode was so touching. As I watched, I kept hoping for a kiss. Their were so many great moments during this act. One of my favorite scenes is the flashback where Usagi and Mamoru are looking into the sunset and Mamoru places a ring in Usagi's hand, asking her to marry him. Then Usagi runs over to Mamoru who is looking into the sunset and grabs his arm. It was so sweet. I loved Usagi and Mamoru's wedding. They were so great together. I also loved the scene when Mamoru saved Usagi and gave her the ring. I love Tuxedo Kamen. This episode was great. Best episode ever!!! I loved this episode!!! Also, for anyone who asks, in the anime, they fell in love before they got together. They love each other for who they are. Each special kiss they share is for each other. This episode was so sweet, romantic and touching. It showed my favorite couple, Usagi and Mamoru, with so many wonderful scenes and I loved Mamoru and Usagi's wedding and the Special Act was a wonderful episode!


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 28, 2004
Usagi and Mamoru said:
I loved this act! It was wonderful! I love the Usagi and Mamoru scenes. They are so sweet and romantic. The Special episode was so touching. As I watched, I kept hoping for a kiss. Their were so many great moments during this act. One of my favorite scenes is the flashback where Usagi and Mamoru are looking into the sunset and Mamoru places a ring in Usagi's hand. Then Usagi runs over to Mamoru who is looking into the sunset and grabs his arm. I loved Usagi and Mamoru's wedding. They were so great together. I also loved the scene when Mamoru saved Usagi and gave her the ring. I love Tuxedo Kamen. This episode was great. Best episode ever!!! I loved this episode!!!
Obligatory quote.

Now for my opinion.
I just finished it. It was... okay. WAY too many "WTF!?" moments to be enjoyable. I liked the ending until Usagi ripped off her dress and ruined it.
Minako was by far my favorite in this. She kicked ass and took names. I'm looking forward to Act Zero moreso now.
...and she was hot when she busted in on that motorcycle. :D

And, Plazzy, like I told you - everyone was ahead of them because they stopped for a quickie.
Dec 23, 2003
pgsmrocks said:
totally spazzing out here!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:

Welcome back Sailorwintersonata and Sailor Donut!! :D

I had to travel yesterday so I totally missed out :roll: I had to set up my computer just to check out the forums. :P

Miyuu as Queen Serenity? :wtf: I almost agree but I reserve judgement until I see it.

thanks for the pic Donut!
Hey, pgsmrocks!! :) Glad to be back in this wonderful and will never forget forum!! Ahh, I hope you can watch the special act soon!! Hope to hear from you ASAP!! :D


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 13, 2004
Dude. What a lame way to propose marriage to the one you love. He didn't say anything to her, even after she ran up to him. But I suppose it evens out with the fact that Shibue looked hotter than ever in this act.

They should have never had Chisaki/Rika try to speak english. I had to listen to what she said the first time more than once to figure out what she was talking about. I still have no idea what she said the second time.

I actually thought the Queen Serenity stuff was okay. It would have been nicer to have her played by someone else, but I think dubbing over Miyuu was an okay alternative.

Rei needed to be in this act more. It's lame that she didn't even fight with the rest of the senshi, especially for the planet attack (which was poorly animated in my opinion)

Even though it was hilarious to see the shitennou clowns, it just hurt to see them actually acting all goofy knowing that usually the "real" guys are pretty serious. Jadeite acting all hyper was cute, but I'm not sure that was the right direction to go.

I'm really sad that there weren't any Neph/Ami moments. It was pretty clear in the regular show that they were hinting at something, and they didn't even do anything about it in the Special Act. :/

Overall, I did think this was an alright episode. Could have been improved by making it a regular 2 hour movie instead of 1, that way the could have more time to develop some plot ideas and relationships. *sigh* Hopefully act zero will be better in the sense that they only have to focus on Minako's story, and not have to worry about everybody else.
Dec 23, 2003
One more thing that I totally forgot when I was watching the Special Act. Why didn't we have any new songs? Remember the one from "The Complete Songs Album"? Happy Times from Akaya? I swear I thought since of September that it will be appearing in the Special Act!! :wtf: But, I didn't hear it!! Did anyone hear this song being play?

****Never mind found the answer to my complains!! It was on the TV when Minako sang her song!! BAKA ME!!!


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 9, 2003
United States
Shingetsu's transcript is up already! I thought this movie was a pretty good finale. Yes it did leave many unexplained elements. My opinions has lots of spoilers so, I'll be making it white.

I was annoyed how they don't explain anything about Queen Serenity. And they didn't explain how the legendary sword was located on Earth.

First big question, how does Luna transform without the Silver Crystal?
Rei was so creepy in the beginning! But her scene was so cool. The way she tossed away her business clothes and appeared in her priestess robes. But did anyone notice that during her little calligraphy session, you could see Rei scribbling on the sheet and the entire sheet was full of black swipes. And then the scene changes to show another sheet with perfect calligraphy. :P I felt that they should have better people to check for these kinds of little errors.

The clown scene when they first appeared was so... :grey: Mio is crazy. She should've remained in her black outfit.

The biggest gripe I have is how they don't explain how Ami get away from that monster. And they don't explain how Minako gets away either. However, Minako riding in on that motorcyle was so hot!

Mamoru's proposal to Usagi was so lame. Who would marry that guy? :| I know that Asians are sort of embarrassed to show affection in public but still, it is a proposal. "Just thrust it in her hand and walk away." :|

I liked how they had the Shitennou fighting for most of the movie instead of the senshi. But, Zoisite should've used his green energy attack from the TV series. But it's good to know what he can do with his powers.

Most of all, I'm glad there wasn't any ballet-fu in this! :P Makoto punched! Swords slayed and poked! :P The Senshi's fight scene at the end was cool too. They did add a few cartwheels here and there but it was done well. And no slow-mo either! :D They finally put their weapons to good use! The Sailor Planet Attack sequence was badly done though. Not as creative as Moonlight Attractive Attack. The ending was beautiful. Usagi remembering the sweet times. That was another scene that almost made me cry. :P Finally, where did Mio get her power from? Metaria was destroyed.

Why did Usagi cry at the end? She reminisced about the times when they first met and that their fighting days are over but they will still be friends right? They can still do reunions right?

I highly recommend this, yes there are a lot of unexplained elements and lame clowns, but otherwise, it's a really good ending. :)


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 27, 2004
Was it just me or did they imply that Usagi was pregnant? I thought it was weird that she felt sick with the puff balls and rushed to the bathroom, and then when Usagi and Mamoru were locked up, her stomache was growling... am I totally reading between the lines or did anyone else think this?