Strongest vs Weakest Sailor Moon Characters

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Lapis Lunaris
Feb 4, 2019
Sailor Moon: The 15 Most Powerful Characters Of All Time (And The 5 Weakest)

I wouldn't call Tuxedo Kaman a strong character. What irks me about this article is that they use the old DiC term Sailor Scouts, despite they based most of their information on Crystal/90's Japanese anime.

Discuss if you want.
I wouldn't necessarily call tuxedo powerful either, but to the actual plot he's extremely powerful. Especially since he does the play the role of sailor moon's love interest.
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Tuxedo Kevin

Lumen Cinereum
Nov 22, 2016
"When it came down to the final battle, it didn't even take the whole group of Scouts to beat her; becoming 'Super Beryl', she faced off against Sailor Moon (as Princess Serenity) and was soundly defeated."

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Luna Crescens
Apr 1, 2017
There's more than one way to define powerful, and you kind of need to specify if you're going to try to make a list and categorize. "Powerful" might mean:
  1. In terms of raw physical strength and abilities
  2. In terms of personal skill and cleverness (which can result in victories for those with less raw strength... so it's a blurry line with that one)
  3. In terms of emotional strength
  4. Has an important role / has far-reaching implications
  5. At a stretch, it might even mean "in terms of emotional impact/importance to the viewer".

You have to specify which you're listing by, because I could claim Umino is one of the most powerful categories on the basis of that fourth and, debatably, the third.... and I seriously doubt most people would have Umino on their short list for "most powerful".

As for my choices offhand...

Going by 1, I'd say Galaxia is probably the strongest (in the anime; in the manga I'm guessing Sailor Cosmos). Anime Usagi's victory is not by overcoming Galaxia's raw power directly (honestly, it's not by skill per se either, but more of an emotional and ethical appeal- unexpected kindness, as is Usagi's key power). Anime Mamoru rates very low by this standard, because he never winds any fights directly and when he's left to try it, he tends to get wounded and even killed at times. (Obviously, Umino and Naru rate very low by this standard.)

Going by 2... hmm. Not a lot of tactics and chess-mastering in Sailor Moon, and people that try it (like Wiseman) tend to do it badly in some key aspect. Ami is pretty clever and good at thinking things through... and Mamoru isn't bad either honestly. Usagi's not as bad at this as she seems, either, as it's easy to take her for granted when she's thought things through a bit more deeply.

Going by 3, Usagi is obviously at the top of the list, despite day-to-day appearances. But she has a lot of competition, as this is really what the show's all about.

Going by 4.... that's a little too subjective for me to judge but Usagi and Mamoru do both rate pretty highly for being so vital to the major events.

Honestly though, ranking characters by their power seems silly to me in a story like this; that kind of mindset makes more sense in Dragon Ball.

Besides which, Naru is the best character.