SuperS is worse upon rewatch

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Apr 9, 2019
Man, I actually used to be one of the defenders of SuperS but I have to admit, now that I'm up in age and am rewatching the series in its entirety again, SuperS gets more and more difficult to sit through. As a teenager, I generally always ranked it below what I considered the "great" seasons (Classic, S and Stars) but above R, which I considered the worst. Now after rewatching them, though, I'm almost inclined to place R before SuperS. There's a lot of things I don't like about R, such as the breakup arc, Chibi-usa and her brattiness, and some deviations from the manga, but the one thing I can say for it is it's a relatively well-paced and well-written season. SuperS just really suffers from some horrible pacing and writing, the whole thing feels so meandering and pointless because it's literally almost all filler up until the 6-part finale, and not even good filler at that. I do like Fish Eye and his redemption episode, and some of the comedic episodes are fun, and the finale actually is really awesome. I even like the story concept of SuperS a lot, I love stuff that's surreal and dreamlike, it's just the poor execution that drags it down. Whereas I'm not as keen on the story concept of R, but it's much more effectively plotted and executed.

I think one of the biggest things was the romance between Chibiusa and Helios/Pegasus... as a teenager, I found it cute and endearing to watch. Now as an adult, it just bores me... I find myself really wishing that the season included the Outers and stuck closer to the manga storyline, as many have stated. Also worth noting is that I wonder wtf Ikuhara was doing exactly while making SuperS... I'm actually a big Ikuhara fan and pretty much everything else he's made that I've seen (Sailor Moon S, Penguindrum, Revolutionary Girl Utena) is among some of my favorite anime of all time.... so how did he go so wrong?? I'm hoping that maybe the failure of SuperS is maybe more due to the writers they had on staff and not so much Ikuhara....


Lumen Cinereum
Jul 5, 2009
I'm hoping that maybe the failure of SuperS is maybe more due to the writers they had on staff and not so much Ikuhara....
I think its more of executive meddling. It reflects a lot in the video games most especially the PS1 and Saturn's so called Sailormoon Various Emotions.

He had a great idea with :haruka: and :mihiru: being the anti-heroes (I guess) but those ideas went to Utena.

Starting at 1:12 those scenes would have been in the scrapped SuperS movies.

The series itself is like a dream.


Luna Crescens
Nov 8, 2018
I don't like SuperS. Too much Chibiusa. Well, after rewatching parts of it, I enjoyed some of the funny filler episodes, for instance, the Venus/Jupiter Power-Up episode in the kindergarden is hilarious. I can't stand the Amazoness quartet, they are just invincible brats and have no weakness and little personality. The finale, together with the Nehelenia arc in Stars, is quite original. Still, I'm looking forward to see Eternal Sailor Moon kick some evil queens ass:



Staff member
Site Admin
Jan 3, 2006
More than twenty years have passed already, but every few weeks we inevitably have a new SuperS/Chibiusa bashing thread. No matter how many times we talked about it in the past, we never get tired or bored, and are always ready for another fresh round.

I say SuperS was the most brilliant idea of the entire series. It keeps the series and its fandom alive defying all trends and time. :sheep:
Oct 7, 2018
IMO, SuperS would have been much better if it had not told the story from Chibiusa’s perspective!

I don’t care about her little kid problems and thoughts!

If Usagi has remained the main character for SuperS and the story has been told from her perspective, it could have been great.
Jan 16, 2018
well toei wanted to concentrate with the childs fans of sailor moon so they focus more on chibiusa, and well some episodes are good like some people pointed out, but yeah in comparation of the manga well... thats why i wait for the crystal movies, is my favorites season with all the fantasy elements about dreams and it haves the more beautiful music, but yeah this series is like first episode than the least like 5 episodes have story the others ones well only chibiusaxhelios relationship
Sep 6, 2014
well toei wanted to concentrate with the childs fans of sailor moon so they focus more on chibiusa
The demographic for Sailor Moon is literally grade school girls. There was never a time when the focus wasn’t on child fans.

Chibi Usa was a primary focus in the Dream arc as well this wasn’t something the anime made up.


Luna Nova
Feb 9, 2018
To be honest, to me, I think the reason for this focus group failing is from the way I see it, the SuperS series, together with the Nehellina Arc in Stars, felt more focused on Chibiusa a lot (until the final episode with Nehellina in Stars when Chibiusa temporarily disappeared and the perspective finally shifted back to Usagi since then). At least that's how it felt to me