The downfall of J-pop?

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May 7, 2009
The election manifesto of a 5th-generation member in SNH48's 2nd team who's transferred from & the former captain of their old 5th team, for the current SNHG General election, in which she makes a guided tour around the various parts of their exclusive theater's backstage, released today:

The young looking but actually older girl is also a member of their newest subgroup formally debutting shortly.

Another one, of a 4th-generation member in their 4th team for the same election, also released today:

The charismatic & eccentric girl has been hit by a couple of scandals recently (not gonna detail them here), mostly of her own making due to her personality, which, on the other hand, also contributes to her creativity, as seen in her above election manifesto. She's also a member of the abovementioned subgroup.

A poster of the the same election, featuring the #8-ranked member returned from the last election, who's a 1st-generation member in & the current deputy captain of their 1st team:

The veteran is also a member of their elite subgroup 7SENSES. :)
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