The flaws of S season

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Lumen Cinereum
Apr 1, 2020
I do think Usagi does sometimes come off a little too naive. I mean, it is one thing to not want to kill an enemy possessing a friend, but it is another matter when handing over a powerful object to them that could help destroy the world.

I think, initially, the first Daimon was scary, since it could survive Usagi's final attack from the previous season. But once she upgrades, they become more of a joke. The writers could have tried to make the Daimons strong enough to force the Inners to upgrade, rather than maintain their old attacks and only have the Outers have effective attacks.

And yes, it might have been more poetic if the Outers and Inners joined in a combine attack in the fight against the Death Busters in the end, instead of acting separately. The Outers didn't even fight along side Sailor Moon, the only other Senshi not holding up a barrier.
Yeah it could be handled in a better way. But the Outers also didn't do well, they just charged in recklessly.