The Kodansha TV Picture Books

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Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
MissDream recently uploaded scans of all the Kodansha TV Picture Books for R, S, SuperS, and Sailor Stars, and since I think those books look really cute and interesting, I thought I'd take a stab at translating them. Unfortunately, some of the scans for the R, S, and SuperS books are, as of now, still missing their final pages, so I thought I'd begin with the books for Sailor Stars (which seems apt, given Viz has just released the first half of the season on DVD/BD).

Anyway, I'll be trying to translate 1-2 books a week, so if you're in the mood for some hot "new" Sailor Moon content to discuss while we wait for the alleged continuation of Crystal, keep checking this thread!

  • Main body text is presented plainly, like so
  • {Speech bubble text is presented in brackets, like so}
  • Yes, I will be using the Optimum dub character names for this, because I can! :twistedevil:
All righty then, let's get started! First up: books 45 and 46, recapping the Nehellenia arc.


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
Sailor Stars #1: Line Up! The 10 Sailor Scouts

It was early evening, just around sunset. Serena and her friends saw lots of shooting stars in the sky.
"Wow, how awesome!"
But while Darien was watching the shooting stars, something suddenly lodged in his right eye.
"Darien, are you all right?" Serena asked with concern.
Darien replied, "I'm fine. I just got something in my eye."

The next day, however, Darien was completely drained of his energy.
{Serena: "Darien, what's wrong...?"}

As a matter of fact, those shooting stars had been the work of an enemy. Filled with evil power, a shard of one of those shooting stars had pierced Darien's eye. And the enemy responsible was...
It was Nehellenia, whom Sailor Moon was supposed to have defeated before. A new evil power had revived Nehellenia, and once more she was out to get Sailor Moon and her friends.

{Nehellenia: "Sailor Moon... This time I will be sure to defeat you."}
Serena and her friends were completely unaware of what was happening.
"I'm still pretty worried about Darien's eye. Let's go see what the girls think."
Serena and Rini headed over to Raye's house.

However, on the way there, new enemies called the Mirror Paredri suddenly appeared. They, too, were the work of Nehellenia.
{Rini: "Ehh? What's going on?"}

{Rini and Serena: "MOON CRISIS MAKE UP!"}
Everyone quickly transformed into Sailor Scouts.

The Sailor Scouts unleashed their signature moves, but the number of enemies they faced kept rapidly multiplying.
{Super Sailor Moon: "There's no end to them!"}
{Sailor Mercury: "MERCURY AQUA RHAPSODY!"}
{Sailor Mars: "MARS FLAME SNIPER!"}

{Sailor Jupiter: "JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION!"}
In the end, Sailor Mini Moon got captured by the enemy.
Sailor Moon and the others tried to rescue her, but one by one, they, too, got captured.

At that moment, a voice called out:
"We'll be your opponents!"
The four Sailor Scouts so deeply loved and sorely missed by everyone had come running to offer their assistance.
{Super Sailor Moon: "Ah, it's you guys!"}

{SFX: Sparkle!}
"Leave it to me."
Sailor Saturn's body started to glow, rendering the Mirror Paredri completely unable to move.

{Sailor Saturn: "Sailor Moon, it's time to give you your new power."}
As light radiated from Sailor Saturn, Sailor Moon also began to glow. Furthermore, the power of the other seven Scouts began pouring into Sailor Moon's brooch.

{Caption: New Brooch}
"Everyone's power is combining in my body!"
A new transformation phrase formed in Sailor Moon's mind, and she yelled it out.

{Eternal Sailor Moon: "MOON ETERNAL MAKE UP!"}
And with that, Sailor Moon powered up into Eternal Sailor Moon.

{Sailor Jupiter: "Amazing!"}
{Mirror Paredri: "AAAHHH!"}
Sailor Moon's new finishing move bathed the Mirror Paredri in light, and they disappeared once and for all.

Having just used her new power for the first time, Eternal Sailor Moon was worn out, and she immediately reverted to her previous form.
"Sailor Moon, the crisis isn't over yet. Have you noticed anything strange lately?" asked Sailor Saturn.

Sailor Moon remembered her worries about Darien.
"Darien hasn't been well lately. I wonder if the enemy's to blame..."
What will happen next?
Well, whatever it is, don't give up, Sailor Moon!

<The End>
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Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
Sailor Stars #2: Nehellenia and the Final Showdown

Lately, Serena had been worrying a lot about Darien because he didn't seem to be his usual, active self.
Then one day, when everyone went over to his house, something really terrible happened.
Nehellenia suddenly emerged from a mirror and abducted Darien!
{Serena: "Oh no! Darien!"}

"Hehehe. If you want to get your Darien back, all you have to do is come to my castle," Nehellenia called out as she vanished from the mirror.
"That witch is trying to lure Sailor Moon into a trap so she can kill her. Let's put our heads together and work out the best plan of attack," said Amara.

But Serena was too anxious to just stand around and wait.
"I'm gonna go save him right now!"
{Rini: "Ehh! She transformed without using the magic words?"}
{Amy: "WAIT!"}

Serena had transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon and vanished.
"No doubt the enemy will be after her."
"Okay then, let's go after her, too!"
Everyone quickly transformed and teleported to chase after Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon had used up all her power as she made her way toward the castle, and her transformation had come undone.
"What should I do... What chance do I have against Nehellenia like this?"
Until she got Darien back, however, she would not give up hope and pressed on ahead.
{Serena: "I'm s-so c-cold! But I won't give up!"}

What became of the other Sailor Scouts? Sadly, none of them made it to Serena's side. Nehellenia found them en route, and one by one she imprisoned them in mirrors.
"Hehehehe. Now that all her allies are out of the way, Sailor Moon is all by herself. Come along, Sailor Moon. I can't wait for you to get here," Nehellenia sneered, a big, evil grin on her face.

Serena kept going, determined not to fail, and at long last she reached the entrance to the castle. But the stairs were overgrown with wild briars covered with thorns.
"Oh no! How can I go on?"

From out of nowhere, Nehellenia's wicked laughter filled the air.
"Why don't you just give up? Darien's already all mine!"
"I'll never give up!"
Serena pushed her way onward through the briars. Her clothes tore, her arms and legs got cut and scratched all over.

Finally, Serena managed to make it inside the castle, where she soon found Darien.
{Serena: "Oh, Darien, you're here!"}
However, he was like a lifeless puppet.
{Serena: "I don't understand... What's happening?"}
{Nehellenia: "HEHEHE......"}
{Nehellenia: "Your precious Darien is under my curse. Unless you can remove the piece of my mirror that's embedded in his eye, you will never get him back!"}

{Serena: "Oh no! Everyone is...!"}
It was then that Nehellenia revealed all the Sailor Scouts were imprisoned in mirrors.
"Now there is no one left to love you anymore. You are all alone. Perhaps now you will know the same painful loneliness I have suffered! I'm so glad!"

As she listened to Nehellenia's words, Serena started to feel pity for her, and her eyes soon flooded with tears.
"Everybody feels lonely when they're all by themselves... I will be your friend."
{Nehellenia: "Huh? What's this...?"}

Serena's kindness was like a magical power, wouldn't you say?
The Scouts trapped inside the mirrors were moved to tears. Tears even came streaming forth from Darien's eye!
And just like that, Darien's tears washed the shard of mirror right out of his eye.
Nehellenia's curse had been broken.

Darien returned to his normal self and the others were all freed from the mirrors.
"Sailor Moon, how dare you look at me with pity in your eyes!"
Nehellenia viciously attacked.
{Serena: "AAHHH!"}

"Hang in there, Serena!"
Everyone sent their power to Serena's brooch.
Thanks to them, Serena transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon.
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "MOON ETERNAL MAKE UP!"}

"Nehellenia, remember your kind and gentle heart!"
Eternal Sailor Moon waved the Eternal Tiare around.

{Nehellenia: "OHHH..."}
{Nehellenia: "Oh, wow... Is this really me?"}
The light from the Tiare enveloped Nehellenia and her wicked heart vanished completely. She was born again, given the chance to start all over with a heart that was pure and beautiful.
"Wow! Hooray!"
Everyone was overcome with joy.
In the end, Serena's kindness had triumphed over evil.
And that's really wonderful, right!

<The End>
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Jan 3, 2006
If you don't want your efforts to be wasted, you'll have to edit the translated text into those scans and upload them somewhere (send back to missdream, for instance).

It's 2019 already and attention spans are lower than ever. There are very few people who will have enough patience and concentration to open scans and translations in different browser tabs and then switch between them all the time to match illustrations and translations.


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
Sailor Stars #3: Three Mysterious Scouts Make the Scene!

Lately, Serena had been feeling down in the dumps. That was because Rini had gone back to the future, and Darien had left to study abroad in America. So one day, to get her mind off of things, she decided to tag along with the girls and watch a TV show that was shooting in town.
"Ah! The Three Lights and Alice are my favorite stars!"
"The Three Lights are just as cool as I knew they'd be!"
Everyone in the neighborhood was super excited to see the stars they idolized. Serena's spirits lifted the tiniest little bit.

When the filming had wrapped up, everyone started to leave, but Serena absentmindedly wandered off and got separated from her friends.
"Uh-oh, I'm totally lost."
While Serena was looking for her friends, something awful happened!
Alice was getting tormented by a terrible villain.
{Alice: "Aaahh!"}
{Sailor Iron Mouse: "You are going to give me your Star Seed!"}
{Serena: "Oh no, this is terrible! Another new enemy has appeared!"}

{Sailor Iron Mouse: "Oh dear... Guess this wasn't the Star Seed I was looking for after all."
{Alice: "UHH....."}
The new enemy, Sailor Iron Mouse, said she was after Star Seeds, a source of power.

Serena wasted no time transforming into Eternal Sailor Moon!
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "MOON ETERNAL MAKE UP!"}
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "Leave her alone!"}
{Sailor Iron Mouse: "Who are you? Don't get in my way!"}
At that moment, something terrifying happened.

{Eternal Sailor Moon: "EHH?"}
Alice, having had her Star Seed extracted from her, had turned into a bizarre monster called Sailor Yellowtail. Sailor Moon was flabbergasted! Meanwhile, Sailor Iron Mouse had quickly made her escape.
{Sailor Iron Mouse: "Sailor Yellowtail, take care of that girl!"}

Sailor Yellowtail attacked, but Sailor Moon just couldn't fight back. Just then, the rest of the Scouts showed up.
"Sailor Moon, why aren't you fighting back?"
Sailor Moon stopped her friends from attacking with their finishing moves.
"Don't hurt her! That monster is really Alice!"

{Sailor Yellowtail: "Hehehe.... I'll do away with all of you in one fell swoop!"
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "What should I do...?"}
{Sailor Starlights: "Hold it right there!"}

{Sailor Yellowtail: "What?"}
Suddenly, three never before seen Sailor Scouts appeared out of nowhere!
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "EHH?"}
{Sailor Starlights: "Introducing the Sailor Starlights!"}

{Sailor Star Fighter: "STAR SERIOUS LASER!"}
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "What incredible power!"}
The mysterious Scouts attacked Sailor Yellowtail. Then, once she had collapsed, they moved in to finish her off.
Sailor Moon shielded Sailor Yellowtail.
"Stop! Don't kill Alice!"
{Sailor Star Healer: "Get out of the way!"}

{Sailor Star Maker: "Once someone's turned into a monster, there's no way to save them!"}
{Sailor Yellowtail: "UHHH...."}

{Eternal Sailor Moon: "You're wrong. I'll show you how to save her!"}
Sailor Moon held the Eternal Tiare high above her head. A brilliant light engulfed Sailor Yellowtail and turned her back into Alice!

{Alice: "Thank you. I'm back to my old self again."}
"You saved her after all. With all that power on your side, you'll be..."
And just like that, the Sailor Starlights made their exit.
{Sailor Star Healer: "We'll meet again."}
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "Wait! Who in the world are you guys?"}

The following day, the Three Lights unexpectedly transferred to Serena's school! Serena, her friends, and all the other kids at school were thrilled!
It seems like a whole bunch of things have started happening around Serena. Those mysterious Scouts, the Sailor Starlights, and that idol group, the Three Lights...? What in the world could the connection between them be?

<The End>


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
Sailor Stars #4: The Three Lights and the Sailor Starlights

Serena is a Sailor Scout who preserves peace and harmony. Most of the time, however, she's just a normal, everyday high school student.
The members of a boy band called the Three Lights had just started attending Serena's school.
One day, when the girls heard that Mina had become the Three Lights' assistant, they couldn't believe their ears!
"Before you know it, I'll be part of their inner circle, just you wait and see..."
{Raye: "Mina, you're so devious!"}

Seeing Mina go off to work with the Three Lights, Serena decided to tag along.

The Three Lights were doing a photo shoot at a film studio.
All the cool poses the three hunky band members struck for the camera left Serena and Mina practically swooning.
"They're so dreamy!"

There was someone else there, stealthily watching everything that was going on.

{Galaxia: "For the sake of conquering this universe, go find and capture real Star Seeds!"}
Actually, that person was Sailor Iron Mouse in disguise. That evildoer was following Galaxia's orders to go out and find Star Seeds, a source of power.
When the Three Lights' photo shoot was over, Sailor Iron Mouse hailed the photographer, Saki.
"I have something to tell you. Can I have just a moment of your time, please?"
{Serena: "Huh? I wonder who that person is..."}

When the two of them were alone, Sailor Iron Mouse revealed her true identity.
"Hehehe, well now, let's see your Star Seed!"
{Saki: "Aaaahhhhhhh!"}
{Serena: "HUH?"}

Hearing Saki's scream, an alarmed Serena and Mina immediately came running.
"This is really bad. We have to save Saki!"
{Sailor Iron Mouse: "Oh dear, this isn't what I wanted, after all."}
{Saki: "UHHH...."}

Without a moment's delay, the two girls transformed into Sailor Scouts.
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "MOON ETERNAL MAKE UP!"}
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "Hold it right there!"}

"Time to leave again. Sailor Candid, be a dear and get rid of those pests, okay!"
As Sailor Iron Mouse called out those parting words and made good her escape, Saki changed into a bizarre monster.
{Sailor Venus: "HUH?"}
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "OH NO!"}

Sailor Candid started firing laser beams out of the camera on her arm.

Unfortunately, the two Scouts couldn't bring themselves to fight back. They couldn't risk hurting the real Saki. What could they do? They were really in a jam.
{Sailor Venus: "AAAHH!"}
{Sailor Star Fighter: "Freeze!"}
{Sailor Candid: "HUH!"}

Those three mysterious Scouts, the Sailor Starlights, suddenly appeared.
"Hmmph, I'll finish all of you off at once!"
Sailor Candid attacked, but she was no match for the Sailor Starlights' powerful finishing moves.
{Sailor Star Fighter: "STAR SERIOUS LASER!"}
{Sailor Candid: "AAAHHH!"}

{Sailor Star Healer: "STAR SENSITIVE INFERNO!"}
{Sailor Star Maker: "STAR GENTLE UTERUS!"}
{Sailor Venus: "Now's your chance, Eternal Sailor Moon!"}

{Eternal Sailor Moon: "Turn back into Saki!"}

{Sailor Venus: "Thank goodness!"}
Bathed in the dazzling light of the Eternal Tiare, Sailor Candid turned back into Saki! Seeing this, the Sailor Starlights rushed off somewhere.
"I wonder if those three are our allies?"
That's certainly something to think about, Sailor Moon.
The enemy you faced this time was only the beginning. There are still so many more things you don't even know about yet. Hurry up and unravel this mystery so that peace can be restored, okay!

<The End>


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
Thanks for providing translations, but why use the DiC/CWi English names and terms?
Partly because I wish these books had been translated back when the old dub was airing, and partly just to be defiant towards the members here who so vehemently hate the old dub :lol:

Anyway, I think these books are really cute (the illustrations are so endearingly wonky) and even if they're not the most interesting thing ever, they're still a version of the series that seldom get discussed. I think it's interesting, for instance, how the Outers' appearance (in Super form, no less) goes completely unexplained. Pluto didn't die in the picture book version of S, so at least her appearance doesn't really require an explanation, but Hotaru was still turned into a baby, so her suddenly being all grown up should warrant some kind of exposition! Oh well.


Luna Crescens
May 18, 2016
Partly because I wish these books had been translated back when the old dub was airing, and partly just to be defiant towards the members here who so vehemently hate the old dub :lol:

Anyway, I think these books are really cute (the illustrations are so endearingly wonky) and even if they're not the most interesting thing ever, they're still a version of the series that seldom get discussed. I think it's interesting, for instance, how the Outers' appearance (in Super form, no less) goes completely unexplained. Pluto didn't die in the picture book version of S, so at least her appearance doesn't really require an explanation, but Hotaru was still turned into a baby, so her suddenly being all grown up should warrant some kind of exposition! Oh well.
I see.

Yeah, whatever flaws these books might have, at least they have a weird charm.


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
Sailor Stars #5: The Sailor Starlights' Secret

Serena is a Sailor Scout who preserves peace and harmony. She fights enemies who are seeking true Star Seeds (Crystal Star Seeds) in order to take over the universe.
One day, Serena went to play games at the arcade with Seiya and the other members of the Three Lights.

However, the villainous Sailor Iron Mouse was sneaking around, spying on Seiya.
"This time for sure, I'm definitely going to find and take a Crystal Star Seed..."

When Serena and Seiya left the arcade, Sailor Iron Mouse suddenly attacked. Unfortunately, because Serena was with Seiya, she couldn't transform into a Sailor Scout.
{Sailor Iron Mouse: "Seiya of the Three Lights, your Star Seed is mine!"}

{Seiya: "Get out of here fast, Serena!"}
{Serena: "R-right!"}
While Serena was running away, she thought to herself, "What am I doing? I have to hurry up and transform so I can help Seiya!"
Taiki and Yaten, having noticed the enemy, came rushing over.

As soon as Serena was gone, the Three Lights transformed into the Sailor Starlights!
That's right. The Three Lights were the mysterious Sailor Scouts, the Sailor Starlights.
"No way, it's you guys!" Sailor Iron Mouse was surprised!

{Sailor Starlights: "Prepare to face the Sailor Starlights!"}

{Eternal Sailor Moon: "MOON ETERNAL MAKE UP!"}
Meanwhile, Serena had also transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon and come back.
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "Yay! You guys showed up, too!"}

Eternal Sailor Moon still didn't know Seiya and the others' secret.
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "Do you know what happened to Seiya?"}
{Sailor Star Fighter: "How does she know that Seiya was here?"}
{Sailor Star Fighter: "Could it be...that she's Serena?"}
{Sailor Star Fighter: "Don't worry. Seiya got away safely."}

Serena's face lit up with a great big grin.
"What a relief! Now, let's team up and fight together."
"That won't be necessary. Leave everything to us!"
Those three Scouts sure had no shortage of self-confidence.
{Sailor Star Fighter: "STAR SERIOUS LASER!"}
{Sailor Star Maker: "STAR GENTLE UTERUS!"}
{Sailor Star Healer: "STAR SENSITIVE INFERNO!"}

{Sailor Iron Mouse: "Ugh, I'm getting out of here!"}
{Sailor Star Fighter: "What, and miss out on all the fun!"}

Sailor Iron Mouse took refuge in the telephone booth that had suddenly appeared.
"Madame Galaxia, please help!"
And behold! The telephone booth was engulfed in the light of an aurora, from which Galaxia appeared.
{Sailor Star Fighter: "Oh no!"}

[Box: "GALAXIA: The Queen of All Evil who is trying to conquer the entire universe."]
{Eternal Sailor Moon: "I'll bet she's the real enemy..."}

{Sailor Iron Mouse: "AAAAHHHH!"}
"I have no further need for a worthless peon like you!"
What the heck was going on!
Galaxia eradicated her very own minion!
"This universe is mine. Unless you want to die, stay out of my way."
With that said, Galaxia vanished in another aurora.

A look of cold, hard determination crossed each of the three Sailor Starlights' faces.
"Galaxia, the one who savagely destroyed our home world, has finally shown up here!"

Eternal Sailor Moon said, "Let's work together and fight to protect the Earth from Galaxia."
The Starlights, however, replied coldly, "We have our own important mission that doesn't involve you. Protect Earth by yourself."
It can't really be impossible for everyone to work together... Don't give up hope and keep doing your best, Eternal Sailor Moon!

<The End>


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
We are halfway through the Sailor Stars picture books! I decided to include the illustrations this time in the hopes it might make it more engaging. I might go back and add in the illustrations for the other four later on.


I love how Luna appears on almost every page despite never being mentioned in the actual text. :lol:

I find it interesting that the picture books seem to have completely omitted Seiya's and Serena's/Usagi's [semi-mutual] attraction to each other. It's been a long time since I last watched Stars, so if there are any other interesting/significant changes, please let me know!


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
So... I know I left off halfway through the Sailor Stars books, and I will get back to translating the rest eventually, I swear, but since I wanted to read the very first book to my nephew today, I figured I might as well share my translation of it. It's not strictly a 100% literal translation as I wrote it to read as naturally as an actual English language children's picture book as possible, so I occasionally changed sentence orders around, that sort of thing. I didn't make anything up full cloth, however, so it's still essentially an accurate representation of the Japanese (as far as my translation abilities allow, and apart from my use of the DIC dub terminology and character names, of course). Enjoy!

#1: The Birth of Sailor Moon!

This is Serena.
She's fourteen years old and a bit of a crybaby, not to mention a total klutz.
On this particular morning, she had overslept once again, and now was practically on the verge of tears.

"Waaah! I'm gonna be late!"
As she ran to get to school, she came upon a cat who was getting bullied.
"Hey, stop that right now!"
Serena gently lifted up the cat.
"You poor thing. Are you hurt?"
The cat stared at Serena's face with a deep intensity.
"Huh? What a strange little kitty you are..."

When Serena arrived at school, her friend Molly waved her over.
"Hey, we're having a big sale at our jewelry shop today. Wanna stop by after school?"
"Totally! I can't wait, I can't wait!"
Serena was really excited.

It was late afternoon by the time they got to the shop.
Serena and her friends were spellbound by all the jewelry they saw.
Molly's mom walked over to them.
"You girls can get anything you like with just your allowances."
"No way! Seriously? Oh, but I've already spent all my allowance for the month..."
Serena felt crushed as she headed back home.
Meanwhile, rings were being sold right and left.

An ominous gleam twinkled in Molly's mother's eyes.
"Hehehe. With these rings, I'll gather up all the energy of these young girls."
But that voice wasn't the voice of Molly's mother, no.
Rather, it was the voice of a terrible monster named Morga who had disguised herself as Molly's mother!

"Mama's acting really strange today..."

JADEITE: Queen Beryl's subordinate​
QUEEN BERYL: Ruler of darkness whose goal is to gather energy.​

Just like that, each ring in the store began draining the energy of every person in sight.
"Morga, collect more human energy!" Jadeite ordered his minion.

That night, the mysterious cat from that morning crept into Serena's bedroom.
"Good evening, Serena."
"AAACK! Tha-that cat just talked!"

"I'm Luna. I've been looking for you."

Serena was astonished as Luna went on.
"You are a Sailor Scout, one of the chosen heroes who can defeat the evil forces of the Negaverse. Here, this brooch is for you."
Serena pinned the brooch to the bow on her shirt.

Luna taught Serena the magic phrase to call out to transform into a Sailor Scout!


Just then, the sound of Molly's screams seemed to be coming from the ornaments on Serena's hair.


"Luna! What's happening to Molly?"
"It seems you already have your first opponent to face. Serena, the time has come for you to fight as Sailor Moon!"

"Get away from Molly!" Sailor Moon called out as she burst into Molly's house.

"Who the heck are you?"

"The champion of love and justice, I'm Sailor Moon!"

"Hmmph, you’re nothing but an insolent brat. Arise, slaves to my ring!" Morga shrieked.
At that moment, all the girls wearing one of Morga's rings, as well as Molly's mother, suddenly appeared and surrounded Sailor Moon.
"This is terrible! Even Molly's mom's been turned into one of her slaves!"

"Slaves, get rid of her!"
Obeying Morga's order, the young women lunged at Sailor Moon all at once.
"Waah! There are too many of them! How am I supposed to fight them all?"
Serena started to wail.
At that moment, a man in a black suit arrived to help Sailor Moon.
"I am Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon, now's your chance to defeat Morga!"
Luna turned to Sailor Moon.
"Take off your tiara and hurl it at her!"

The tiara sliced right through Morga!
Morga’s body crumbled into sand.
All the people she had made into her slaves returned to normal.
Sailor Moon and Luna were overjoyed.

"Well done, Sailor Moon! We'll meet again!"

And that's the story of how a crybaby named Serena became a Sailor Scout who fights bad guys.
You can do it, Sailor Moon!

"I'm a little nervous. But, well, I'll manage somehow."

<The End>


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
The book omits a lot of the characters and plot incidentals of episode one (Mama Ikuko, Shingo, Miss Haruna, Umino, Sailor V, Mamoru, Luna's forehead's being covered by band-aids, Usagi's failing test grade, etc) but it's to be expected that things will be cut in condensing the story into a 16 page, simply written picture book.

What I find more interesting are the active plot changes: the inclusion of Yumiko and Kuri, Morga's use specifically of rings to drain and enslave her victims, the setting of the fight at Molly's/Naru's house instead of at Osa-P, the fact that Molly's/Naru's actual mother appears as one of Morga's slaves <------ I thought those were all really neat and I can't wait to compare the rest of the Dark Kingdom arc books to their anime episode counterparts.


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
It’s cool that despite being based on the original anime, a lot of the illustrations use poses from the manga... Even down to the way Usagi transforms.
The manga was definitely a secondary source for the picture book, which would explain Yumiko and Kuri's inclusion.