The Kodansha TV Picture Books

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Jun 30, 2010
There are a couple of things about this latest page that caught my attention.
  • It's remarkable felt they need to make sure Mercury and Mars were present for this battle. I guess this is to not confuse kids as to why Sailor Moon was alone when she had already encountered her friends. It would have been funny on a meta-level if Tuxedo Mask had been there, too.
  • Zoisite teleporting away in a portal is reminiscent of Zoycite doing the same in that North American Sailor Moon Play-A-Sound picture book. I guess because while showing a character disappearing is fine for animation (and easier), when it comes to illustrations for kids, there needs to be a clearer way of demonstrating what is going on.
  • That "heart of a human" line seemed weird from my perspective in the show. I get the idea that you don't want your heroine slaying former humans in a kids show, but it always seemed like a cop-out explanation at best...and nonsensical at worst. Even if you read "heart" more like "mind" (as is often the case in anime), there's no indication that Joe hasn't been fully or irreversibly corrupted. That the same line is explicitly put in the picture book aimed at kids leads me to believe there's some cultural barrier I'm not understanding. This is coming from someone who likes Joe as a minor character and wouldn't want him destroyed for no reason. You have to give a reason to save him, too.
In any case, this is a nice alternate take, but I love the original anime episode so much better.

ETA: I have no idea why they titled this "Jupiter, A Young Girl in Love" when they didn't include her crush on Joe (or give any kind of context for who he is) at all. But what are you gonna do? :lol:
Well, Usagi did offer to walk her home and Mako jumped in the fight to save Sailor maybe she's in love with Usagi in this chapter?
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Mar 8, 2012
Finally translated the sixth Stars book! (Note: I've translated "Chibi Chibi" as "Itsy Bitsy" in the spirit of using dub names and terms in these translations.)

Sailor Stars #6: An Itsy Bitsy Mystery
(The Arrival of the Mysterious Girl, Chibi Chibi)

On her way home from school, Serena met a cute little girl. Her parasol was stuck in the park fountain, and she was having trouble getting it unstuck.
"Let me get that for you." Serena managed to free the parasol. "Here you go."

"Itsy Bitsy!"
"Where are you from? How old are you?" No matter how many questions Serena asked her, however, the little girl only ever responded with, "Itsy bitsy!"
There was something strange about that girl.
"Well, you'd better hurry up and get back to your mom, okay? All righty, see you later!"
But for some reason, as Serena headed back home, the little girl followed her with a great, big smile on her face.

The little girl followed Serena all the way to her house.
"Don't you have your own home to get back to?"
Just as Serena was starting to get worried, her mother appeared at the front door.
"Oh, thank goodness! I was beginning to think you'd gotten lost, Itsy Bitsy."
Serena was surprised!
"Mom, you know this girl?"

Mama Ikuko: What are talking about? Don't you recognize your own little sister, Itsy Bitsy?
Serena: WHAAAT?

What on earth was going on? Serena had never had a younger sister before, and she'd just met the girl who called herself Itsy Bitsy for the first time that day.
"I wonder what the key to this mystery is..."
Serena stealthily tailed her mom and Itsy Bitsy when they went out to go shopping. Her friends, who'd also heard about Itsy Bitsy, tagged along.

Raye: Did she come from the future like Rini?

Trista: No. I know the future like the back of my hand, and I've never seen that girl there.

Before long, Itsy Bitsy went missing.

Mama Ikuko: Itsy Bitsy, where did you go?

"This is terrible! We'll all go look for her."
Everyone split up to go searching for Itsy Bitsy.
When Serena finally found her, Itsy Bitsy was with a police officer.
"Oh, thank goodness," Serena sighed with relief.

Policeman: Let's go find your mommy.

Suddenly, enemies appeared and swooped down upon the policeman! These two were Galaxia's new servants.

Lead Crow: Show us your Star Seed!

Galaxia: Find me a true Star Seed, and do not fail!

Serena and Trista quickly transformed into Sailor Scouts!


Aluminum Siren: That wasn't a true Star Seed.

The policeman whose Star Seed was removed instantly turned into a monster and the two enemies quickly ran away.

Lead Crow: Sailor Cop, do away with them, please!

Because of Sailor Cop's attack, Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto were unable to move.


Sailor Cop: Hehehe. Freeze!

And then!

Sailor Star Fighter: STAR SERIOUS LASER!

Sailor Cop: GACK!

All three Sailor Starlights came to the rescue.
"Hurry up now, Eternal Sailor Moon. Change him back into a human!"

Sailor Moon: Thank you!


Sailor Star Healer: We'll leave you to it. Goodbye!

Bathing in Eternal Sailor Moon's special power, the monster was restored to his original policeman self.
The mysterious little girl, Itsy Bitsy, had been watching the fight without showing the slightest sign of fear on her face. What could that mean?
I hope you can all find out soon!

<The End>
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Mar 8, 2012
Took a stab at translating the Odekake Mini Book for Sailor Mercury. I'll do the others later (apart from Sailor Moon's and Sailor Venus's, since MissDream hasn't any scans of them).

Mar 8, 2012
She says わたしの ゆめは、 スチュワーデスよ。 (My dream is a stewardess.) which I'm taking to mean "My dream is to be a stewardess/flight attendant." (Unless she's saying her dream is to have a stewardess, and this is her coming out as a lesbian with a really niche fetish :lol:)

But's....super random.
Nov 22, 2016
She says わたしの ゆめは、 スチュワーデスよ。 (My dream is a stewardess.) which I'm taking to mean "My dream is to be a stewardess/flight attendant." (Unless she's saying her dream is to have a stewardess, and this is her coming out as a lesbian with a really niche fetish :lol:)

But's....super random.
Promotional material for animated shows often conflict with their canon.


Lumen Cinereum
May 18, 2016
Ami wanting to become a stewardess and Rei wanting to be a nurse? Did the people who make these books even watch the anime or read the manga? That's nothing as to what they wanted to be, especially when in the manga and anime both versions of Rei had different goals: Rei in the manga wanted to become the head priestess of her shrine, whilst anime Rei wanted to be a career woman/international star with roles like a singer-songwriter and a voice actress.

Jupiter's has her as a tennis player for some reason, something I can't see her doing.
Mar 8, 2012
Did the author not get the memo on everyone's dreams?! None of these are remotely accurate lol

What's next? Minako's dream is to be a cop?
This franchise loves inconsistency like I love chocolate. That's the only explanation I have. (But I do like the idea of Mako's wanting to be a pro tennis player. I'm imagining an alternate version of episode 14 where she's Naru's tennis champion friend/"big sister" and the episode begins a Mako/Nephrite relationship arc instead of a Naru/Nephrite one. Given Jupiter's associated with plants, Nephrite's being run through with evil brambles would become all the more cruel and tragic.)