The most atrocious SM dub of all time

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Lumen Cinererum
Feb 2, 2016
Today the final episode of Sailor Stars aired in Albania without censorship !
This means that a total of 193 episodes have been aired in Albania(7 are cut by DiC,since first 73 episodes arr taken from DiC adaptation).


Aurorae Lunares
Jul 16, 2007
Anime Natives
Rika-Chicchi said:
Umino said:
Luna-chan said:
eah the new dub is still edited but not censored(they just translated the Japanese text into Korean).
No, it's censored. Transformations have been edited, or cut. Episode 151 was edited so that Ami was wearing a swimsuit, it was also partially trimmed down. Usagi was given a bodysuit in the final episode.
Considering those "daring" costumes worn by a number of female Korean artists on the red carpet in the country these days, I thought they'd already become tolerant on those scenes. :confused:
Though daring outfits are worn here and there, Koreans tend to not like showing cleavage at all, that's a big part of their culture.