The Popularity of Sailor Moon in Japan

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Jul 31, 2012
Outer Space
I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon this Yahoo article about Sailor Moon gaining a lot of attention. I read what I could in English but a lot of folks are saying how cool and cute the girls are and what they stand for. My favorite part was the line about Sailor Moon and diversity.

The article had lots of comments, 900+ but they are in Japanese and I can understand them.

Sailor Moon Popularity in Japan.

I tried to Google translate the first one which said something about praising the script and beautiful animation and the post itself had over 5,000 likes.


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May 7, 2009
In brief, the scholars quoted in the article point out the leading role of female characters in fighting the enemies & the non-negative depiction of homosexual characters as the outstanding features of the franchise & the reasons for its popularity.

I'm also interested by the book "セーラームーン世代の社会論" ("The Sociology of the Sailor Moon Generation") mentioned in the article. :)

Also, note that the article comes from a major women's mag in the country.