The Sailor Moon Pop-Up Books

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Mar 8, 2012
I translated the Sailor Stars pop-up book and posted a video of it since mere photos wouldn't have done it justice. (Though my camera quality/filming skills also don't quite do it justice either ^_^')

Usagi and her friends sat on a bench at school with the super famous pop stars who had just enrolled there, making a huge fuss over them.
"Wow, oh, wow! I can't believe it! The Three Lights are in the same class as me!" Usagi said, becoming far too excited.
Meanwhile, Sailor Iron Mouse had been keeping on eye on Usagi and the others, waiting for the chance to fulfill Galaxia's ambitions.

Suddenly, Usagi and her friends were engulfed in fog.
Sailor Guts and Sailor Buri swooped down on them.
"Kyaa! Who are you? Whoever you are, I won't forgive you!"
"Usagi: transform!"

"I'm the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"
"Penetrating the darkness of night..."
"Freely falling through the atmosphere..."
"The three sacred shooting stars..."
"Sailor Star Maker!"
"Sailor Star Healer!"
"Sailor Star Fighter!"
"The Sailor Starlights are here!"

The Sailor Starlights' finishing moves defeated Sailor Guts and Sailor Buri all too easily.
"Wow! That was so cool!"
Once again, new and powerful Sailor Soldiers have appeared.

<The End>


1. Why are Uranus and Neptune on the cover when they're not in the story?
2. Who's Sailor Iron Mouse? Who's Galaxia? What are her ambitions? Hope you watched the anime, because this book sure isn't gonna explain anything!
3. Sailor Guts and Sailor Buri are apparently actual monsters, not humans turned into monsters, given that the Starlights straight up kill them while Usagi watches in awe.

I'm not sure if they did more pop-up books for Stars, but I have one of the R ones, one of the S ones, and the first two SuperS ones, so I'll be sharing those soon. :)
Mar 8, 2012
Here's the first SuperS pop-up book:

Usagi and her friends were having fun talking and eating delicious sweets in the park.
"Usagi! You're gonna get fat from eating so much!"
"Jeez... Stop telling me what to do."
Usagi and her friends are always such lively girls.
(By the way, Chibiusa was drawing a pretty picture.)
But meanwhile, a terrifying enemy was plotting to conquer the Earth.

Usagi transformed into Super Sailor Moon, and Chibiusa transformed into Super Sailor Chibi Moon.
"Bad guys, beware! I'm the sailor-suited pretty soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Chibi Moon, let's go!"

Tiger's Eye and Fisheye's puppets, Karakuriko and Kyokubadanko, got into a terrible battle with the Sailor Soldiers.
"Please, grant me power," Chibiusa prayed.
Right at that moment, Pegasus materialized in a blinding show of dazzling light.
Thanks to the mysterious power of Pegasus, Super Sailor Moon received a new finishing move, which she then unleashed.

Thanks to Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon's new finishing move, Tiger's Eye and the others vanished into thin air.
Everyone was amazed at the arrival of Pegasus.
"Chibi Moon, this is a secret between me and you."
With that, Pegasus took to the sky.
Please cheer on the powered-up Sailor Moon and her fellow Soldiers.

<The End>


This is obviously meant to be the start of the SuperS/Dream arc, but Diana is already present and apparently Chibiusa has already met Pegasus off-screen? The text at the end is kind of ambiguous: it sort of makes it sound like the Amazon Trio were also defeated, but as they weren't (as evidenced by the next pop-up book), this leads me to believe Karakuriko and Kyokubadanko also weren't defeated, but merely forced to retreat with the Trio back to their base.
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Mar 8, 2012
And here's the second SuperS pop-up book:

Today, everyone was going on a hike. But Usagi was eating the lunch they'd packed all by herself.
"Usagi, at least check out some of the scenery..."
"Ehehehe... This lunch box is all the scenery I need."
Chibiusa was completely absorbed in talking to a cute little butterfly.
Unbeknownst to them, the terrifying enemies who were planning to conquer the Earth had been following them.

Tiger's Eye and Fish Eye operated their puppets. Gomumario and Ayatoriko swooped down on Usagi and the others.
"Tiger's Eye! I won't let you guys do whatever you want! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Gomumario and Ayatoriko attacked in unison. The Sailor Soldiers also fought back with all their might.
"Please, Pegasus, protect everyone's dreams..."
Pegasus appeared in a brilliant flash of light and gave Super Sailor Moon the mysterious power she needed to perform her finishing move.

Gomumario and Ayatoriko were defeated one after the other by Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon's finishing move.
Tiger's Eye and the others vanished into thin air.
Please cheer on the Sailor Soldiers who have all been powered up by the mysterious power of Pegasus.

Zirconia: "Foiled again!"

<The End>


- Poor Tiger's Eye seems to have lost his sleeves.
- Once again the Lemures are not called such, but are instead described as "puppets"
- Since no other objective is given, it can be inferred that the Amazon Trio simply know Usagi and the girls are the Sailor Soldiers and are attacking them to get them out of the way
- Once again "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" seems to be both Super Sailor Moon's and Super Sailor Chibi Moon's attack.
- Once again the book starts with the girls essentially having a picnic, thus why I have dubbed the pop-up books the "picnic canon."
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Mar 8, 2012
Here's the seventh Sailor Moon S pop-up book:

Usagi and her friends were having fun talking and hanging out by the beautiful fountain in the park.
"Wait! Luna, Artemis!"
Chibiusa and the cats were cheerfully running around and playing nearby.
Meanwhile, the professor was staring at Usagi and the other girls with an eerie smile.

In a flash of glittering light, Usagi become the pretty soldier, Sailor Moon.
"Everyone, let's combine our powers and fight."

"Evil-doers who plot to take over the world, in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"
With their finishing moves, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Soldiers defeated the Daimones one after another.

"Hey... This is cute."
"I've been dying to get this for ages."
Usagi and her friends had turned from pretty soldiers back into ordinary girls, and were now completely focused on shopping and chatting away.
May this peace continue for a long time...

<The End>

- In case you can't make out what they say, Minako''s bag is from "El Rose Couture" and the two books are called "The Challenge of [?]" and "Neko no Kimochi" ("Cat Moods" or "Cat Feelings")
- Though the MOTD were named in the other books, Cenicienta and Chagama go unnamed here
- It's odd that Eudial is using one of Kaolinite's Daimones, but oh well
- Usagi et al seem to know Haruka and Michiru's secret identities and vice-versa, and there appears to be no friction between the groups, which is nice
- In the 8th pop up book, they face off against Mimete and Usagi already has the chalice without explanation despite Eudial not being defeated here. Correction: It's just Professor Tomoe and two Daimones in the 8th book. No Mimete or Eudial.
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May 7, 2009
^ The postures of the Senshi during fighting look like Ultraman's. lol As for poor Ami, you may make her upper body yourself & then attach it back to her lower body. :wink:
Mar 8, 2012
Here's the third Sailor Moon R pop-up book:

Today, everyone was going for a stroll along a stream on the outskirts of town.
As always, Usagi and her friends were laughing, talking, and having a blast...
But the Black Moon Clan was still after Chibiusa as part of their plot to change the future and overthrow Crystal Tokyo.

"Everyone, protect Chibiusa!"
The five pretty soldiers were enveloped in a brilliant, sparkling light.
"The pretty soldier Sailor Moon has arrived!"

Petz and Rubeus of the Black Moon Clan attacked. But their signature moves were no match for Sailor Moon's.
Petz and Rubeus were bathed in a brilliant light and disappeared in anguish.
"Way to go, Sailor Moon!"

"Hurry up, Usagi!"
Everyone's cheerful voices rang out through the amusement park.
Usagi and Tuxedo Mask swore to combine their powers to protect Chibiusa from the Black Moon Clan.
"Hang in there, Sailor Moon!"

{The End}

- Usagi and Chibiusa continue to be the only protagonists mentioned by name. (Even Mamoru is only "Tuxedo Mask," even when he's not in costume!)
- Usagi and co seem to know Chibiusa's from the future already
- Poor Petz! No redemption for the Ayakashi Sisters in the pop-up books I'm afraid.

Those are all of the pop-up books I have right now, so I hope you've enjoyed them! (I've bought another two but I probably won't get them until March, whomp whomp.) As formulaic and rushed as these books are, they're super cute and I'm completely obsessed with them, and I hope I'm not the only one :lol:
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