The Sailor Moon Potpourri Thread

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Jul 16, 2020
Midwest, USA
I want to know more about the girls before they met Usagi. Also it would be fun to see more of Usagi's childhood.

Id love to see more of Crystal Tokio. I love the artwork of it.

Also... did Pluto just stand by the door for 10 years or what? What about eating, sleeping? bathroom?
I'd like to see that too. I always wondered about Pluto guarding the door.
Jun 30, 2010
For Sailor Pluto, at least in the anime, I always had the crazy theory that the Sailor Pluto at her post is completely outside of time, the way Dormammu is in the MCU Doctor Strange film. Consequently, she can't leave her post, but for her time doesn't "pass" as much as she experiences points of time all at once, and it's only when others bring "time" with them that her perception changes enough to talk to them and experiences linearity. She wouldn't need to eat or relieve herself because her body would essentially be in stasis. However, she can send incarnations of herself to various points in time, which is how she was able to act with the others in S, and how she mysteriously re-appeared in Stars.

Unfortunately, it's a lot simpler in Crystal and the manga, where apparently Pluto did just wait all that time, from the Silver Millennium-era all the way to the Crystal Tokyo-era and dying snapped her soul all the way back in time to when she accepted the vows and reincarnated her from that point onward. It's possible the Space-Time Door area does have a magical suspension on human functions to prevent "accidents" from occurring, or maybe Sailor Guardians, when transformed, are themselves frozen in that capacity.
Mar 8, 2012
In the manga, Pluto says that only those of the Silver Millennium can reach the Space-Time Door, which raises the question of why it needs protection, unless there was an evil member of the Moon Kingdom who tried to use it for nefarious purposes, necessitating it be guarded at all times, in which case I want to know who that person (or persons) was and what the story there is.

(Of course, there's still the question of what the contingency plan was if Pluto herself went evil. And the question of who was guarding the door after Pluto died, but before that inexplicable Super Sailor Pluto showed up. And if a tiny kitten like Diana could guard the door, does it even really need guarding?)
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Seira Hazuki

Aurorae Lunares
Jan 17, 2007
One thing I'm curious about are some of the lifespans of the characters in the manga.

In the Black Moon arc and Dark Kingdom arcs, there was such a big fuss made about the inhabitants of the Silver Millennium having a lifespan of around a thousand years... But not only do we have Helios who apparently survived the Silver Millennium (there was no indication he died and was reborn), Lead Crow and Phobos and Deimos apparently knew of each other which only makes sense if you assume Lead Crow must be more than thousands of years old since they would have known each other before the time of the Silver Millennium?
Mar 8, 2012
Dream and Stars pretty much throw the whole 1,000 year lifespan thing out the window by introducing so many characters who are obviously much, much older than that.

Come to think of it... We know Luna and Artemis were put in a state of suspended animation by Queen Serenity, but was that also the case for Phobos and Deimos?
Mar 8, 2012
Do the Four Generals correspond to the four sons of Iapetus? His sons were the Titans Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas, and Menoetius, who "were sometimes regarded as mankind's ancestors" according to Wikipedia.

Prometheus was tasked with making the first men out of clay, later stealing fire from the gods to give to them.
Jadeite's minions are referred to as "clay dolls," and, of course, he's linked to Sailor Mars, the guardian of fire.

Epimetheus's name means "hindsight" because that is what he lacked. As a result, he accepted Pandora as his bride and indirectly unleashed countless horrors on the world.
Kunzite could be described as lacking hindsight as he realizes too late that he and the other generals have been tricked into being Beryl's/Metallia's pawns and what that has cost them.

Menoetius was an arrogant Titan associated with rash action and violent rage. Zeus struck him down with a lightning bolt.
Nephrite is described as being very boastful, emotional, and intense. Sailor Jupiter kills him with her "Jupiter Thunderbolt" attack.

Atlas was extremely intelligent, being well-versed in math and science. He was sneaky, once turned to stone by Perseus in some stories, and the Atlantic Ocean and the kingdom of Atlantis are named after him.
Zoisite's fighting style is described as "underhanded," and like the other generals, he is eventually turned to stone. He is linked with Sailor Mercury, the super-intelligent guardian of water.

Furthermore, like the Four Generals, who seemed to be forever doomed to serve the Dark Kingdom (or at least to remain as disembodied spirits) due to their siding against the Moon Kingdom, the four sons of Iapetus, like most of the Titans, were doomed to various unpleasant fates, mostly involving being imprisoned in the bleak underworld of Tartarus, for siding against the Olympians during the Titanomachy.

Obviously this is all a bit of a stretch, but there are some parallels here, so I wonder if more could be done with this idea. Perhaps we could call the Shitennou the "Four Titans"?