Things Crystal Did Better

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Luna Crescens
Nov 19, 2020
1. Usagi. Sorry, fans of Classic Usagi. Crystal Usagi just seems more mature and passionate.

2. Haruka and Michiru. They're still bullheaded morons, but they're more "loyal opposition" and less violent traitors. (Still hate that episode where they attack Usagi. No I've never forgiven them. Yes I'm a very petty person.)

3.Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask. Much like Usagi he seems more passionate which means more romantic moments.

4. Chibiusa. Look, I've always loved her, but good lord is she cute in Crystal. I just wanna hug her. Also, can someone check that I'm not just imagining things and she's actually sitting in Usagi's lap in Episode 31? (The one where Usagi and Mamoru help with her homework.)
Jul 31, 2012
Outer Space
Crystal did a good job making the Senshi look powerful and the types of action scenes from Season 1 & 2 (like Venus running up a wall to dodge Kunzite's attack, Mars' Evil Spirits Begone spreading throughout the sky) will be missed.

Crystal (Season 1 & 2) actually treated Venus like the leader and made her take a more dominant role in scenes. I thought it was done well.


Greater emphasis on teamwork in the final battles. The Inners are at least more active in the right when combining attacks instead of simple tiara glows.

I agree with the Usagi comment. I like both versions but appreciate the mature Usagi much more.

Sailor Chibi Moon


Luna Crescens
Jan 16, 2018
1. the introduction for hotaru or sailor saturn
2. the usagi x mamoru relationship mh i like how they talk the things
3. usagi and friends relationship in here i feel them more supportive
4. Luna i love it is cute i fell it have the more aw moments


Lumen Cinererum
Oct 26, 2014
It did act 16 better than the manga by actually focusing on Ami instead of the worthless minor characters.


Lumen Cinererum
Apr 16, 2013
I love crystal because they really put the story about Serenity and its past first and foremost.
While I found the 90s anime, this princess story was really put aside and too focused on current life.
On the other hand, Crystal's weak point, no fillers, so the friendship bond (Usagi / the girls), it seems unnatural. We have more the impression that it is friendship (Princess / senshi).


Lumen Cinererum
Jul 17, 2006
1/ all the Sailor Pluto’s introduction, story and finale in the Crystal Second Season with her death and the first time Chibi Usa transforms. It’s impossible to contest the fact that the end of season 2 is 100 times betters in Crystal than the 90s anime
2/ end of season 3 with the apparition of Saturn is just amazing too. Even if I didn’t really like the way Mistress 9 was designed
3/ Chibi Usa in general. I hate HER in the old anime, I adore her in Crystal version.
4/ some BGM in Crystal are far more better than the old anime