Tips for drawing SM characters?

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Nov 9, 2016
I'm confident enough with drawing the bodies. I just need a solid idea of how the heads and faces are constructed.

I've spent some time taking screencaps and deconstructing them into primitive shapes. A bit like this:

(I've done this mainly with the Amazoness Quartet since their, ahem, "attire" makes the process just a little bit easier.)

I've done this with a lot of different screencaps though, and the constructions I end up with vary a lot, although they USUALLY fall in line with the pattern in the screencap above:
- Chin comprising 1 "segment" of the entire head length
- Mouth resting somewhere around the bottom of the primitive circle.
- etc.

But there are instances where the pattern deviates WILDLY, even with the same character in roughly identical positions and angles.

Bottom line: I'm still having trouble getting down to a solid framework for the head/face. Obviously it'll vary a lot from character to character, but a starting point would help a lot. I've looked for tutorials, but most everything I find is just how to copy an already existing image. So yeah, figured I'd ask around, starting here.