Warning About Someone Who May Invade the Sailor Moon Fandom

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May 18, 2016
This post concerns one Zak Keyes/ToonKriticY2K, former rising star in the MLP community, and whom I knew as a sort of friendly acquaintence before he joined there, both of us were Thomas fans. However, this January, nearly a year ago, it was revealed he had been ERPing with a minor of 14 years from the Philippines and was ousted from said community. Unfortunately I found out this:

Considering he fled to the anime community, I'm very concerned and afraid he could try to weasel his way into the Sailor Moon community too.

I just thought I'd let people know and over time, when possible, I'll give the username Toon is using. If you see someone acting like him on this forum, report him.


Lumen Cinereum
Jul 5, 2009
May be there should be a rule of no private RPs.