Were Hotaru and Chibiusa implied to a be couple in crystal?

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Swan Cat

Lumen Cinererum
Oct 31, 2016
Why are Chibiusa and Hotaru portrayed as naked together in the opening of the third season of crystal? Also since Hotaru says to her in Crystal and the manga that they were destined to meet by fate even though they are girls does that imply them to be lesbians or bisexual?
Mar 1, 2012
Salem Saberhagen said:
Did they say "we were destined to meet, even though we're girls"? I don't remember that scene.

It definitely seemed like the director wanted them together.
Hotaru says that right before she disappears infront of Mamoru and Chibiusa.


Aurorae Lunares
Jan 2, 2010
No, they're just BFFs who changed each other's lives. If they intended for Hotaru and Chibiusa to be a couple, they would've tied a red string around their fingers.


Jul 29, 2012
There's a scene in the manga in which Usagi is seen angry because Chibiusa and Hotaru are either holding hands or are "too close." Can someone find the page and post it?


Staff member
Site Admin
May 7, 2009
BFF or les, or somewhere inbetween - I think that's just a matter of personal interpretation (it could even be intentionally left ambiguous by the production staff, so that the audience could have room for various interpretations). :)


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
They are in love and coming to snatch Haruka and Michiru's lesbian weaves!


Lumen Cinererum
Oct 12, 2016
planet of water
Nope not at all, I still get that best friend and sisterly love & bond from Chibiusa and Hotaru, nothing romantic at all.

And lets not forget that in Crystal and the manga, they were each other's first ever best friends in the past, especially for Hotaru who was a loner and did not socialise or associated with the outside world before she met Chibiusa, so for Hotaru especially, befriending Chibiusa was a huge deal for her and it's not surprising that Chibiusa is so special to her for that reason. But I don't think she is necessarily "IN love" with Chibiusa, to me she definitely loves Chibiusa but as a very close friend and maybe even like a little sister. With Chibiusa, although she was already close friends with Sailor Pluto in the future, and became friends with the Inner Senshis when she came to the past, before she met Hotaru, but they are her friends mainly by association because they are Usagi's friends. If Chibiusa were not Usagi's future daughter and not Sailor Chibimoon, then I doubt she would've become friends with the Inner senshis. Hotaru was really the first ever real friend Chibiusa had befriended all by herself when she came to the past, and it was not because of Usagi, so for that reason, of course Hotaru is special to Chibiusa too, they have this very strong and special bond, but I don't think it is romantic at all. The close friendship between Chibiusa and Hotaru is very reminiscent and similar to Chibiusa's close friendship and bond with Sailor Pluto I think, Pluto is very much like a big sister or an aunty to Chibiusa as well as her close friend. Chibiusa is very close to both Hotaru and Setsuna/Pluto.

I suppose everyone can interpret things differently, but to me personally, it's obvious the bond between Chibiusa and Hotaru is just platonic.


Luna Crescens
Dec 28, 2014
Clow said:
There's a scene in the manga in which Usagi is seen angry because Chibiusa and Hotaru are either holding hands or are "too close." Can someone find the page and post it?
This one? ;)
Feb 1, 2017
Chicago, IL, USA
Well... I think in all instalments of Sailor Moon they are not going to be anything different than besties. While I draw my opinion mostly based on the 90's anime, and to lesser degree the manga (I'm loosely familiar with it)

But somehow, the character of Hotaru (again in all instalments of the story), looks like she was meant to form a romantic relationship with Chibiusa, yet it seems Naoko scrapped this concept somewhere before the development of the Dream arc/Super S. And while some traces of it still remain, I doubt we will see such a development as canon.

What we have here is a typical example of "opposites attract". Each one of them has what the other one is missing and balances what the other has in extreme, thus forming a possibly very harmonic couple. I do not think Hotaru was created like this accidentally. It was on purpose. And at some point the romantic relationship was about to happen. Yet something made Naoko to give up on this pairing and move on. It happens very often when a long series is written, no matter is it a novel, a comiv or a tv show, and I can imagine at lest three serious reasons, while perhaps none of them is the true or main one. So she brought in Helios, thus ending the possibility of Chibiusa x Hotaru romance. And following this development, even if this romance was initially meant to happen, that I believe is highly probable... it is not going to happen.

We can still imagine it though.


Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
"They're just really close like sisters because they were each other's first friends"

Right. Hotaru was Chibiusa's first ever friend. Except for Pluto. And Momoko. And Kyuusuke. And all the other kids in her class. She may not have been best friends forever with all of them, but Momoko is certainly her Naru.

Now it's true that Chibiusa is likely Hotaru's first real friend, but maybe that's why her feelings became something more intense than platonic love, perhaps developing into romantic love.

Are Chibiusa and Hotaru a romantic couple? No. Are Chibiusa and Hotaru just friends? No. There's no definitive answer to what exactly the nature of their relationship is in the manga, and it's a bit too early to tell in Crystal (though, in my opinion, they seem to be heading towards "romantic couple").


Lumen Cinererum
Oct 12, 2016
planet of water
I personally still very much doubt there's anything "romantic" between Chibiusa & Hotaru, and all those so called "hints" that some people have mentioned that seem to suggest that their relationship might be "romantic" I have done it many times with many of my female friends too. Holding hands is nothing, I used to hold hands with many of my female friends all the time when I was in high school and we still do sometimes even as adults, and we did a lot of things together that others might think are "too intimate", apart from holding hands, some of my female friends and I also used to have slumber parties together often and some of us would sleep on the same bed together. I also have a childhood friend whom I am especially close to and we've done many things together growing up, we used to hold hands all the time when we were kids and we still do sometimes, we used to sleep on the same bed together often in the past too before she got married, we even took baths together sometimes, we are that close and I was even her maid-of-honor at her wedding last year, we are very much like sisters. All these things we did and do together don't necessarily mean there's anything "romantic" between us, sometimes when 2 people are just very close friends, they feel comfortable doing such things together that other people might see as "too intimate" even when the relationship is just platonic. I am merely very close to many of my female friends that we just feel comfortable doing all these sorts of "intimate" things together because we're like sisters, believe me, some of the things my gal pals and I have done together are a lot more "intimate" than Chibiusa & Hotaru have ever done together. Has any of you here ever heard of "boob slapping"? My gal pals and I used to do that to each other often when we were in high school too :D
It's one of the main reasons why I'm still very skeptical about Chibiusa & Hotaru's relationship being anything other than platonic, their relationship just seems so much like the close friendship I have with my childhood bestfriend and some of my other close female friends. Another reason is because it's also very similar to Chibiusa's close friendship with Sailor Pluto...luckily no one seems to think there was anything "romantic" between Chibiusa & Pluto too! ^_^' And even in the original manga and the 90s anime, Chibiusa's bond with Hotaru was always shown to be merely platonic friendship and maybe even sisterly love, the only character that Chibiusa was ever romantically linked with that was canon in the manga and 90s anime was Pegasus/Helios. And if Crystal continues to remain faithful to the manga, which I know they most likely would, Chibiusa's relationship with Hotaru would probably continue to be merely platonic. I think once they get into the Dream arc and Pegasus appears, things would be different.

But it's to be expected for some people to interpret things differently, personally I am still very skeptical and it's obvious to me that their relationship is merely just platonic, but that's just my personal interpretation of their relationship. If other people interpret their relationship as "romantic", well that's their own opinion.
We can only wait and see what happens and see what the writers will do with their friendship from now on...I suppose it's still possible for them to take their friendship in a more romantic route in the future, but I personally would not bet on that.
Apr 6, 2010
New York
It is simply like mother like daughter. We have seen Usagi be attractive to her guardians as well.

Still reguardless, as far as chemistry with Chibiusa, I take Hotaru over Helios any day of the week.
Jan 23, 2017
Western and Eastern cultures are a bit different. The west views intimacy differently and are more prone to separating/ distancing the intimacy between same gender friends, especially in the recent century (totally apart from the LGBT community). There's a little more of a restraint on expressing emotions also, which I believe is part of the cause. Of course, plenty of exceptions to this rule exist, but it's not as prevelant here as in the eastern countries like Japan.

It's more like Sailor Linda described. Many girls-- especially younger girls, at least in the west-- who are close friends are very close and intimate in their relationships and think nothing of hugging and touching, even kissing on the cheeks, helping out with bra fittings, even hanging out and chatting in the bathroom while one of them is "doing her business". The west has a bit of tendancy to equate touching, familiarity, and intimacy as being sexual in some way when that's really not necessary. This same mindset easily crosses over into "sexual harrassment" territory, where people throw accusations almost at the drop of a hat (usually between male and female, though not strictly). This is a growing issue in places like Japan as well, at least nowadays (although I think I read recently it's been improving slightly).

Anyway, the point is that "reflex" to read romance into their relationship is largely ingrained into us by our culture. When Hotaru made that comment about holding hands to Usagi, she was pointing out her hypocricy. Usagi becomes easily jealous and irritated over Chibi Usa, and she doesn't even always need a legitimate reason to. Hotaru is basically saying "You do you, and I'll do me, okay?"

The comment about their destined meeting, I think, is basically in contrast to, say, Usagi and Mamoru. If you read stories from Japan about people being destined to meet, they're in the sense of a male/ female romantic relationship (like the "red thread of destiny"). Hotaru is saying that their situation is just like that concept of destiny. Remember that Hotaru sacrificed herself completely to save and protect Chibi Usa, another fairly common theme in such destined meetings. This is a chance to show another example of true love, proving that it doesn't have to be romantic to be true. There are multiple themes of true love in the Sailor Moon universe, and they are not strictly limited to romance.

So ultimately, I believe these girls have such a close bond of friendship that they're just like close sisters. Imagine if you sacrificed your very life and soul in order to save your only friend in the world-- but then you were reunited with her shortly afterwards. You'd be super-close to that person too, never wanting to let her go.
Yes - and - no. I happen to agree with Sailor Linda and TS Sailor Cronus. Whether Chibi-Usa and Hotaru's relationship is platonic or romantic, this is all interpretation. Culture is another thing that comes into play.

Neon Genesis

Solaris Luna
Oct 31, 2015
Whether it was Naoko's intent or not, I definitely think Crystal at least is heavily shipping Hotaru and Chibiusa. The big giveaway to me is the opening credit animation which shows Chibiusa and Hotaru embracing each other in a way that is a very overt homage to the Utena opening theme which is a series that is more obvious about queer themes especially in the movie. Season three in general seems to heavily be paying homage to Utena and I don't think the intentions here are all entirely coincidental.